Tuesday, 27 September 2022

15 Gen Z Trends Millennials Cannot Get Behind

Written by Olivia Mitchel
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Yasamine June

As much as Millennials and Gen Z like to proclaim their uniqueness, they are just like the previous generations that are so sure they have got it all figured out.

Zoomers like to look back at past trends with nostalgia and give them their own twist on everything but Millennials have a different view on Gen Z' hits.

With the very social and self-conscious generation, the Gen Z, everything is on the table: the ‘right’ way to use social media, statement hoops versus discreet stud earrings, and even coffee is going toe-to-toe with tea. But, Zoomers take note: Millennials are the largest generation to date and, when it comes to consumer power, they are in charge. Christmas shopping is right around the corner. If you are stumped on what gifts to get for the different generations in your circle - note this is a very olf blog), you will definitely want to check out which Gen Z trends are not wowing their predecessors.

Lifestyle and Trends: Gen Z versus Millennials

Gen Z has at its disposal a big variety of sources and unlimited access to the net to find its fashion inspiration. The previous generation's must-haves and the Y2K are the biggest attractions for the Zoomers who like to copy and transform trends but Millennials are not of the same opinion. Here are what Gen Z loves and what Millennials think about Gen Z.

Y2K Fashion

Only a small percentage of Gen Z was born before the calendar turned the momentous page into the new millennium. Gen Z feels nostalgia for the Y2K an era they either barely recall or did not experience at all. Millennials remember it all too well to want to hit the rewind button.

Clashy Patterns

Yet another fashion trend Millennials are taking a pass on is Gen Z’s passion for mixing and (not) matching bold patterns and colours.

Flared Leggings

Gen Z: We <3 our flared leggings!

Millennials: They are yoga pants and we discovered them.

Mom Jeans

Jeans have long symbolised rebellion against tradition. Gen Z is all about comfort – as its predilection for flared leggings suggests – and loves its baggy pants. As for Millennials, they are sticking with skinny jeans TYVM.

Labelling Everything ‘Aesthetic’

Gen Z has a habit of romanticising everything from bedroom decor to job titles. Millennials reply that being a lawyer is more than dressing up in a nice suit and snapping a pic of yourself in front of a historic courthouse.

TikTok Dances

Millennials are deeply puzzled by Gen Z' penchant for busting out in a dance in the middle of the street or even in the middle of a conversation. But there are worse things than showing your happy feet, right?

Minimalist Instagram

Millennials and Zoomers both accuse each other of spending too much time online, but one thing Millennials find odd is the next-gen only posting, like, three pics on IG at a time. Should not the whole point of the gram be unlimited sharing?

Sparkle Emojis

Gen Z has a special connection to the sparkle emoji (no doubt as part of its ‘aesthetic’). But Millennials are just not that into it. With so many other emojis to choose from, Millennials say "Mix it up, Gen Z."

Centre Parts

The age-old debate about how to wear your hair rages on. Some Gen Z goes so far as to claim that everyone looks better with a centre part. Millennials are not buying it.

Natural Eyebrows

It is official: Gen Z is not into suffering for beauty. If it involves pain, Gen Z is taking a pass but Millennials have invested way too much to give up sculpting theirs.

Dyssing Harry

Gen Z is not hot for Harry. Potter, that is. But Millennials still feel deeply connected to the world of Hogwarts, and they are not giving it up any time soon.

Dyssing Coffee

Gen Z is so over the Millennial obsession with coffee. Zers all about tea in its many (sugary) forms: iced, bubble, Thai milk, even cream cheese. Chances of Millennials dropping the coffee habit: slim to none.

Claiming They Invented Emo

Millennials say that they not only invented emo, they lived to tell the tale. They also charge Gen Z with being simultaneously aggressive and hypersensitive.

Claiming They Are The Star

Zoomers have been known to call themselves a ‘public figure’ when they have a mere 1,000 followers. Millennials cannot help but laugh at their outsize egos.

Calling Everyone Else Old

Dear Gen Z, thirty is not the new fifty. Thirty- and forty-somethings do not appreciate being labelled ‘old.’

It looks like these two generations clash on everything but one thing Millennials and Gen Z can both agree on is gender-neutral fashion. Whether it is a statement about identity or a matter of comfort, it is nice to know the two see eye-to-eye on something.

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