Friday, 21 April 2023

Totem Fashion Now Represents JARELZHANG

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A critical eye moves fashion designer Chenxuan Zhang in his pursuit to solve the problems of humanity and the Earth with his brand JARELZHANG.

Pioneering fashion brand JARELZHANG by visionary designer Chenxuan Zhang sees technology as the answer to fashion, ecological and human issues.

About The Brand: JARELZHANG

JARELZHANG was founded by designer Chenxuan Zhang in his reflection on the deficiencies of humanity, ecology, and social structure of the Earth. The designer imagines and explores the future world with a perfect Earth, the one the designer dreams of. It does so by establishing a virtual space through surreal sci-fi imagination in which the problems and challenges faced by the Earth are simulated and solved.

Inheriting JARELZHANG's brand culture of exploring the future universe world, the brand will further integrate contemporary technology, future technology and Metaverse culture into its brand. JARELZHANG has also set up a research team on technological fabrics and wearable technology, which is dedicated to integrating modern technology with functionality into fashion, forging JARELZHANG's unique fit and brand style.

JARELZHANG will continue to explore the future world as a constant source of inspiration. By incorporating contemporary and futuristic technologies, CHENXUAN ZHANG is to draw the ideal map of the future world in a jumping dimension.

JARELZHANG is now represented by Totem Fashion 

Jump into JARELZHANG's parallel dimension on Instagram.