Diet Coke has now unveiled his limited collection of bottles themed 'Night & Day'.
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Wednesday, 04 April 2012 00:02

Amazing Dolls Of Our Roots

Rooti Dolls – amazing dolls of our rootsS – By Rooti Creations UK Ltd.
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Monday, 31 October 2011 11:12


Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week (Photo by Getty Images)

Spanish capital is one of Europe's most underrated cities. During my recent trip to Madrid I had a chance to get to know the city quite well. It is, in my opinion, one of the most stylish places in Europe.

With beautiful architecture, modern interior design, excellent restaurants, well dressed people, and lots of luxury shopping places, you will be spoilt for choice!

Madrid is one of those cities where people pay a lot of attention to the way they look. Both young girls and older women wear makeup and have a perfect tan. Last summer you could spot not only bright colours and funky patterns, but also simple, minimalist dresses in solid colours like green or red; jean shorts with simple T-shirts and short girly dresses.

Spanish women wear a lot of accessories: bold jewellery (earrings!), sunglasses, scarves and statement handbags. Shoes: flat ballerinas, strappy sandals and elegant high heels. In comparison with other countries, Spanish girls look very feminine and no matter what they wear, they always have a lot of confidence and style.

Spanish street fashion (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Madrid offers a lot of shopping opportunities and all the main stores and shopping malls are within an easy walking distance.


La Latina is located in the heart of old Madrid. It is a charming district with narrow streets and old buildings, famous for its outdoor flea market "El Rastro", where you can buy a great variety of products - both new and used. El Rastro takes place every Sunday from 9am to 3pm. Many bars in this area (especially along the Cava Baja Street) serve fantastic tapas. 

Spanish tapas (Photo by Eva Fydrych)

Helena Rohner is a Spanish jewellery and home décor designer based in Madrid. Her stylish boutique is located in the 19th-century apartment building at Calle Almendro in the Latin Quarter (Barrio de LaLatina). Unique pieces for women, men and children, made of silver and gold, some set with wood,ebony, porcelain or colourful stones. “They are made to be worn, to adapt to your body, to be comfortable, well made and not trendy.” - says the designer.

Rohner was born in the Canary Islands and educated at the London School of Economics. Between high school and college, she spent a year in Florence, where she got interested in jewellery. Her style is simple yet very elegant. “Jewellery is a question of light, the light you add to your body.”

ADDRESS: Almendro, 4, 28005 Madrid 

Helena Rohner jewellery (Photos courtesy of H.Rohner)


Elegant Salamanca district is located to the northeast of the historical centre of Madrid. It has beautiful architecture, wide streets, luxury shopping malls, and high-end boutiques. Calle de Serrano, the mainshopping street in Salamanca, is listed as the third most expensive street in Spain. Between Calle JoséOrtega y Gasset and Calle Claudio Coello lies an area in which leading fashion houses and the most prestigious Spanish and foreign designers display their latest creations. 





Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is a fashion designer who started her career in 1981 by taking part in a small collective show at the Spanish Museum of Contemporary Art in Madrid. Shortly after, she opened her first studio in the Spanish capital and began to participate in fashion shows in Madrid and Barcelona.Today the unconventional designer has more than 40 licenses, including perfumes, sunglasses, shoes,stationery, furniture, and jewellery. She has exclusive stores in main fashion capitals: Milan, Paris, New York, Barcelona, Madrid, and Porto.During my recent trip to Madrid, I had a chance to visit the designer's colourful boutique at Calle deSerrano. The store has interesting contemporary design, simple pieces of furniture, and a lot of mirrors.Have a look at the pictures:

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada boutique in Madrid; Photo by Eva Fydrych

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada is known for her distinctive style, using bright colours and mixing different patterns: dots, stripes, hearts and flowers. Her collections are always full of surprises turning the catwalk into a gallery of art.

In February 2009 the designer was given the Arts Gold Medal Award for her brilliant career and for bringing Spanish fashion to other countries, being this way the Ambassador of Spanish Art. In March2011, on the 30th Anniversary of her first fashion show, she has inaugurated Agatha de la Prada 
Foundation. Her future plans include store openings in China.

ADDRESS: Calle de Serrano 27, 28001 Madrid. 



OTHER ATTRACTIONS Yves Saint Laurent – Retrospective is an excellent fashion exhibition, which was shown in the Petit Palais in Paris in 2010, and has now arrived in Madrid. The exhibition explores in detail the work ofone of the greatest fashion designers - Yves Saint Laurent. There are 150 haute couture and prêt-àportermodels and a wide selection of photographs, films and drawings on display. You can visit the exhibition till 8th January 2012.

ADDRESS: Paseo de Recoletos 23, 28004 Madrid. 

