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The ABCs of False Lashes Explained

Falsies: these beauty staples come in many shapes and styles but to choose the best one for you it is good to know the ABCs of false lashes.

ARDELL Brand Director, Jennifer Johnson, teaches us the False Lash ABCs because there is a B curl but also a C and a D...

The ABCs Of False Lashes

It is not just a matter of style, the ABCs of False Lashes is about the magic curvature of your falsies. When you find the right one, your false lashes will accentuate your eyes turning them into mesmerising magnets. Jennifer Johnson, brand director at ARDELL, is a real expert in falsies and she has shared with us the differences in curls and which one to choose to achieve a perfect look with the best lash fit.

J Curl Lashes

"J curl lashes are the straightest lash style, they mimic the slight curvature of most people’s real eyelashes, meaning they are ideal for creating a very natural effect. Choose J curl lashes for a subtle, conservative look that’s perfect when you don’t want people to know you’re wearing false eyelashes. They will still add plenty of gorgeous length and volume, just not much of a curl. Avoid if you have naturally downward-pointing lashes as they'll make your eyelids look heavier and your eyes smaller."

B Curl Lashes

"The B Curl style is long, doll-shaped lashes for an eye-opening effect. Best for deep set & almond-shaped eyes, they provide a gentle uplift that subtly opens up the eye. If you curl your eyelashes on a daily basis, choose B curl lashes for a natural look that will match the shape you’re used to."

Extension FX B Curl lashes

ARDELL Extension FX B Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49

C Curl Lashes

"C curl lashes provide a fabulously uplifted curl that gives you a wide-eyed gaze without crossing over into being overly dramatic. They have more of a ‘flick’ than the B and J curl types. Although the shape and thickness of the overall strip can make them look either more natural or more striking, in general, C curl lashes are a great ‘in-between’ choice that works well for both day and night and are universally flattering."

Extension FX C Curl

ARDELL Extension FX C Curl Lashes, Sephora £6.99

D Curl Lashes

"D curl lashes are for when you’re craving total drama. They really define and open up the eyes, thanks to their deep, upward-sloping curl. This is the perfect curl choice for glamorous photoshoots and nights out when you want your eyes to make an unforgettable impact. Avoid if you have deep-set, hooded and ‘droopy’ eyes, since the tight curl can end up brushing against the upper eyelid, which can be quite annoying."

Extension FX D Curl
ARDELL Extension FX D Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49


"A more extreme version of D curl, U curl lashes get their name from their practically 180° curvature. There will be no mistaking these for natural eyelashes – they’ll make your eyes pop for sure. They're particularly flattering on monolid eyes, but should be avoided if you have deep-set, hooded and ‘droopy’ eyes, for the same eyelid-irritating reason above."


"L curl lashes sometimes get described as a ‘Barbie’ curl. Unlike all of the eyelash curl types described above, L curl lashes begin with a horizontal section and then curve sharply upwards. They are a better choice for achieving a glam, wide-eyed look for those with monolid, hooded, deep-set, and 'droopy' eyes."

Extension FX L Curl
ARDELL Extension FX L Curl Lashes, Superdrug £6.49

A gentle flick or a dramatic curve - now you know the ABCs of false lashes and which magic letter to look for.

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In a blink of an eye, you can revamp your look and go from brunching to partying thanks to Lola's Lashes x Liberty. The hybrid magnetic lashes have been revisited by Liberty Poole.

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When we thought we have seen everything in the beauty sphere, Lola's Lashes take the innovation a step further with its brand new hybrid magnetic liner and lashes.

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Monday, 20 September 2021 15:06

Autumn/Winter 2021 Lash Trends: What Can We Expect?

Autumn and winter might not be quite as highly anticipated by some of us as the summer months, but let’s all take a moment to appreciate those cosy vibes - thick jumpers, hot chocolate, spiced candles and lovely homemade soups with crusty bread all really hit the spot!

Just like in high street fashion stores and in cosy little coffee shops, the mood changes in the lash industry when the season shifts, and what was trending in the summer becomes a distant memory.

To help you prepare for the shift in season, we’ve put together our top 3 autumn/winter eyelash extensions trends, so grab your pumpkin spiced latte and your thick woolen socks, and let’s get cosy for a minute…

Kim K Styling

Okay, okay - this one isn’t exactly news, it’s ALWAYS on trend to have that coveted and sexy spiky finish. If you haven’t tried it yet, this is absolutely the time to do so! This lash styling can be applied to any lash map, so if you have one client who needs a Dolly style, and another who favours a Cat, both can still have a Kim K set!

