You already know you need to lose some extra pounds but cannot bring yourself to do it. If this sounds familiar to you, you will find your motivation in this blog.

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Sunday, 09 January 2022 14:34

Taking Care Of Our Health And Wellbeing In 2022

The pandemic has had a huge impact and long-lasting effects on our health and it continues to do so leaving it in tatters. 

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Wednesday, 14 April 2021 16:41

Changing For The Better: Lockdown Habits To Keep

Lockdown restrictions are finally easing, which means we can look forward to embracing some form of new normality.

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Workout Fitness Tips the Victorias Secret Angels Swear byAnalise Benevides - Unsplash

One look at Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, or Naomi Campbell, and we all swoon instantly, in awe of their blemish-free complexions, glistening smiles, and their unwavering confidence. Their slender physiques deserve the same level of admiration, so women around the globe have always been curious about their, pardon the pun, secrets.

After all, one doesn’t just munch on a carrot and earn that slim, but toned look, nor can we expect our walk to the office to do the trick. Much like with so many other aspects of their career in fashion, their fitness is a matter of dedication, perseverance, and professional support from the finest nutritionists and personal trainers.

However, you can certainly bring some of their coveted fitness tips into your own lifestyle and work your way towards that lean look of youthful vibrancy. From taking steps to refine your nutrition to introducing new workout ideas, you can achieve so much more by following in the footsteps of Victoria’s Secret Angels.  Here’s what you can do!

You’ll Thrive On Versatility

Youll thrive on versatilityBruce Mars - Unsplash

In fitness, as in life, you’ll find that it’s too easy to get bored with the same old moves and the same old places. Yes, some people do love the comfort of their favorite gym, but it becomes easy to slack off simply because you’ve showed up at all. If you think like a model, getting lazy is not an option if you want to stay lean, thin, and strong. On the contrary, adding diversity into your workouts can be the perfect way to beat boredom, stay motivated, and of course, stay on the right track with your fitness goals.

Now a New York supermodel, Maria Borges loves training versatility, so she relies on more than just one, monotonous class. She loves Zumba, but you’ll also find her boxing and working on her Zen in yoga. If you’re the kind of gal to find it difficult to stay loyal to one routine, then adding more options to your menu can be a great way to stay engaged and active while you melt those pounds away.

Balanced Nutrition Is Key

Balanced nutrition is keyFarhad Ibrahimzade - Unslash 

From Jasmine Tookes to Jacquelyn Jablonski, you’ll find that all Angels rely on healthy, balanced nutrition to stay fit. Most of them do their best to cut out unhealthy, processed foods such as sugary drinks and fast food, while others believe that moderation is key, even if you don’t shy away from the occasional sweet treat. They all agree, however, that protein is crucial, as it helps build lean muscle and burn fat.

In case you’re a vegan, protein intake can be a challenge, since most food sources of lean protein come from meat and dairy. The simplest way to follow this piece of advice is to follow a detailed vegan protein guide that can help you discover the best ways to consume plant-based protein to stay lean and healthy. Pair your protein-packed diet with a strong exercise routine, and you’ll soon be catwalk-ready!

Mix Cardio And Strength

Mix cardio and strengthMeghan Holmes - Unspalsh

Whether we like it or not, the simple truth is that the treadmill will sometimes not cut it, especially if you want to reach some very challenging weight-loss goals and keep your physique in check. Once again, Victoria Secret’s finest such as Kelsey Merritt share their wisdom to help you stay on the right track by reaching for those weights, without abandoning your cardio routine! She’s a fan of intense workouts such as boxing, as well, but she favors balancing her workouts with some cardio and strength.

If you’re stuck at home and have no access to weights, you can do bodyweight strength exercises, or you can follow in Jourdana Phillips’s footsteps and use resistance bands. These handy contraptions are multifunctional, easy to adjust to your needs, and ideal for home workouts – perfect when you need an excuse not to train, and they’re just silently judging you from the corner of your bedroom!

Get Graceful And Elegant

Get graceful and elegantDusan Jovic - Unsplash

Some workouts are focused on toning your muscles and granting your joints more mobility, which means you can work with the range of motion that you already have. Other workout systems, however, will push your limits in that respect and grant you more mobility, flexibility, and help you move in a more graceful manner. We’re talking about barre workouts, based on the beautiful and challenging moves found in ballet.

Lily Aldridge is one of those models that swear by this particular workout approach, and while she does use ballet to stay fit all year long, she actually elevates her training efforts before a show. Perhaps combining an artistic workout such as this one with something more intense can help you stay fit and reach your goals more quickly.

Get graceful and elegant 02Alexi Romano - Unsplash

These ladies make all of their grace and beauty seem so effortless, but it’s crucial to remember that they invest years of hard work to discover the perfect fitness plan for them. The same applies to you, so you can look for a combination that allows you to stay fit and healthy, but that also makes you happy and elevates your confidence in one fell swoop!

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Monday, 30 April 2018 10:53


The UK’s Health & Fitness Festival for Women celebrates it’s fifth year with lots of exciting and new ways to stay healthy and keep fit.

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