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NaRaYa Silk: the Leader in Thai Silk Soon Globally Online

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Textiles and patterns speak of cultures and connect people at the antipodes under the sign of fashion. NaRaYa does it from Thailand and it is ready to hit the global market.

With more than three decades of expertise, NaRaYa Silk worked to become of Asia's most influential brands and it is about to launch globally.

About the brand: NaRaYa Silk

From humble beginnings to one of Asia’s most influential brands, NaRaYa was first founded in 1989 by a couple, formed by Mr Vassilios and his wife Ms Wasna Roongsaenthong, with the vision of bringing Thai products to the global stage. Over time, NaRaYa grew thanks to its outstanding craftsmanship and uniquely designed handbags made from various types of fabrics. Rooted in a rich heritage of over 33 years in business and well established with many stores in Thailand, NaRaYa Silk was born.

About the NaRaYa Silk collections

NaRaYa Silk offers ready-to-wear silk clothing and accessories at competitive prices. Where every piece is meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from rural provinces in Thailand and specially designed for everyday wear. NaRaYa Silk light scarves bring exotic vibes to your daily life, while its tote bag and handbag range spans from spacious bon ton staples to convenient essentials. With soft quilted cotton and premium satin, NaRaYa Silk handbags give a touch of luxury to your everyday bag companion.

Vision and Mission

NaRaYa Silk does not simply aim at becoming a leader in Thai silk production on a global stage but it wants to pursue a sustainable business and provide ready-to-wear Thai silk clothing and accessories accessible to all and at a larger scale.

While preserving the art of Thai silk and weaving to create modern and comfortable clothes and accessories, NaRaYa Silk simultaneously creates job opportunities for people in Thailand to give back to the communities in which the company operate.

Find more information about NaRaYa Silk and its global launch on its website (link to and its Instagram page.

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