Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Ashley Walters At ACLT Charity Event

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As part of the ACLT Appeal Ashley Walters took part in a Celebrity auction held at Avalon in Shoreditch to raise some funds for the charity as well as celebrating Daniel De Gales Birthday.

Daniel De Gale was a fan of Solid Crew the music group Ashley Walters is a part of so Ashley took some time out from the event to speak with us and this is how it went.

Hello Ashley, how are you?

Hello, I am good thank you.

Can you tell me why we are here and what is your reasoning for supporting this charity?

I am here because of the actual cause of the charity – Bone Marrow but for me it's quite personal as I met Daniel before he died and he was a fan of Solid. He was just a lovely boy so I am here to raise more awareness and help the charity going as well because it's so important and if we don't represent and if we don't have this there's nowhere else for people to go.

It's one of those things that's not widely published enough so people don't understand it and so when you hear about it you get a bit scared and apprehensive about it because you don't know what it's entails. So we need to go out there so that people can support and understand its whole entirety so we could push it more forward.

That is definitely one of the goals of the ACLT to keep pushing it till it's recognised worldwide. What more would you do for the charity apart from what is already being done?

I think we could continue to do events like these BUT on a wider scale. Kind of breaking down the barriers and letting people understand what it actually involves. Also when you hear the statistics of how many people are losing their lives when sometimes it's an easy thing for someone to do for them it really touches you to. So I think that's what it's about, bringing it to the forefront so that it will lead loads of people doing things like this on a regular basis and that's what so good about the charity because before that I never knew about this.

Have you ever been effect by anyone who had Leukaemia?

My father had lung cancer and passed away in 2005. I didn't have a good relationship with my father so I didn't understand the process of what he was going through. He passed away before i could understand it. That is one of the other reasons why I feel that this is so important and such a good thing to be involved in. I am sure there a probably a lot of people that are health at the moment going about doing there day to day thing, bottom line is that it could be anyone of us in the near future. It's also about securing some understanding for it.

If there was a scenario where by a young child approached you and said Ashley I am going through this and I need some help... What would be your plea to encourage people to come forward and what would you say to that young child?

Just love life and if you love life you love your own life but you also love the fact that everybody else is living. For me it's important I have four children myself and for a child to lose their life to something like this and not have a full life, a full future, family, career and love i think is a terrible thing. We definitely have to put our all and heart in to this sort of thing and make sure continue to raise awareness about it.

What can we expect to see from you for the charity and as an individual?

Well any where I go I try and raise some sort of awareness anyway i can obviously by using the platforms I have as an actor and a musician as I do quite a lot of press all the time about my projects and bringing the ACLT Appeal into it is just another way to push the boundaries but at the same time as well I think everyone should go and see how they can help physically.