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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 21:09

All that Glitters!

Sparkle the night away in these statement starry courts from Dune great with LBDs for party nights.

So here's how the story goes...

I needed a pair of shoes to match my fabulous red dress and yes i know we are in a recession and the economy is in a bad way,  i too am feeling the pinch but hey! sometimes ladies we have to forget the bills and do something for ourselves.


With their exposed high platform and (cough cough) at only £90.00 i flicked my hair and said 'i'm WORTH IT'! And didn't they go down well with the ladies in on the night, who referred to them as fabulous, fantastic, and likened to dolly mixtures Hmm!

I guess i bagged myself a good buy that i know are very comfortable and which i can wear over and over again.

Dune have a sale on now and you too can revel in shoe haven if you wish!


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Tuesday, 25 October 2011 01:05

"Michelle Obama" Gets Ghetto at the BEFTTA's...

Its Sunday night about 3am in the morning and I am absolutely shattered as it has been a very very long weekend. Having been filming more or less nonstop over the weekend for Uber Africa, by the way Africa's Top Designer is going to be a great TV show. Sorry back to the matter at hand, on the Saturday evening after rushing through filming, I and half the cast, desigMr Mahogany - Fashion Icon of the Yearners, models, producers etc rushed off down to South East London for what proved to be a very exciting event with just about everyone who was anyone attending the 3rd Annual Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts Award (BEFTTA).

Just in case you did not get my subtle hint if you were not there, the question must be asked are you somebody, joke - seriously on this one I am just joking.

Over a thousand people showed up for the BEFTTA's on Saturday night, I might be slightly exaggerating but that is only because I don't know the capacity of the Lighthouse where the event was staged but it was a full house.

Everyone was dressed to the hilt, forget recession lots of people raided their piggy banks or recycled old clothes by putting a new twist to them and people made sure that they were dressed to kill. Whilst talking about dressing, I know the invite said black tie and wear a black jacket or suit but hey my excuse on my purple jacket with purple shirt and no tie came about because I am colour blind and my tie got blown away in the recent hurricane that swept the UK.

The venue was great and had all the mod cons and the stars of the entertainment and fashion industry did the event justice. It was a great improvement over the last 2 years (well done Pauline Long – founder & CEO of the BEFTTAs), the event started on time but on that one I must say Thank God for that, with over 150 awards and 500 nominees we would have been there all night. But the BEFTTA team got through them all and numerous people that would not normally ever have been recognised had the opportunity to be recognised which for me is a great thing. So regardless of the fact that we all think there are too many categories and nominees, I appreciate what Pauline and the BEFTTA Academy are trying achieve and they should be applauded not criticised.

I don't want any of you to think that I am giving this glowing review just because I, Mahogany and Fashions Finest between us received 5 awards (Fashions Finest – Best Event Promoter, Mahogany Models – Best Modelling Agency, Nana Afua – Best Female Model, IDeLick Media (Fashions Finest Official Photographer – Photographer of the Year and Mr Mahogany received a special award for Fashion Icon of the Year – receiving this award and peoples comments following this particular award has truly humbled me.

It was also nice to see Mink Cosmetics get an award for Makeup artist of the Year (they have been the official make up sponsors for all of Mahogany's & Fashions Finest events for the past year and to my main man & good friend, who filmed with me during the day and rushed off to collect his lifetime achievement award, Mr Adebayo Jones – well deserved. However if I am ever to get one, can I please get one before I reach pensionable age and I am well on the way there now.

"Michelle Obama" Gets Ghetto at the BEFTTA's...

Ok give me a break I am getting there, I know you were reading the title and thinking what has the above got to do with the title of your blog – well I had to talk about the BEFTTAs first before I talk about what Michelle Obama (actually it's about Dionne Rose who is a Michelle Obama lookalike), did at the BEFFTA's.

Well this is what happened, after the BEFTTA awards a few selected VIP guests and the award winners were invited for a small intimate dinner. It was a nice intimate affair with a performance from a rising super star Angela Ricci (this girl can blow). Anyway there were some small issues over the serving of the food and drinks and there was a group of women on the table next to us and I have no idea who they were, where they were from or what they do but towards the end of the evening a couple of the women on that table decided that they wanted to pick a fight with everyone that looked at them, spoke to them or breathed the same air as them and unfortunately our table was marked as public enemy number one.

