Monday, 21 February 2011

Arnold Oceng

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Adulthood star Arnold Oceng aka Snakeyman will be 'Making Moves' in 2011.

March will see the release of his single aptly titled 'Making Moves' The title soundtrack for award winning British ganster flick 'Terry' which is set to be the most pre-ordered British independent film in history.

Since leaving BBC's Grange Hill, the 4231 star has gone on to win awards such as the 'Best New Comer' at the Urban Music Awards in 2006. As he continues to find success in combining movies and music, 'Making moves' sets the tone for what he has in store this year.

"Although Im not in Terry, I was thrilled when the director asked me to provide the music for the movie soundtrack. I've been in a few films so I now want to get my musical scores up"

Now stable mates with Orlando Bloom and Sienna Miller at United agents, this year is set to be a major one for Arnold with 3 films scheduled for release. 'The Tapes' directed by Scott bates, 'Victim' produced by Jason Maza and 'Suicide Kids' co produced by Idris Elba are all set to excel Arnold after his success in Adulthood.

"Working with Idris was a good look. The fact that he has got so far as an English actor just proves I can get all the way to Hollywood, his advice was just to keep going with it."

The theme of superstardom runs throughout the entire project, with Arnold waxing lyrical about him being the brand that is Snakeyman. Right through to cameos in the video from Leo Gregory (Greenstreet), Louisa Lytton (Eastenders, Strictly come dancing), MC Harvey (So Solid Crew), Devon Anderson (Eastenders), Jason Maza (Rise of the footsoldier) and award winning director Noel Clarke (kidulthood and adulthood).

"Making Moves highlights my progression really as its pretty autobiographical.

This year is all about the 3 Ms...... Music, Movies and Money"