Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Nollywood Finally Hits London's West End

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The World Premiere of 'THE MIRROR BOY' on Thursday 24th February 2011.
The world famous Empire Leicester Square will play host to a truly unique event that is set to become the biggest premiere of an African film ever seen in the UK.

This glitzy occasion is the much‐anticipated premiere of THE MIRROR BOY (cert 12A), a family adventure film, which features two of Nollywood's megastars GENEVIEVE NNAJI (The Last Party, Ijele) and OSITA IHEME ('Pawpaw' of Aki & Pawpaw, Mr Ibu).

Nigerian cinema – popularly known as 'Nollywood' is Africa's largest movie industry both in value and the number of movies produced per year. Nollywood is the world's second largest producer of movies after Bollywood and is the No.1 cinema art form across Africa and the global African Diaspora with millions of fans worldwide. It was in 2010 that the world finally became aware of the enormous growth in the flourishing Nigerian film industry, which has now become a business worth over $250m and churns out some 200 films for the home movie market each month.

Written and directed by award‐winning filmmaker OBI EMELONYE, The Mirror Boy is the compelling and uplifting story of a young British born African teenage boy named Tijan [Edward Kagutuzi] who is taken back to The Gambia ‐ the birth land of his mother Teema [Genevieve Nnaji]. Once in The Gambia Tijan gets mysteriously lost in a crowded street market after witnessing a strange apparition. He then embarks on a magical journey that teaches him about himself and the mystery of the father he has never met.
Multi‐award winning DOP CLIVE NORMAN shot The Mirror Boy against the truly beautiful backdrop of the Republic of The Gambia. It boasts high quality production values and is said by many in the international film business to be the Nollywood movie that can finally match its industry's newfound status.

"I hope The Mirror Boy's much anticipated success will elevate and redefine Nollywood, and turn international curiosity into a bold statement of cinematic identity. This will create a landscape where 'new Nollywood' will crossover and become more widely recognised within mainstream channels" Obi Emelonye said in a statement.

The Mirror Boy is a production of THE NOLLYWOOD FACTORY and OH FILMS. The Nollywood Factory (TNF) is a UK & Nigeria based production house that has been part of the Nollywood phenomenon for more than 10 years. Led by the visionary Omi Emelonye, TNF is intent in revolutionizing Nollywood feature film production & television programming for the African and international movie market.

OH FILMS is the film arm of OH TV (Sky 199), the UK's fastest growing TV channel for the black audience. OH Films was founded with a mission to make smart inspirational and commercial films and documentaries for a global audience. Its films have attracted world‐class talent including Oscar winning composer AR Rahman (Slumdog Millionaire) and Grammy Award winning singer Kirk Franklin.

PATRICK CAMPBELL Executive Producer of OH Films is the producer of The Mirror Boy. He said; "OH Films are thrilled to be part of this production. We believe that the story will certainly resonate with a black audience but beyond that, the hope is that The Mirror Boy will cross over and connect with the rest of the world through the universal theme of a persons search for identity and self discovery and most of all because it's a cracking good story."

The Mirror Boy will be shown in selected cinemas across the UK from April 2011.

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