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Pretty in spring pinks

Spring is springing or at least our calendars tell us so! Despite the chill and that recent snow, there are definitely colours out there for us to behold thanks to Gucci, DKNY, and Derek Lam, to name a few. Last year, our fascination with flashes of neon and bold colour began to build its momentum. This season, our dalliance is set to get bigger and bolder.

Back in Milan Fashion week 2012, Gucci exhibited a very vibrant and influential catwalk. Despite showcasing neon bright clothes in combat blue, turquoise and citron yellow, it was the bright azalea pink suits and dresses which grabbed most attention. Inspired by the talented photographic work of Richard Avedon and particular photographs of Marella Agnelli and Gloria Vanderbilt featured below, Karl Lagerfield presented a floaty and feminine collection which broke the rules just like Richard Avedon did when capturing models in natural, less staged poses throughout his successful career.

Although evolving from two piece designs from the seventies, these ensembles were anything but typical to their era. Clever touches like puffed sleeves and flowing chiffon necklines and arm embellishments rebelled against their original pattern blocks, adding movement and energy flowing throughout each outfit.

Gucci SS2013 Milan Fashion week  Marella Agnelli and Gloria Vanderbilt. Richard Avedon Bing images

Gucci SS2013 Milan Fashion week

Versus Milan fashion week DKNY New York Fashion week : Bing images

Favouring more fuchsia pink tones, Versus and D Squared then showcased their short suit ensembles at New York Fashion week and you only have to look around the shops to see that these very pink tones are everywhere.
But how to wear them without channelling Barbie girl is most definitely the question. With Gucci showing us that bold is definitely more and DKNY backing this assertion with more block colours in pink suits, nailing the pink trend can become almost palpitation inducing to the faint hearted. And the question is, do we go full on or skimp out on the detail?

The answer I feel, Is around us when the blossoms finally start to spring. Take many shades of pink and mix them up in colour blocks. And we have azalea, hot pink, and fuchsia pink and even rose pink to play with. Still not a fan of too much pink? Then mix it up with a few shades of coral or even orange but keep the base colour as bright as possible.

I particularly like this suit from Zara. Definitely a must have to build so many looks around. And take inspiration from Gucci, choose a tunic top or a short dress to accompany your trousers to recreate that seventies look which will hide a multitude of sins and move the eye down the contour of your figure. So let's be bold, be pink and bring in the spring, at least to our wardrobes!

Blazer: £ 69.99, Trousers: £ 39.99 Zara Dress: £12.99 Sleeveless roll neck top: £38.00 Top shop

Top: £35.00                Skirt: £48.00 Topshop                    Shoes: £54.99 Zara
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Saturday, 13 April 2013 18:40

My Morning at the Felicities PR Showroom

I was invited to attend a coffee morning with Felicities PR . The press event was held at the company's new location in Shoreditch, London. I arrived at the showroom on a windy, not to mention rainy Thursday morning. I was greeted with a hot cup of black coffee which I was very happy to see considering I was hardly awake.

Although the weather was responsible for my somewhat grumpy demeanor I am happy to say the PR girls were very bubbly and eager to show me around the showroom before I put my bag down. After putting away my umbrella and shaking off what was left of the artic chill I made my way around the beautiful displays. At first glance I would have thought I was in a modern day Aladdin's Cave. There were so many jewels, garments. and props. Each of the designer's sections were well presented and appropriately grouped.

I was shown around by two of the company's PR girls who took me through garments, lookbooks, labels and jewellery.

I was very interested to see the work of Ada Zanditon. I have been following her career and have always been impressed by her garment production , structure and use of illustrated images. I recently read about her collection in Berlin and I wanted to see it for myself.

It's been highlighted that the vision of the brand is to create elegant sculptural womenswear that is embellished with Zanditon's illustrations.There is a certain confidence and boldness that translates when it comes to Zanditon's pieces. The use of the colours and fabric and the odd eccentric addition (which includes donated monk's hair) make the finished product futuristic and unique.

Pieces are carefully constructed and each concept appears to be that of an individual thought. It is said that a wide range of sustainable textiles are sourced and products are produced in the United Kingdom.

