Thursday, 21 July 2022

Love festivals? Love the environment with The Festival Bag

Written by Valentina Chirico
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Have you circled the calendar with at least one outdoor gig this summer? You are joining a big tribe of festival-goers but join the green one.

You can make your festival days eco-friendly with The Festival Bag by who also who also manufacture other paper bags.

It is time for festivals but it is also time to make your festival green. Paper Bag Co thought about it with The 'Leave No Trace' Festival Bag.

Festivals And The Environment

Festivals are undeniably big connectors for music lovers, and they can represent a great occasion to promote local tourism every year. However, since the documentary about the epic Woodstock Music and Art Fair, it is under everyone's eye the environmental impact of such gatherings.

It was 1969 but still today the situation is not as green as the fields invaded by people and music. In fact, Dogan Gursoy, professor at Washington State University and one of the editors of the book Festival and Event Tourism Impacts, calculated that as much as 80% of festival waste is not recycled. To the human waste and its bad management, one should also consider the pollution released to produce energy for the concerts and bring people to the outdoor venue, far from cities.

The change has started: this Glastonbury has generated 2,000 tonnes of waste but it was able to save 600 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. The festival organisation has been planting trees in the local area since 2000, contributing to absorbing a portion of its gas emission; it has banned single-use plastic during the event and promoted the usage of shuttles to reach the venue. 

If a festival like Glastonbury is making the green switch, you can contribute.

Go Green With The Festival Bag By Paper Bag Co

Having fun at an outdoor festival and being part of music history should not come at the expense of the environment. You can always bring with your good habits - like the famous Three Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) - and opt for eco-friendly alternatives for your daily essentials. Where to start packing? Paper Bag Co helps you get ready for a green festival with its The Festival Bag (£ 39.95 online at an ecological and trendy kit with wearables and everyday products for your outdoor stay.

What Is Inside The Festival Bag

The 'Leave No Trace' Festival Bag is all dressed up for the event: eye-catching and fun-looking, but also sturdy, waterproof and eco paper-based. Paper Bag Co filled its backpack, a zip-lock rucksack derived from paper with helpful goodies:

  • Printed T-shirt: a funky 100% GOTS organic cotton t-shirt printed with water-based inks.
  • Foldable Wheat Cup: a portable and biodegradable cup. Just rinse and reuse!
  • Pocket for Valuables: a safe place to store your phone and other valuables.
  • Wash Bag: with hygienic essentials you need on the go and everywhere you are. Everything from bamboo face wipes, body wash and beeswax ear plugs, to toothpaste tablets and a bamboo toothbrush.
  • Cornstarch Poncho: to keep protected from sudden rain while enjoying your favourite artists and ditching plastic
  • Biodegradable Glitter: to be sparkly and festival-ready with eco glitter made from plants.
  • Loo roll: a much-needed everyday good!

Many fashion brands have already applied relevant changes to their production and distribution circle to lower the impact on natural resources and the whole environment. Big and small companies are doing their part, so events organisations are moving steps forward an ecological change. You as an individual can contribute on a massive scale with simple daily choices. Even when it comes to your leisure time and passions you can! Your festival can be very green and fashionable with Paper Bag Co.

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