To add the spikes to your lash set, use Flat Lashes or closed fans and apply them at regular intervals throughout the set! This video goes into more detail about how exactly to map a Kim K set!

lash extensions

Brown Lashes

Often overlooked, a chocolate brown lash set is to autumn/winter what florals are to the spring. Brown lashes are the most complementary for our very fair clients so you may already be accustomed to them, but if you’re not, now is the time to try something new!

Chocolate brown lashes give your look an extra layer of luxury, and a little bit of softness without taking away any of the drama from your lash set!

pexels akintomide akindele 7655482Unsplash

Coloured Lashes

As much as we love a cosy vibe in the autumn/winter, we can’t overlook the fact that those cosy evenings by the fire are swiftly followed by the party season! Whether you’re looking for a fun look to go alongside your bonfire night plans, or something even more out there and eye-catching for new year’s eve, there is a colour and style for you!

It might seem odd at first to opt for coloured lashes when we’re so used to seeing black lashes, but there is so much you can do with a tray of coloured lashes! Maybe you just want a few volume fans on the bottom layer to give you a little pop of pink, perhaps you want to go all out with an electric blue set - you can even make your Kim K spikes with coloured lashes in a closed fan - the only limit is your own imagination!

pexels tubarones photography 3065450Unsplash

Wet Lashes

Finally, the rise in popularity of the wet lash look isn’t likely to stop throughout the colder months. ‘Fresh out the shower’ glam made popular by the likes of Kim K’s 2019 Met Gala look and Megan Fox’s 2021 VMAs look proves just how on trend this overall aesthetic is. It screams effortless glamour.

The growing demand for the wet lash look is seemingly a nod to this trend. Closed volume fans create a spiky texture, creating the illusion of darker, fuller looking lashes - similar to the added depth given to natural lashes when wet.

We can’t wait to see these lash styles flourish as we move into autumn/winter 2021!

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Tuesday, 06 July 2021 11:44

Your beauty salon at home with Invogue

Do you crave that pleasant sensation when you get pampered at the spa? Do you miss a good chance for a face or nail makeover? Wait no more. Invogue has what you need for your beauty salon in the comfort of your home. Discover our beauty picks.

InVogue cruelty-free and vegan beauty and toolsPhoto by Invogue

Maybe you need to save after a year of restriction and constrictions but you can definitely find the best in vegan beauty to feel instantly good. Building your beauty salon home is guilt-free and cruelty-free with Invogue's selection of beauty items and tools.

What would you need to start your day or to get ready for the night? We found our skin, face, nails daily essentials and style weapons with Invogue. Check what we love and approve:

  • So Eco Facial Cleansing Kit
  • Brushworks Micro Needle Derma Roller
  • Eye Candy Signature Lash – ARIA
  • Invogue Lash Vault Lashes #01
  • Nail HQ All In One Treatment

For Your Face

We spent lines promoting greener options for our beauty routine. Our skincare picks cannot but have to be eco-conscious and practical:

So Eco Facial Cleansing Kit: a pack of makeup remover pads and cloths inside a washable bag. Give your skin a reset with the So Eco Facial Cleansing Kit. This set features two makeup remover pads and two makeup remover Cloths that are all made from a microfibre material that removes makeup just using water. Suitable for all skin types, each pad and cloth replace the use of 1500 single-use pads, as they can be put in the washing machine to be used again and again. The So Eco Facial Cleansing Kit vegan, cruelty-free and sustainable. This set contains 2 makeup remover pads, 2 makeup remover cloths and 1 washable bag.

So Eco Facial Cleansing Kit - InVogue

Brushworks Micro Needle Derma Roller will take your skincare regime to the next level. Micro-needling is known to help enhance any skincare routine by aiding with the absorption of serums, preventing breakouts, blackheads, and keeping the skin healthy and supple. Brushworks’ roller uses painless micro-needles to penetrate the surface of the skin to stimulate collagen production and elastin refreshed complexion. It is vegan and cruelty-free.

Brushworks HD Micro-Needle Derma Roller - InVogue
Brushworks HD Needle Roller - skincare tool

For Your Eyes

What is the secret of actresses' eyes? More lashes, of course. Here are two falsies to have all eyes on you:

Eye Candy Aria from the Signature Collection Lashes boast a layered lash look with V-shaped clusters to ensure your eyes slay from every angle. A doll-like lash with an elongated centre to open the eye and truly make your eyes the centre of attention. These luxury lashes are cruelty-free, handmade and premium-quality. (Lash glue is sold separately.)

