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 Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Newsletters and Discounts, Top 10 Generous Fashion Retailers

Written by Bekki Ramsay
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Ph. cottonbro, Pexels

Newsletters are a mine of information and, especially, discounts. With January sales almost upon everyone, knowing who has the most appealing offers is a must before filling our virtual baskets. Market analysis shows you the most generous retailers on the net.

100 of the most popular fashion retailers have been analysed by Ocean Finance to find who reserves the biggest discounts, for subscribers only.

Did you know you can save an average of 21% off if you sign up for a fashion retailer's newsletter? There is more: do you know that you can save up to 20% if you leave your item in your basket? This is what the credit company Ocean Finances found in its market research. Furthermore, from this study emerges how the percentage varies depending on the product area you are more interested in with footwear having the highest, hence more appealing, discount rates: 22%.

Shoes – 22% off
Clothing – 21% off
Health & Beauty – 19% off
Fitness – 14% off
Homeware – 14% off
Gifts – 12% off

About The Research

To conduct the research, Ocean Finance signed up the mailing lists of 100 of the most popular online retailers’ from a wide range of industries and recorded the data of 1,000 emails over three weeks. They then ranked each store according to the following criteria:

  • the discount offered for signing up for their newsletter,
  • the discount offered for abandoning an item in your basket,
  • the number of offers sent,
  • the average discount offered.

After signing up the mailing lists of 25 of the most popular online fashion, Ocean Finance recorded the data of every email received over the test period. The data collection revealed the top ten fashion and shoe retailers for giving the biggest discounts via email.

Top Ten

  1. H&M 50% off
  2. Nasty Gal 42% off
  3. La Redoute 40% off
  4. Miss Pap 38% off
  5. Missguided AND Warehouse 37% off
  6. ASOS 32% off
  7. Fenwick 30% off
  8. Boohoo 27% off
  9. Pretty Little Thing 23% off
  10. New Look 22% off

Surprisingly, 10 of the popular retailers from different price ranges did not offer any form of discount over three weeks. This included:

  • Ann Summers
  • In the Style
  • Missy Empire
  • River Island
  • John Lewis
  • Marks & Spencer
  • Matalan
  • Next
  • TK Maxx
  • Very

People are so used to shopping online these days, and they know well that offers and discounts change throughout the year; hence these figures should be only taken as a quick snapshot of what the market may offer.

Having a list of your favourite retailers and subscribing to their newsletters is still a considerable source of bargains but be aware of spammy newsletters. Many brands send you reminders when you leave your basket half full. In this case, the email is a temptation rather than a saving suggestion!

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