Friday, 10 September 2010

The Life After - Film Screening

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Soho hosts new film directors
On Wednesday 8th September I headed down to the Charlotte Sreet Hotel in Soho for the screening of a number of short films by up and coming film directors and one of the film directors showing was a young Nigerian by the name of Keni Ogunlola whom I first met as a contestant in a reality TV show i was producing as he vied to be the next big African presenter.

He has now decided to move from being in front of the camera to taking up what he feels is his rightful position of being behind the camera and if this short film is anything to go by he made the right decision.

THE LIFE AFTER: (A brief synopsis)

Lonely Adam Borgetti is out jogging on a bright, summer morning. He sights something very unusual. An Enraged middle-aged African man is engaged in a very fierce scuffle with this gorgeous, innocent looking, 'white' lady.

Adam decides to intervene...But should he have?

THE LIFE AFTER is the heart rendering short story of a couple's incredible resolve to cope with a most shocking discovery about themselves.



With THE LIFE AFTER, Keni Ogunlola takes on his second short film but his first time Directing after recently concluding a directing course at the MET Film School, EALING Studios, London. His first short film, JOSIAH MY LOVE!- which he wrote and produced- can be seen for free on

OFFICIAL SCREENING for THE LIFE AFTER was held in SOHO at the screening room of CHARLOTTE STREET HOTEL on the 8th of September 2010 @ 7pm

Although Admission was STRICTLY BY INVITATION, the event was well attended as guests were treated to a series of exciting shorts from young Film makers Tricia Dipre, Claire Wells, Omar Gordon, Garry Simpson and Keni Ogunlola.

THE LIFE AFTER along with the other shorts are been scheduled to screen again later this month at Ealing Studios, London, before screening in Film Festivals across the globe including the Africa International Film Festival 2010.

See the trailer:


Keni Ogunlola