The French fashion house is revving the engines and preparing us for more grand displays of their upcoming work.

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Ever wondered what it takes to be a surviving UK sustainable clothing company during a pandemic? Or how to make your existing business sustainable?

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Today, one world-leading technology brand, and one iconic fashion designer team up to challenge MA Design students in an eight-week live brief to explore the relationship between fashion and technology.

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Controversial and critical tailoring is redefining the historical classics of the trench coat with modern perspective. Besfxxk collection strives for a signature silhouette with daring finishing details.

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Thursday, 28 April 2022 20:34

Met Gala 2022: Everything you need to know

Fashion's biggest event, as many people describe it, is going with full force this year on the 2nd of May. From picking out the decoration, to creating the guest list, it is time to focus our attention to all fashion icons and haute couture houses for any hints of the celebrities and outfits we will see at the Met Gala. The night every fashionista counts the days to.

Journal des DemoisellesPh. Journal des Demoiselles (Flikr)

This year the Met Gala asks its guest to relive the 1870’s - the Gilded Age New York


Earlier this year the Metropolitan Museum of Art announced that the Met Gala will return with a second instalment under the grander theme of ‘In America’. Following the theme from 2021 “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” this year’s theme is “In America: An Anthology of Fashion,”. The theme is usually very broad and one can only know so much from it. We can only let our minds wander around to try and figure out what the dress code will be. That is the most important thing for all the guests.

Met Gala 2022 - Dress Code

Daydou Fils, Paris. A Collection of Fashion Plates of the Late 1890s. ca 1890Ph. Daydou Fils, Paris (Flikr)

Every spring the Met Gala invitations get sent to a number of celebrities very specifically picked out by Anna Wintour herself. At the bottom of the invitation is a small, but very important, inscription. That inscription reveals the dress code. This year the dress code is gilded glamorous, white-tie. As Vogue mentioned earlier this week the attendees will be asked to ‘embody the grandeur of Gilded Age New York’. All the way from the 1870 to 1890, was a period of unprecedented prosperity, cultural change, and industrialisation in America. A time when skyscrapers and fortunes seemingly rose overnight. If there is one word to describe fashion during this period it would be - extravagant. Think about bows, ruffles or maybe lace. Imagine all the combinations of textiles going into one dress. The colour pallete consists mostly of rich and deep jewel tones.

Dressing up doesn’t have to be only for the guests of the Met Gala. You know the theme and the dress code, get creative and pick your best outfit that resonates with the Met Gala. You might not be able to attend it this year but you never know when your time will come. Save the date - May 2nd for fashion’s biggest event.

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We love and admire how fierce this brand is against fashion waste. Look out for this London based brand April & Alex presenting the ‘Ferox’ collection, inspired by all women breaking through the glass ceiling.

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Monday, 25 April 2022 15:08

Simply adorned with Rayane Bacha

Undoubtedly influenced by her journey at Elie Saab, after claiming her Bachelors in design, Rayane wove the wanderlust within her pieces.

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Is everyone in the metaverse already? 

The Metaverse FestivalPh. Duncan Rawlinson

The metaverse is a place of inclusivity and the more advanced it becomes the more people worldwide are confidently stepping into the unknown world. This year was the first large-scale digital fashion event - Metaverse Fashion week. Digital fashion fanatics spent 4 days in Decentraland attending runway shows, parties and panel talks, and did some shopping. A project that really stood up from the rest was Japan’s first pop-up museum focused on generative art.

MetaTokyo is finally opening their doors for visitors to dive into Japanese culture for the Metaverse Fashion week.

Taking part in the Metaverse Fashion Week has proven to be a challenging task. Due to its international scope and accessibility it has attracted a greater variety of talents, emerging designers, and cultural sectors. The meta verse has been here for a while, but it is still relatively new to the mass public. Amatures have had the opportunity to experiment and improve and high-end brands are no longer the only luxury there is. Even the slogan in the event is ‘Everyone’s a VIP in the metaverse’. The competition in the virtual world is bigger but so is the audience.

MetaTokyo. What is it?

MetaTokyo is a project that is focusing on bringing their own take on the metaverse and showcase visitors the uniqueness of Tokyo culture. What started as a joint venture between Asobisystem Co., ParadeAll Co. and Fracton Ventures turned into a mission to develop cultural cities in the metaverse by connecting the digital landscape with global entertainment. Last year they developed the real estate in Decentraland but it is just now that they have finally opened their doors. To mark this milestone Meta Tokyo is collaborating with the twin fashion models AMIAYA to create NFT photography, launch the “SPACE by MetaTokyo” pop-up museum, and provide AMIAYA-themed wearables for the fans.

AMIAYA x STREET Collaboration

Ami and Aya Suzuki, known as the twin unit AMIAYA, have gained worldwide attention for their fashion sense. Together with Street, a street fashion publication in Japan, the duo will launch the AMIAYA x STREET TOKYO FASHION 2021ss photo collection book and hold a photo exhibition, both in real life and in the metaverse. A total of 330 unique NFT’s will be generated from the photography featured at the event, and they'll be offered through OpenSea. It’s safe to say there will be something for everyone. The collection will be available to only MetaTokyo Pass holders but for those interested in the launch a physical photo book will be available for purchase at the venue.

By the looks of it, it seems like Meta Tokyo is more than ready to embrace metaverse and Japanese culture. This is just the beginning, and a great one for Meta Tokyo. They have confirmed that more exciting events and launches are set to take place in the virtual world. So keep an eye on them. This project is set to inspire other countries to enter Decentraland and showcase the uniqueness that is hidden behind every culture.

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Far Afield showcases their latest collection a contemporary menswear-meets-unisex range featuring a whimsical tropical safari theme.

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A name made of dreams, a style built with fierce. These are the components in the DNA of Blikvanger, an independent fashion label from Georgia.

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