Eye Candy Signature Lashes Collection in Aria - cruelty-free and vegan false lashes
Invogue Lash Vault Lashes #01 are dainty and delicate falsies, the perfect combination for lash addicts looking for a natural look with an added touch of glam. Soft strands of hair form criss-cross clusters along the lash band, giving you a textured and defined finish without being too overpowering for an everyday look. Pair these divine lashes with a soft smokey eye and you are good to go. very light and easy to apply, these lashes are also cruelty-free and reusable. Each box contains three pairs of lashes. (Lash glue is sold separately.)
Invogue Lash Vault #1 - cruelty-free and vegan false lashes

For Your Nails

Your new mani will last longer with the right treatment. This is ideal for very stressed nails...

Nail HQ All In One Treatment is a multi-treatment for dry, brittle, soft, and weak nails. Repair and restore your nails with the Nail HQ All In One Treatment. This multi-solution is designed to strengthen dry, brittle, soft, and weak nails to help them stay healthy for longer. It is enriched with acrylic resin, acai berry, and argan oil to provide moisture, nourishment, and strength to the nails. It is cruelty-free and vegan.

Nail HQ All in One Multi-Treatment - cruelty-free and vegan nail care, InVogue

Find more for your beauty routine and makeup with 100% cruelty-free and vegan options online with Invogue.

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There is nothing that makes your eyes pop out more than strong, curly, thick eyelashes. It is the best way to effortlessly achieve the gorgeous natural everyday look without spending too much time putting on makeup. Here are 5 essential things you should know before opting for fake eyelashes.

Putting on false eyelashes or getting extensions is perfect if you lead a busy lifestyle, always in a hurry with not enough time to focus on your makeup routine. We all know that putting mascara the right way takes time and that is something that we lack nowadays.

marcelo matarazzo 303788 unsplash 1 result

Eyelash Extensions Last Longer Than You Think

The first thing you should know about fake eyelashes is that eyelash extensions last longer than you probably think. If done properly by an experienced person (and if you take proper care of course) your lash extensions can last up to a month and a half. It is recommended to go for a touch-up or a refill every two or three weeks but if you are careful and take good care of your extensions, you will prolong their lifespan and save money! Just remember not to use oily products or get too much water near your eyes and lashes.

Makeup Doesn't Damage Your Extensions

If you have a habit of putting eyeshadow like every day, don't worry, you can still do so after you go for an extension treatment. You don't have to sacrifice your favorite smoky eye look as long as you avoid using liquid-based eye products because they can damage your false lashes. Stay away from mascara, because, well, first you don't need it you have eyelash extensions, and second, it will damage your extensions and leave them all crusty. Carefully remove your eye makeup with oil-free remover.

kaboompics A woman putting on make up result

Find Experienced Professionals

If you're not really good at putting false lashes on, rely on professionals to do it for you and find a perfect place for your lash extension treatments. Before choosing a cosmetic salon, make sure that you check the certificates or rewards of the personnel or if all of the employees have completed eyelash extension training. That is the only way to ensure a true professional treatment for your sensitive eyes.

anna sullivan 642832 unsplash result

Avoid Cheap Cosmetic Salons

Lash extensions won't harm your lashes only if they are applied correctly by a professional, using the right products. Therefore if you see a cheap offer and think – what a bargain – just walk away! You shouldn't risk it and always check twice to whom you are giving your trust to do a proper treatment. If you choose an inexperienced person not only he or she can damage your natural lashes but they can cause eye infections, so be smart and extra cautious!

joe robles 604267 unsplash result

Check Your Options

Before opting for eyelash extensions you should pay attention to what they're made of. Some extensions are made of animal hair - mink, but there are also silk and synthetic options. Mink is the most common material used for fake lashes and eyelash extensions, therefore, you should check with the salon about the options, particularly if you're vegan! If you have sensitive eyes and skin, in general, you should talk to a professional and explain your problems to see if you can go for an extension treatment or what are the other options if you can't.

Now that you know these five essential tips, there's nothing more to think about. Take some time to find the perfect cosmetic salon with professional personnel and get your lash extensions! Once you try them out, you will never go back to natural ones!

Written by Lena Hemsworth

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