I tried to stop my table from responding to the verbal attacks we were receiving for no apparent reason (if we had done something I would be honest, I would tell you), I even used a great saying of mine which is that "it is not every time you have to respond to a mad person, when they talk to you, otherwise you may look like the mad person". This worked for a while but the women on the other table continued their affront and Dionne "Michelle Obama" could not contain herself any longer and went for this woman with a full on verbal attack which included such words as bleep, **@#, bleep, bleeeep, and more bleeps **@#,, followed by bleep, **@#, bleep, bleeeep, and more bleeps **@#, (you may insert profanities of your choice as they most likely would have been used). DIONNE's language was too colourful and she got down and dirty and stooped to the level of these bush women and sadly they were bush and extremely manner less in their behaviour.

It was not a good idea to sink to their level but it was good fun seeing her lose it and we all had a good laugh.

Moan & Groan

This is not Africa feed yourself...

Over the past few months I have attended a number of award ceremonies, some bad and some good, which have included some of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in the UK including Fashions Finest, Screen Nation & the BEFTTA's. Each time I have left one of these awards I have left with the screeching of many people's voices furiously complaining about the lack of food at the awards.

I have to break it down for you and it goes like this, yes it is true that nobody forces the organisers to put on these events and some of you might think that they benefit from it – on this I must correct you as it tends to be the nominees and the winners that primarily benefit as the recognition helps with the progression of their careers and the guest enjoy it because they get a night out and in most cases managed to get in free (not everyone gets in free by the way). The organisers spend thousands putting an event together and then people come to the event 1) expecting to get in free and 2) expecting to be fed and fed very well for free.

Do you know that to feed a person at an award ceremony costs (in london) on average between £35 to £65 depending on the venue. If I charge you an average price of £100 to £120 per ticket would you pay? NO you would not because most people won't even pay £30 for a basic price ticket. Ok let's assume that you are one of those lovely people that do pay and can afford to pay such prices that still does not resolve the problem, as unfortunately all of the nominees expect to attend for free and bring a guest so on average if the organiser has a total of about 40 to 60 nominees, which is about the average amount (sorry BEFTTA's this is excluding you), along with partners, plus judges, presenters and special guests, that means the event organisers must out of their own pockets find approximately an extra £3000 to £5000 (excluding drinks costs), so the final bill could be more in the region of £5 to £10,000. Hello where are they expected to find the money just to feed some hungry and in some cases ungrateful people. As after you feed them they would still complain that the food was not good.

So the moral of the story is before you complain about not being fed or there being no food at an event, if you did not buy a ticket don't complain and think about the poor organiser who is putting on the event and whom 9 times out of 10 makes a very big lost. Eat before you arrive or after you leave and be a bit more understanding. That way with your support we will keep improving, will do better events with your support and one day we will be able to give you a 3 course meal and not charge anyone to attend the awards ceremony. YEAH RIGHT.

I have to end by saying BEFTTA's did a 100% invite only awards ceremony, which was free to attend to everyone that had an invite and I still heard people complain that they had no food – ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!
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Wednesday, 07 September 2011 22:40

Vogues Fashion's Night Out

Vogues Fashion's night out is happening tomorrow and everyone who's anyone will be celebrating. Celebs, press, buyers, fashionista's and everyone who love fashion, shopping will be mingling in a number of hubs designated hubs around the city of London.

Don't miss out on the fun get yourself down to Oxford Street, Nottinghill and many many more places, Yes you should have received an invitation and RSVP like I respectfully did but take your chance and I'm sure you'll get in somewhere.

PS. Our very own Top Model of Colour Winner & emerging designer Nana Afua Antwi, Label: Adopted Culture showing some of her collection and being interviewd at Satoria Saville Row.

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Wednesday, 29 June 2011 00:03

FFR Emerging Designer 1

Designers showcasing on the night were Ozora, Kika Hollanda Design, Rayo Collection and Anam. No design was the same and each had their own unique twist.

Photographer: Duilio Marconi

Fashions Finest next show will be during London Fashions Week 17 & 18 September. More information can be found HERE
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Thursday, 23 June 2011 08:42

Africa Fashion Week London Show Schedule

AFWL is taking place on the 5th & 6th August and is a free event except for the two gala events which are by invitation only, but a limited amount of tickets can be purchased for the gala events which would include entry into the AFWL after parties on both nights.
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Wednesday, 22 June 2011 18:35

For The Festival Junkie In You!

Cowshed have brought a toiletry kit just for you festival junkies, so you stay clean and smell fresh all weekend.

The kit contains:

Travel wash bag
Wild Cow Knickers
Wild Cow Invigorating Bath & Shower Gel
Horny Cow Seductive Body Lotion
Lavender Gentle Cleanser
Quinoa Hydrating Daily Moisturiser
Lippy Cow Lip Balm
Cowshed Nail File

Price £30 Available from Cowshed
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Tuesday, 07 June 2011 22:09

London College of Style

LCS has a first class reputation in delivering high quality vocational education, with some of the strongest industry experts helping shape syllabuses and training delivery.
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