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Megan Ismay

Megan Ismay Ltd is a fresh eco-friendly fashion brand based in Nottingham, United Kingdom. They pride themselves in being as sustainable as possible from fabrics to design, production and packaging.

Everything is thoughtfully considered to reduce harm to the environment and show transparency in our manufacturing process.

About The Collection

The first look S/S23 collection is made up of dresses and summer outfits inspired by those hot days in the sun. All the pieces are ethically made in the UK featuring ethically sourced organic cotton.

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Friday, 29 July 2022 19:12

Hauz Of Sean

SEAN ARINZE is the CEO of HAUZ OF SEAN( HOS), He Is currently based in LONDON. He has a Bachelors degree in Microbiology from Imo State University, Nigeria.

Sean began his brand in 2013 shortly after graduation from University,  he start first with designing for Men then later came his in imprint on female designs and androgynous designs as well. In all, his designs and fabrics are African inspired.

Currently  HAUZ OF SEAN is focusing on what he tagged as “Afropean Designs “ a mixture of European and African designs but with a final interpretation on an African fabric.

This inspiration came as a solution to make African designs/fabrics suitable for the European weathers prior to this innovation most African clothes are mostly worn during the summer season but with HAUZ OF SEAN ingenuity African fabrics/style can be worn during the winter months as well.

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