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Say #IDoWax on Happy International Day of Waxing on May 25!

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Apostolos Vamvouras

International Day of Waxing celebrates all things waxing. A playful day that aims to encourage a fun & healthy attitude toward hair removal. Removing body hair is a choice and IDoWAX honours that!

Parissa is powering IDoWax, a website that highlights the skin-friendly benefits of waxing, as well as techniques and tips.

Participants may use the #IDoWax tag on social channels to showcase their love of waxing. The journey to finding what makes you feel best is a personal one. From Cleopatra to the first bikini wax, each era has had a smooth skin moment.

A leader in natural & organic hair removal, Parissa is officially inviting everyone to join an empowering new holiday.

The goal of this holiday is to inspire individuals globally to share favourite waxing techniques (or even try one for the first time!) as we normalise our different aesthetic choices. Whether you subscribe to the notion that bare is best or use stubble to make a statement, this day is meant for everyone to own their body-hair confidence.

Razors Move Out The Way, It's International Waxing Day!

Now more inclusive than ever, waxing is the preferred method for individuals who enjoy being hair-free without lasers or razors. In fact, it’s an essential part of many contemporary self-care rituals. Like any routine, practice makes perfect. From sugar wax to strips, there is a wax for all hair types: from delicate areas such as bikini and face to all-over body waxing. Whether in a salon, at home, or made with a DIY recipe, waxing is meant to be celebrated.

A Little About Parissa

Located in beautiful North Vancouver, Canada, Parissa is a leading natural & organic hair removal brand. With collections that range from sugar waxes to wax strips to professional brow waxing pens, more than 30 million Parissa at-home waxing kits have been sold worldwide. The first all-natural wax of its kind, Parissa was originally formulated as a safe alternative to existing product laden with harsh chemicals. Female-founded by entrepreneur Azar Moayeri, the brand continues to thrive as the global leader and innovator in natural hair removal waxes.

Parissa embraces socially conscious beauty. Inspired by the trailblazing attitude of our founder, Azar Moayeri, one of the first entrepreneurs of her generation, Parissa is reinventing how we wax. Our signature blends feature powerful natural ingredients without harmful chemicals. Parissa products are all cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and sustainably packaged. Discover our non-toxic waxes and flaunt your beautifully smooth skin.

For tips and motivation to be smooth and bare on the 25th May, head over to:

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