Thursday, 28 July 2022

The ugly truth: shocking insights into UK bathroom habits

Written by Holly Scott
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That men are messy while carrying their 'beauty' routine is a universally known cliché. However, the new work-from-home lifestyle has changed both men's and women's grooming habits according to Wilkinson Sword with repercussions for our romantic expectations.

UK personal grooming habits are laid bare and are harming your chances of romance! Research by Wilkinson Sword told the truth about our bad habits.

Bad Habits, Less Romance

One of the most shocking and unexpected results from Wilkinson Sword's study is that 66% of women do not tidy up after a shave compared to 53% of men.

The UK Bathroom Habits Survey, conducted by men’s razors specialists Wilkinson Sword, asked 500 couples across the UK questions on their personal hygiene and grooming standards, as well as household cleanliness, and traits they look for in a partner.

In this new research looking into people’s partner preferences, one in five people in the UK would rather have a partner that keeps the bathroom clean than a good kisser. One in eight would even prefer a bathroom-proud partner over great sex. Overall, more than two-thirds of the UK said a partner keeping an unclean bathroom would be a relationship deal-breaker. However, two in three men admit they do not clean up their nails after cutting them, while women are more likely to leave the dreaded post-shave mess in the bathroom: 66% of women do not clean up after themselves post-shave.

UK’s grimiest bathroom habits

Wilkinson Sword's survey found the worst and most common bad habits in the UK. Are you committing any of these?
Just 34% of men clean up their nail cuttings, compared to 53% of women;
66% of women do not tidy up after a shave, while 53% of men do not
only two in five gents wash their ‘downstairs’ daily;
just over half of men (51%) do brush their teeth twice daily;
around half of the people do not shower daily, though more men shower daily than women (52% men vs 46% women);
1 in 20 people share their partner’s toothbrush or razor.

How clean are UK bathrooms

The research also highlights the most neglected items in the bathroom, compared to cleaning time frames recommended by experts. Most of us (82%) do not clean our toilet brushes enough, letting this germ magnet fester for more than the recommended week. Some 67% of the UK will not wash the shower curtain for over a month and 71% will also leave the shower head uncleaned for over a month.

According to the survey, women are generally cleaner than men. For example, only 37% of men change their bath towels once a week, but 59% of women have a clean towel each week. When it comes to toothbrushes, just 29% of men change their every three or four months – as recommended by dentists – compared to 48% of women.

Victoria Gooddy, Marketing Manager at Wilkinson Sword, says: “With more of us practising a hybrid working routine, sprucing ourselves up to face the world has slipped down our priority list. Routines need to be adapted to suit our newfound lifestyles but many should consider “upgrading” their bathroom habits to put more effort into self-care and grooming. Rethinking our hygiene routines is clearly important when it comes to not only making yourself feel good but attracting partners as well. And since it’s not just personal grooming that can help you land love, quite a few people might want to start adopting better cleaning habits in their living spaces to help maintain a healthy love life”.

Dom Lees-Bell, bathroom expert at, says: “One key area is around the bathroom tap, as it’s often the first thing people touch after they go to the toilet. If left uncleaned, e. coli and other types of harmful faecal bacteria can gather here, as well as yeast and mould. Another common area likely to hold bacteria is the toothbrush holder, as many people do not clean these frequently enough, and bacteria-ridden deposits can gather on the end of your toothbrush. Little and often is the best way to ensure cleaning your bathroom isn’t a laborious task. We recommend spending at least an hour a week cleaning your bathroom to make sure bacteria does not build up. This can be done in half an hour or 15-minute sessions to make the job easier”.

Grim part aside, this unusual research put enough light on our bathroom and personal habits. If we want to be healthier and have more chances to find or be a golden partner, we should think twice and improve our hygiene with more soap and water, and something more.

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