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ODF Clothing

Ever wanted to express yourself through a piece of clothing? ODF depicts just that. One Diverse Fashion was created in 2007 by young entrepreneur Nicholas "Supanova Dex" Amfo, and five years later the brand has completely evolved. Described as a "breath of fresh air", ODF is known for its simple yet classic appearance. This clothing line stands firm by the mantra "Standing in to Stand Out", which exemplifies exactly what the garments are trying to portray: individuality and positivity.

Originally known as "Ow'Du'Feel" the brand has completely reinvented its image, although the message still remains the same. ODF mainly caters for the age group of 16-35 because of the casual preppy style of the items. This spring however, ODF is due to release its brand new kids' collection which is a variety of tops and jackets all at an affordable price.

The range for adults is an innovative compilation of shirts, cardigans, and the polo neck t-shirts which have been made using organic apparel and have had an extremely high demand. The detailed golden emblem was just the first step in upgrading the garments and now the collection is forever expanding, showing the growth that ODF has made since its conception. The latest gilet body warmers available in selected colours are an example of this. It is important to ODF to represent both men and women, so quality items have been designed and made to suit both sexes.

ODF is not just a brand- it is a movement. As mentioned before it seeks to provide a positive message. ODF as an organisation also hosts shows such as the UK version of "Rip The Runway" and "Roots of Fashion"; the latter which is in accordance with Black History Month. These events have showcased some of the finest talent in the UK, giving support to poets, dancers, musicians and fashion designers.

ODF has featured in over 30 independent events all over the UK, including charity events and fashion shows. By appearing in these allows the brand to not only showcase the variety of clothes, but also send a message of motivation and positivity. "Diversity" merges different races, ethnicity's and ages to bond through wearing the same item of clothing, but in a unique manner. Irrespective of your own personal style and image, whether it is casual or smart; "simplicity is royalty" and ODF has something for you. Although this line has come so far, but still hasn't touched the pinnacles it plans to reach.

Emerging designer ODF Clothing will be showcasing at Fashions Finest London Fashion week show 18 - 19 Westbury Hotel Conduit Street, Mayfair, London. 
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Ocansey Bianchi

Ocansey Bianchi is a Fashion Forward, innovative, luxury lifestyle brand in the high end Men & Women's clothing division, which focuses on challenging the concept of Tradition, Tailoring, Architecture and Body Armour, resulting in an unconventional approach to luxury clothing.

The labels creative director, Daniela Bianchi is a 2010 graduate of the Fashion Design and Technology Menswear course held at the Prestigious University of the Arts, London College Of Fashion.

The London Based Fashion Designer strongly believes that clothing should adapt on a journey with the wearer, encouraging and embracing different emotions and feelings.

Ocansey Bianchi represents products, which combine Quality, Innovation, Function and Practicality. Infused with tradition and British Tailoring Ocansey Bianchi's signature handwriting offers sharp silhouettes, beautiful style lines, bold textures and classic notes that stand the test of time.

Designed with Detail

Tailored for Life!
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By Greta Chapin-McGill

The history of black female clothing designers began with the traditions of the indigenous attire of countries and tribes in Africa. Looking back at the early garments of black female designers, there are direct influences from these early African-inspired designs. Even beyond African designs, many of the first black, female clothing designers drew their inspiration from a range of influences, propelling their clothing designs to success, despite the barriers that stood in their way.

On the African Continent

In Africa, clothing described station. Kings, queens, and members of the royal entourage dressed in elaborately coloured loose cloth robes adorned with feathers, jewellery and animal skins. Traditionally, village women spun cloth, dyed fabrics and produced garments. Weaving cloth was done by both men and women with gender specific looms.

Southern Plantations
Slave Women Sewing

Slaves arrived naked in the holds of ships, and were then sold to southern plantations. Women worked the fields and worked making homespun cloth for clothing. Children were responsible for spinning and carding cotton and wool. Patterns and sewing needles were given to them by their owners and slave women made garments for owners and slaves alike. However, European style clothing became the norm for the newly arrived slaves.

The 18th Century

18th Century Seamstress

It became an accepted norm for African-American slave women to design and sew beautiful garments for their owners. Moreover, as more and more slaves obtained their freedom, metropolises became hotbeds for cutting edge designs from talented African-American clothing designers. New Orleans was a fashion mecca and many black-owned businesses designed, made and sold garments. The Civil War made it difficult for these southern businesses, so the industry moved north. Famed seamstresses Eliza Gardener, Grace Bustill Douglas, and Catherine Delany all owned businesses in cities like Boston and Philadelphia.

