Friday, 21 April 2023

Totem Fashion Now Represents LGNC

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LGNC is an eponymous women's ready-to-wear brand created by Antoine Le Glauncec, quickly joined by Krystophe Bouvier.

GNC: unlabelled, caring and free. This young French fashion brand escapes classifications to create timeless and eco-conscious garments in its own way.

About The Brand: LGNC

Designed by Antoine Le Glaunec and established in 2022, the Parisian brand is inspired by a retro-futuristic mood and the relation between past and future and it is moving in the industry by intending to create timeless' clothes that escape the rules of the time scale. The half-erased logo itself once again justifies this desire not to be marked in time.

The brand has a saying to describe its style: "Mix past and future and make it timeless".

LGNC: The Fashion Concept

The retro-futuristic brand's main code is protection with garments that can hug and heal people. Protection, second skin, comfort, tightness or oversize, are keywords that best represent the spirit of the LGNC wardrobe. LGNC talks about 'STREETCARE'.

Materials are very important for LGNC: it tries new fabrics, new effects, treatments and combinations to show real know-how through their experiences around fabric development.

LGNC is committed to an eco-responsible approach: collections are produced in France, limiting unnecessary transport as much as possible, and the materials are carefully sourced to respect the environment, most of them coming from dead stocks.

(optional end for title 1) LGNC is now represented by Totem Fashion. Let LGNC share its love, visit the brand's official website (link to and on Instagram.