Monday, 10 April 2023

Win The Jojoba Company Skincare Bundle With Fashions Finest

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Would it be great to discover your next skin's best friend, and for free? Good news ahead because The Jojoba Company has partnered with Fashions Finest for an exclusive giveaway.

Join Fashions Finest and The Jojoba Company for your chance to win a skincare bundle with nature's pure gold your skin will love: jojoba oil.

About The Jojoba Company & Jojoba Super Powers

If natural skincare is your cup of tea, The Jojoba Company and its key ingredient – jojoba "oil" – will be a great discovery your skin will be grateful for.

Founded in 2008 in Australia by father-daughter duo Ian Turner and Vicki Engsall, The Jojoba Company harvests the tiny beans of jojoba on its farm. At the Beresford Farms in Yenda, New South Wales, the family-own company is devoted to organic-way of production to ensure safe products for every skin type and age.

The jojoba oil is the nourishing ingredient at the heart of The Jojoba Company, but it is like no other oil... it is not an oil at all. What is known as jojoba oil is a golden liquid wax making a big mass of the tiny beans of the plant. Jojoba "oil" shares a similar chemical structure with our skin sebum. Our sebum, in normal and healthy conditions, protects the skin from external bacterial aggression and keeps it naturally moist. For this reason, our skin recognises jojoba oil as affine and it absorbs it faster and deeper.

Jojoba oil is also rich in Vitamins A, E and D and fatty acids Omega 6 and 9, and it works gently on upset and delicate skin as well.

This, in short, is the secret of the not-so-secret ingredient of The Jojoba Company skincare range.

The Jojoba Company Skincare Bundle To Win

The Jojoba Company has kindly reserved a skincare bundle for one lucky reader of Fashions Finest. You can have the chance to win:

  • Jojoba Bead Cleanser (£22.95): a delicate creamy cleanser with natural enzymes and jojoba bead to gently exfoliate the skin surface.
  • The Ultimate Youth Potion (£29.95): an antiageing facial golden oil with pure jojoba and plant oils featuring the patented L22® formula, a blend of jojoba oil, macadamia and olive oils, which mimics the skin lipid profile of a healthy 22-year-old.
  • Jojoba Glow (£28.00): a jojoba-based moisturiser with illuminating mica, antioxidant jasmine and mandarin oils that you can use on your face and body for an instant, natural-looking glow.

How To Win The Jojoba Company Skincare With Fashions Finest

The promise is glowy and youthful skin without the nastiness, how to win it?

Simplicity is key to this giveaway: head over to Fashions Finest Instagram account, follow us and like the post and comment and tag a friend. This is a single-entry contest.

The giveaway is open to +18, UK-based readers and it will run until Friday 21st April. The lucky winner will be randomly selected with a name generator tool and contacted privately by our editorial team. The prize will be shipped by the company to the winner's preferred address.

You are welcome to follow The Jojoba Company Instagram account to know more about the company story and the story behind it.

Good luck to everyone joining this giveaway! We hope to make someone's day better and her/his skin healthier and happier.

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