Elizabeth Keckly
Mary Todd Lincoln Inaugural Gown by Elizabeth Keckly

Elizabeth Keckly supported herself and her family through her dressmaking and design skills. She bought her freedom moved to Washington D.C. She was famous for the inaugural gown she designed for Mary Todd Lincoln, wife to then president Abraham Lincoln. This dress can be viewed today at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. The wives of Robert E. Lee, Stephen Douglas, and Jefferson Davis were also clients of Elizabeth Keckly. A respected independent business woman, she worked towards the abolition of slavery through her well-connected white clients.

Francis Criss

Born in Virginia Francis, Criss was known in Richmond as a talented seamstress. In 1915, she moved to New York City, where she designed and made garments for Broadway stars as well as actress Gloria Swanson. A flamboyant and free spirited personality, her home in New York was a centre for influential African-Americans.

Ann Lowe – fashion pioneer
Jacqueline Kennedy Wedding Dress by Ann Lowe

Ann Lowe was born in Alabama in 1899 and moved to New York at the age of 16. She attended design school and opened a shop on Madison Avenue. Her clients included members of the Vanderbilt, Roosevelt, and Rockefeller families. She made more than 1,000 dresses per year for society clients and sold her designs in Henri Bendel, Neiman Marcus and I. Magnin. In 1953, Ann Lowe designed the dresses for the entire bridal party, the mother of the bride and the bridal dress for the wedding of Jacqueline Bouvier to John F. Kennedy.

Interesting Facts

Sewing Supplies

The history of fashion industry is full of important contributions from creative, talented black female clothing designers. They included: Mildred Blount, an African-American milliner who made hats for Hollywood films, Gone With The Wind and the Easter parade; and Zelda Wynn, who designed for Josephine Baker, Gladys Knight, and even designed the first Playboy bunny costume. Moreover, Elizabeth Keckly and Lillian Rogers Parks went on to write successful memoirs detailing their stories as influential female clothing designers
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The Vangarde Of The Avantgarde

The space available for THE GALLERY BERLIN at Berlin's MOSKAU venue is fully booked.
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everything the well travelled woman would need

By Lee-Anne Weise 

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the Paolita press offices in London to view the 2012 Insects Luxury Resort wear collection by designers and founders Adriana and Claudia Chaparro Pignalosa, in celebration of their flag ship store which recently opened up in Palm Beach Florida.


Founded with the aim of bringing Colombia's colours and nature to the capital with their designs the Insects Collection features an amazing combination of garments ranging from swimming costumes, cover ups, jumpsuits dresses, and most recently, scarves lingerie and children's clothing in sophisticated hand-designed prints of Bees, ladybirds and butterflies team with a bold, eye-catching colour pallet in easy to wear materials such as silk and cotton blends; which travel well and do not require much maintenance.


Describing their design signature as "Fun, flirty and vibrantly sophisticated" the Insects Collection has everything the well travelled woman would need to look stylish throughout her vacation whether she is on the beach, by the pool in a resort or on a yacht.

Retail prices range from £115 to £176 for Swim and £120 to £540 for Resort wear.

For more information, please visit
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Ethik-All PR & Fee Uhssi present FAIRETAIL Saturday 5th November "Inspired by dreams that move beyond fantasy"
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New Online Boutique

Fashions Finest boutique will be launching soon.
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Favourite Pieces from Designer Ji Choi

Designer Ji Choi showcased at Paris fashion week and here are a few pieces that stood out to me. The collection uses a lot of colour contrasts white with very bold colours like deep blue & reds. i also liked the leather/leather look on the trouser and skirt.

Neutral colours have always been a favorite of mine as they make you feel cool. This dress looks like it has a pair of shorts underneath making it look very stylish.

A modern day patchwork of contrasting leather/leather look skinnt trousers & skirt.

Photo Credit: Regis Colin Berthelier

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September 22nd, 2011 – Exciting news as multi-brand online retail store, announces plans to launch on Nigeria's Independence Day.
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Most Popular & Sought After Show

Quickly becoming some of the most popular and sought after off schedule shows for designers during London Fashion Week the first Fashions Finest Catwalk show got off to a great start.
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