Monday, 09 May 2022

Why we love one brand’s promotional film about their sewing machine mechanic

Written by Gemma Bratt
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Ever wondered what it takes to be a surviving UK sustainable clothing company during a pandemic? Or how to make your existing business sustainable?

Fashion houses looking to make it out alive had little choice but to rethink their supply chain strategies. Without clear direction where to go next, importing from China and Japan being no option, some looked to the artisans of yesteryear for advice.

Get inspired with one brand’s promotional video highlighting a lost industry at the heart of Manchester.

WAWWA ( pronounced wah-wah) are a clothing brand making organic, fairtrade, vegan, planet and people-friendly clothing. And what makes this brand interesting is their story, and who they chose to tell it.

WAWWA took to their Manchester based factory and set up during the pandemic. The brand managed to survive and thrive through this uncertain period, focusing on their processes and talented people. In so doing, they were recently able to take all productions in house.

In celebration of this monumental achievement, they released a promotional video highlighting the once huge production industry in the heart of Manchester’s cotton district.

WAWWA partnered with the talented filmmaker Percy Dean, to create a short video that shines a light on the sewing machine mechanic, Howard, who has helped make their journey possible. Set in an old mill the film gives you a glimpse into some of WAWWA’s design processes and their factory surroundings in Manchester.

The factory also enables WAWWA to train local people, paying them above the living wage and stemming the migration of talented designers, cutters and sewists out of Manchester, a city draped in textile heritage.

WAWWA’s relationship with Howard was formed a few years ago, when they needed their industrial sewing machine that was used for in-house sampling, servicing. The next day Howard turned up at their studio, which was based in an old cotton mill off the canal in Ancoats, Manchester. Howard explained that he’d once worked there as a lad. He recalled that there used to be hundreds of sewing machinists in the mill and reminisced about what it used to be like. Listening to him talk about the history of the area, the community, the lost industry and how things have changed was truly inspiring. ⁠

Since that day, Howard’s knowledge, insight and encouragement has helped the brand grow their little production line, expanding their machinery, product offering and guiding them as they strive to make what has been a pipe dream for WAWWA since their inception, a success.

Meet Howard and feel the noise on the manufacturing floor as he shares his story through WAWWA’s lense below.

A Little More About WAWWA

WAWWA offers a wide range of casual and wearable styles and accessories that work on the model of one bought, one donated, as part of their 1+1 collection. Designed with durability in mind, WAWWA utilises sustainable materials to create functional garments that minimise their impact on both the environment and those that inhabit it.

View WAWWA Spring/Summer ‘22 collection here at

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