For more on Ada Zanditon's work please see the Felicities website:

Another brand that I came across was Little Shilpa. I must admit I was unfamiliar with the work of Shilpa Chavan however she has now gained a life long fan in me. From exotic headpieces to the very popular bowties, Little Shipa is a brand of epic proportions. The influence of the brand is taken from the designer's own environment and is heavily influenced by the world around her. Shilpa, born in Mumbai, describes her brand as a collection of influences from East and West. With clientele that has included the likes of Lady Gaga as well as coverage from editorial powerhouse Vogue the is no doubt that Little Shipa will make a lasting impression in the world of creative brands.

For more on Shilpa Chavan's work please see the Felicities website:

Zanditon and Chavan's work were two of my favourites however Felicities PR represent a range of creative artists, designers and experts in millinery. See below for more images from the Felicities PR showroom:

Ada Zanditon

Little Shilpa

Mr Wood's

David Longshaw

Written By Sherry Tagoe
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Going to see a show or maybe a couple of shows was the rage for the many that visited at London Fashion Week Autumn and Winter 2013. And if you where not able to acquire a ticket and you did your best to be part of a show, then you will be fully understood where we are coming from.

Much of the focus for this London Fashion week was about affordable designs that took into consideration today's economical climate. The exceptions being the more opulent shows where high end of fashion normally designed with celebrities and dignitaries. But looking at the whole thing from a mainstream fashion point of view, there seem to be more of an interest in do your own thing. This was very much like telling the market that you're going this way and we are heading off into the other direction. Fashion week was without a doubt the designers telling the high street to catch up or be left behind. And the fashion fab followers were just saying to the retail market that you took the wrong turn somewhere.

During this cold period of February, out on the street was much about that big coat or that very warm and laden jumper. It was in the accessory department that took even me by surprise where outfits were finished with trinkets with an international flavour. Images from Fashion Photographer, Videographer and Blogger Trevor Fogah Griffiths presents images that looks at the 'going this way' and 'not your way' fashion accessories worn by visitors...





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Tuesday, 26 February 2013 12:27

BZion AW13 London Fashion Week

Photo Credit: Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media
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Thursday, 21 February 2013 23:22

Jamaican Collective AW 13 LFW

The designers in this collective were, Jae Jolly, Tashia & Taianne, Shenna Carby, Julien by Juliette Dyke & Keneea Linton.

Photo Credit: Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media
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Tuesday, 19 February 2013 20:24


Photo Credit: Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media
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See:Saw Clothing A/W 2013 LFW

Photo Credit: Trevor Griffiths iDeLick Media
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Sunday, 27 January 2013 20:06

Michael, Korrr its cold!

So, we have been in the freeze of winter for a while now, and most of us are anticipating the return of bright skies, sprouting lillies and sun rays. But sometimes these days just don't come quickly enough, or last long enough in this part of the world,. So much so that we have created a brown/black/grey colour culture for our wardrobe preferences. Rarely are people bold enough to strut in bright colours and display peep-toe heels after sunset.

What will wash away those Autumn/Winter Fashion blues? Michael Kors' (or MK inspired outfits) pre-fall 2013 collection, may. I fell in love with this collection because of the creative blend of different textures. The hybrid of seasons, colours and patterns presented in each item makes Kors are favourite designer this season.

You can also change things up with some River Island ankle boots, and/or Kurt Geiger knee-length boots (below) depending on the outfit. Nothing screams 'chic' like studs; and nothing is as regal as the right elegant knee-length boots, in my opinion.


Micheal Kors pre-fall 2013 collection

Shu Pei Qin

Shu Pie Qin 2

Daria Strokous

Romina Lanaro 

Romina Lanaro

Kora Emmanuel

River Island's black studded stiletto ankle boots

Saskia Kurt Geiger high heel boots

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Friday, 25 January 2013 02:45

FF Awards 2012 - Documentary Part 1 of 4

Fly on the wall documentary of the 2012 Fashions Finest Awards which took place at the City of Westminster College. The Awards were established to recognise undiscovered talent within the fashion industry.
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Friday, 25 January 2013 02:34

FF Awards 2012 - Documentary Part 3 of 4

Fly on the wall documentary of the 2012 Fashions Finest Awards which took place at the City of Westminster College. The Awards were established to recognise undiscovered talent within the fashion industry.
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