Wednesday, 12 October 2022

Meet Erika Alvarez, Leading Change in the Fashion Industry

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Erika Alvarez

Our throwaway society, and its addiction to fast fashion, are responsible for devastating environmental destruction across the globe. One businesswoman is holding the banner for change and challenge in fashion by promoting culture and tradition.

Fashion entrepreneur Erika Alvarez is championing change with her textile brand Koua Studio, a return to fashion with deep roots.

Each year, billions of garments are made worldwide using cheap industrial textiles, with masses ending up in landfills. These are the most evident results of fast fashion and our hunger for brand-new clothing every season, every year. Without significant change, the destruction caused by the fast fashion industry is set to rise year after year. Here comes a visionary fashion businesswoman, Erika Alvarez, who is showing a responsible example of how to change the way industries use textiles, with beautiful bespoke fabrics.

About Koua Studio

Koua Studio was founded in London in 2021 by Erika Alvarez, a businesswoman who is working towards a more sustainable, inclusive and equitable future to heal today's broken fashion. The company was founded in response to the climate and biodiversity crises that were highlighted by the COVID-19 pandemic and it offers bespoke recycled, organic, and deluxe textiles that have a positive environmental and social impact.

The main focus of Erika Alavarez's brainchild is on creativity, tradition, and innovation, with a strong commitment to providing economic opportunities and social benefits to the indigenous people of Mexico.
Koua Studio is a textile brand championing change.

The Koua Studio Project: Circular Fashion and Community

Alvarez's exciting new project unites fashion designers with Mexican artisans, by simplifying the collaboration process between the two. The goal of the project is to promote the cultural heritage of the Mexican people, by preserving their traditional techniques and cultural practices. Other social benefits of the project include poverty reduction through job creation and female empowerment.

At the heart of the project is a circular initiative, where Koua Studio textiles are used to re-work worn garments and deadstock, saving them from landfill, and instilling them with a new identity and lease of life. In crediting the indigenous community with the creation of the textiles, Alvarez is connecting the consumer to the lives, and stories of the craftspeople. The resulting garments represent more than a beautiful piece of clothing, but an embodiment of a collaboration between culture, innovation, and tradition.

Alvarez's Calls for Designers

Alvarez is on the hunt for fashion designers – who are passionate about sustainability, and the preservation of tradition – to join her mission of creating garments that interweave beautiful storytelling with expert craftsmanship. She is also keen to collaborate with fashion brands, who are looking to revive their deadstock to create new pieces with the bespoke Koua Studio textiles.

Alvarez says “I believe that collaboration is a key to growth. If we join our talents we can create abundance for all and a positive impact on the environment and society. I want to make an impact on my people’s life, the artisans. Especially women who are socially more at a disadvantage. At the same time, I want to contribute to slowing down the fast fashion wave connecting designers with a beautiful and transparent production process, encouraging them to use our textiles for their collections. This is the mark I want to leave in the world.”

To find out more about Koua Studios visit the website or follow the brand's journey on Instagram.

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