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Revealed: the top celebrity influencers

Celebrities all over the globe are an endless source of inspiration for everything beauty and fashion-related. Admiration often turns into emulation, and a new study can today reveal that Kylie Jenner is officially the world’s most influential celebrity!

Most popular celebrity influencers

The research, run and published by RY, offers an interesting insight into global beauty ideals. The study analyses Google search queries to reveal the most loved and copied celebrity beauty looks and today's top celebrity influencers. 

The Research: How To Spot The Influencers

RY made a list of 232 global celebrities, the most buzzed in glossy magazines of the likes of Allure and Glamour. Then, it put together the most typed queries on Google and combined the two lists to cover a full year. The research found which stars have the biggest influence in our quests for hair and makeup inspiration and more.

The Top 10 Most Popular Celebrity Looks

Kylie Jenner wins the round for the most popular and copied look. It does not come as a surprise; Kylie's look with her signature nude plumped lips made her fortune. Following, we can find Ariana Grande and Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Aniston - who arrived in our houses as Rachel Green in Friends - is an astonishing example of fresh beauty over 40s.

top 3 most popular beauty celebrity  influencers

The most popular beauty celebrity influencers


Top 3 Most Popular Celebrities For Hair Inspiration

Jennifer Anniston is the top global hairstyle inspiration with her effortlessly healthy honey-gold locks. Follows Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande with her superbly sleek ponytail.

Top 3 hair celebrity influencers

The most popular hair celebrity influencers

Top 3 Most Popular Celebrities For Makeup Inspiration

Kylie wins once again for the most popular makeup on Google. On a rushed morning, her nude makeup all about glowy skin and luscious lips is a successful choice. She can sport both natural and full glam looks but - it is not a secret - her lips are behind Kylie's empire with her Kylie Lip Kits. Ariana Grande arrives second with her cat-eye flick and glossy lips; while Selena Gomez arrives in the third position with her warm beauty and down-to-earth presence. We have no doubts, her makeup brand, called Rare Beauty, will reach the top globally.

Top 3 makeup look celebrity influencers

The most popular makeup look celebrity influencers

Top 3 Most Popular Celebrities For Skincare Inspiration

Rihanna's glowy skin gives her the crown as the most popular skincare celebrity. The Barbadian singer is not simply known for her inimitable voice but also for her clean skin. Her cosmetic brand, Fenty Beauty, offers a chance to reach that perfection. Jennifer Lopez seems not to feel time passing. Now in her 50s, JLo can show a superb silhouette and a flawless complexion. She shares her secrets for dewy and younger skin with fans and the public with JLo Beauty. This time, Kylie Jenner settles for a third position with solely 50,000 searches every year for her skincare tips.

Top 3 skincare celebrity influencers

The most popular skincare celebrity influencers

Top 3 Most Popular Celebrity Beauty Inspiration From The Past

The research also looks into the not-so-far past with a chart crowded with Hollywood actresses. The most influential of all is, of course, Marilyn Monroe with her iconic bombshell look.
Follows Twiggy and David Bowie, who left an undiscussed mark in the history of music with his talent and artistic self-expression.

Top 3 celebrity influencers from the past

The most popular celebrity influencers from the past

Top 3 Most Newsworthy Celebrity Beauty Icons

RY's research spots also the most covered VIPs in magazines and online articles. Meghan Markle has always been in the news since her royal wedding; Kim Kardashian is just second, followed by Taylor Swift.

Top 3 newsworthy celebrities

The most newsworthy celebrities

Read the full research online at RY

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020 19:00

Celebrity Style Choices To Follow

Do you sometimes find it hard to come up with an outfit? You can always make it easy by converting looks from your favourite celebrities who are always getting it right. There are too many celebrities whose outfit is always on fire. The following three are some celebrities whose styles can certainly be used for inspiration for the remainder of 2020.

Emma Watson

gavin allanwood ndpX28miBtE unsplash

Emma Watson amazed us all in her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series. She recently turned 30 years and it’s hard to believe that she was only 11 years old during the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She is already a member of the board of Kering, the fashion giants behind Gucci.

She is a celebrity who uses her fame to fight for gender equality and encourages people to wear cruelty-free products. When it comes to style, she looks good in almost anything. It is worth mentioning that she has a good liking towards heels, which go well with any fashion choice.

