Friday, 21 April 2023

Totem Fashion Now Represents Ayten AlKhayat

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Ayten AlKhayat launched her brand with the wish to change the perception of women in the Middle East and it has now a new partner to bring her works to a wider public.

Emirati-based designer, Ayten AlKhayat, launched her brand in 2016 to represent femininity and create a bridge across cultures and places.

About The Brand: Ayten AlKhayat

The brand has built a connection between structure, craftsmanship and fabric, highlighting both the femininity and strength of each and every woman. It was born out of a desire to encapsulate the compassion, empathy and core strength that is central to womanhood, everywhere in the world.

Ayten AlKhayat: The Fashion Concept

At the helm of this vision is designer Ayten AlKhayat epitomising the international woman she dresses, she has amalgamated the influences brought about by her European, African and Middle Eastern heritage to bridge the gap and highlight her lifelong passion for design, ethical issues and organic materials. Dissatisfied with the status quo and the propensity for using man-made substances, Ayten launched a brand that would serve the need for natural fabrics and materials whilst creating beautiful pieces within a world of luxury.

Working with Synthesis in mind, the brand has created her unique women's wear ready-to-wear collection: clothing that shares a utopian utility. The strong yet wistful nature of women is explored through the disposition of high-end textiles and complex craftsmanship layered onto tones inspired by Earth. Intertwined in this brand’s DNA is a woman’s landscape, associated with utopia, freedom, strength, solidarity and, intrinsically, death and rebirth.

Ayten AlKhayat is now represented by Totem Fashion.

Explore her sartorial works online and on Instagram.