She is renowned for wearing a vast range of styles so if you are looking for some red carpet charms, the Emma Watson way is the way to go. She can show up to an event in a white three-piece suit, a classic summer dress over a pair of heels, a patterned pencil skirt, or even in a frilled princess dress that gets everyone’s attention. You can follow her on her Instagram page to keep up with her outfits.

Jennifer Aniston

desola lanre ologun R6jtbcCKqYY unsplash

Even at the age of 51, Jennifer Aniston continues to influence our fashion choices. She has been one of Hollywood’s most stylish celebrities since the 90s when she took the spotlight after featuring in the show “Friends”.

She has been a huge fan of dresses for decades. It is essential to have a few of these in your wardrobe. Showcase your legs by wearing little black dresses and finish the look with some strappy heels. She has a liking towards black dresses and this can be seen throughout her entire red carpet photo collection. Even with her fame and wealth, she dresses in outfits that many average people can easily include to their wardrobe collection.

Early this year, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jennifer Aniston rocked a white bias-cut ivory dress that came from her archive. Thanks to her appearance on the red carpet, the bias-cut will soon return to the awards circuit. You could have this look for a wedding or a Valentine’s Day night.

Jay Z

john torcasio 133Vq4tTpBQ unsplash

You wouldn’t be wrong if you say that Jay Z is the richest rapper of all time. His net worth is over $1 billion. Most successful billionaires will go public in their sharpest suits. But not Jay Z, he can simply turn up in a sports snapback, a black t-shirt, and a pair of roomy black pants. Sometimes he may also include a slightly loose black blazer or trench coat. However, he wears some of the most expensive watches in the world.

You too can stand out with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak as worn by Jay Z. While making a deal with NFL in 2019, he wore a Concept Carbon Royal Oak watch. This is an all-black watch forged out of carbon with titanium screws for a shiny touch. To afford this watch you may need Bruce Wayne’s credit card…but a good watch can be seen as an investment, as they often don’t loose much value over time, and some even grow in value as they age if they are looked after well.

When attending an occasion such as the Grammy red carpets, Met Gala, or others that call for formal wear, Jay Z is no stranger to suits. Early this year, the rapper who is now 50, and his wife hosted their annual Roc Nation’s pre Grammys brunch. He wore a mauve Frere suit with a white collared shirt and black lace-up dress shoes.

Celebrities have deep pockets and are capable of keeping up with the newest trends. You can keep up with them by following their social media pages such as on Instagram and Twitter to get some fashion inspiration.
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OnePiece Top picks SS17 Creators of the Onesie

The streets have become the new runway and we #urban chicks know, that if we we are “gonna bring it” we need to have the right arsenal to bring the streets to its knees.

Onepiece, the original creators of the onesie, is the premium #streetwear fashion brand. The brand has become a global phenomenon since hitting the streets in 2007. With the chicest of urban #fashionroyalty, Beyonce, Gigi Hadid, Cara Delevingne and the MIC crew, donning it with such ease and nonchalant flair.

This season they are kicking it up a gear and taking You the #fashiondiva to the front of the queue, with their new collection of jumpsuits, joggers, t shirts and jackets. We had a looksie into their SS17 lookbook and picked our favs and we are loving it. Read on for our Top picks.

Become the leader of the #streetfashion pack and in the words of Paris Hilton, “Don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. The only rule is not to blend in.”

Swoosh the streets in the Black Bay Jump suit, we love it!! because it is totally, out of bed sexy, showing just enough flesh to tease, WOW !!! it got us hot and bothered.

Bay jumpsuit

Bay Jumpsuit Black SHOP YOURS HERE

Nothing says, I am hot and I know it, like the perfect festival look. The Pacific Rain Mermaid Jumpsuit oozes just enough allure of a dreamy bod under that cover. It is playful and effortless the perfect cover on those days when not even the summer down pour will ruin your #glam.

Pacific mermaid rain jumpsuit

Pacific Rain Jumpsuit Mermaid SHOP YOURS HERE

Ditched the puffer jacket for the Sphere Jacket, this lightweight nylon jacket is wind and water resistant. Totally on #vogue this Muted Clay colored jacket is a must for the jet setter style aficionado flying high this Spring/Summer, especially on those days when you are faced with all 4 seasons in one day.

Sphere Jacket

Sphere Jacket, Muted Clay SHOP YOURS HERE

These pieces are perfect for the confident #fashionista that is effortless and comfortable in her #streetstyle. Onepiece is Fashions Finest endorsed and we dare you ditched the norm and go Onepiece for added flare whether you are off-duty or need to set the streets on fire.

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