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Beach Hair, Here is How to Care!

We cannot wait to lounge in the sun, maybe by the sea, but we would be happy to skip dry beach hair! How? Expert Saivo Lerna comes to the rescue with tips and genius haircare products.

Woman with afro hair on the beach Ph. Nappy (pixels)

Saivo Irena from The Bohemians explains why dry beach hair happens and how you can restore your locks once and for all with easy tips.

Why Does Beach Hair Happen

For many of us, summer is for endless days at the beach or the pool to have plenty of vitamin D, splashes and fun. But the sun, seawater and chlorine are not your hair's best friends. What to do to enjoy the best of summer and have the best hair?

Saivo says: "Have you noticed that your hair becomes drier in the sun, and particularly when you visit the beach? Our hair retains moisture and elasticity due to its natural water content. When you dip in the sea, the high salt content in the water sucks the moisture out of our locks, leaving them dry, dehydrated and brittle. It can also be very unkind to coloured hair - stripping and fading it, this is particularly true for blonde tones, which can become brassy. Think you can avoid it by cooling down in the pool? Unfortunately, chlorine is just as bad. It's a powerful anti-bacterial agent, so it strips the hair of its natural oils, which leads to dry, dull strands. Again, it's also no friend of coloured treated hair - fading dark tones, and turning blonde tones a shade of green".

How To Save Your Hair And Fix Dry Beach Hair

The rescue tip is as simple as "just add H2O". Follow Savio's recommendation: "wet your hair before hopping in the pool or sea, with fresh water. Your hair can only soak up a certain level of water, so if it’s saturated with fresh water before you get into the pool or sea, it won’t be able to absorb as much chlorine or seawater, resulting in less damage".

There is more to do to save your hair from dryness: make the most of beach breaks!

"Use a leave-in conditioner every day of your beach break. Leave-in conditioners keep hair soft and moist, making it more difficult for seawater to penetrate the hair shaft".

Pro-approved Haircare Products To Restore Your Hair From The Sun And The Sea

SBC Hydra Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner 300mlPh. SBC

"It's important to wash your hair as soon as you finish your last dip, to wash the salt and chlorine out right away. Use a gentle formula that removes build-up". Savio suggests SBC Super Boost Shampoo & Conditioner Duo (£20 available at SBC Skincare website).

Ecooking hair maskPh. Ecooking

"An intensive masque will also work wonders. This will counteract the harshness of the salt and chlorine and will provide an injection of moisturising that has been sucked out of the strands. You don't need to do this every day of your holiday but try for 3 nights every week". An intensive solution is Ecooking Hair Mask (£22.95 for 250ml, available at The Fragrance Shop).

Bblonde shampooPh. Jerome Russell

"Use colour-specific products. This is particularly important if you're blonde - the sun, sea and pool are all culprits for fading and discolouring blonde locks. Use a purple shampoo and conditioner to eliminate yellow and green tones and add shine and optical bright tones". A life jacket for blondes is Bblonde Intense Silver No Yellow Shampoo (£9,99, available at Superdrug).

Only curls satin lined capPh. Only Curls

"If all else fails, don't dip your head. Instead use a protective style on the beach, such as a high bun, or braids. For double protection, wear a hat, and avoid getting hair wet at all". Savio suggests staying cool, causal and protected with Only Curls Satin Lined Baseball Hat (£16).

You can escape the heatwave and make a splash but also save your hair from the sea. Follow these tips and, no matter your hair type and colour, your locks will be happy for your summer trip.

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Let SheWolf speak, for our hair depends on it

There are a few major hair care mistakes that we often overlook and are unaware of, which may be causing you more stress than necessary. We live in an age of self-expression, and your hair is your crowning glory, so don't get caught up in the minor blunders that we all make.

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Top Tips for Switching Up Your Look In 2021

It’s time to be daring and bold with your style. Switching up your look doesn’t have to be a daunting challenge. Instead, it can help to build your confidence and have you both looking and feeling great.

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Establishing a proper hair care routine requires a comprehensive approach, considering your hair type’s needs and common problems. This means you should not only choose the right hair care products but also acquire some healthy habits when it comes to washing, combing, and styling your hair.

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Ways to Glow Up During Quarantine

Is your hair damaged, nails brittle and skin worse than ever? You must be in quarantine.
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How to keep your hairstyle looking good overnight

How to Make Your Hairstyle Stay Looking Good Overnight resultUnsplash

Whether you are trying to protect a sleek blowout, maintain healthy and defined curls, or simply aiming to nourish and repair damaged hair, preserving your hairstyle while you sleep is easier that it might initially seem. With just a bit of preparation before heading to bed, you can easily wake up with sleek, smooth and absolutely gorgeous locks. So, here are some simple ways you can make your hairstyle stay looking good during the night:

Don’t Go To Bed With Wet Hair

Dont go to bed with wet hair resultUnsplash

Regardless of the texture of your hair, going to bet with wet or even damp hair is never a good idea. Apart from ruining the hairstyle you put so much effort into making overnight, continuing this practice of sleeping with wet hair will ultimately lead to hair damage, breakage and split ends. So, it might be a good idea to consider changing your routine, whether that means washing your hair a few hours earlier, or even when you wake up in the morning. If you still want to take a shower right before bed, then remember to put on a heat protectant, and thoroughly blow-dry your hair before going to sleep.

Brush Your Hair Before Going To Sleep

Brush your hair before going to sleep resultPexels

If you have straight or even slightly wavy hair, combing through your strands before going to bed is another simple way of ensuring you wake up with a smooth and silky hairstyle. Apart from de-tangling any knots you might have, brushing your hair every night will also help you evenly distribute the natural oils from your scalp throughout your hair, helping you avoid grease and build-up on the scalp. Whether you opt for a wide tooth comb or a paddle brush, make sure not to brush your hair too much or comb it when it’s wet; a gentle, quick, all-over brushing is all you need to have gorgeous hair in the morning.

Invest In A Silk Sleep Bonnet

Invest in a silk sleep bonnet resultPexels

Whether you want to preserve your beautiful blowout overnight or wake up with perfectly bouncy curls, one of the best things you can do to your hair is to protect it with a silk hair wrap for sleeping during the night. Helping you avoid breakage, frizz and flyaway strands by preventing your hair from rubbing up against your harsh pillowcase, not only will silk sleep caps keep your hairstyle intact while you sleep, but they will also allow you to wake up with smooth, shiny and luscious hair. As silk is one of the softest and gentlest materials for your hair, it’s ideal for maintaining any hair texture or preserving any hairstyle, whether it’s a loose bun or perfectly formed curls.

Braid Your Hair Before Bed

Braid your hair before bed resultUnsplash

Putting your hair in braids before you head to sleep is a simple yet effective way of waking up with a beautiful texture, whether you want to preserve the beachy waves you made with a curling iron, or you’re simply looking for a quick trick for an effortless overnight hairstyle. What’s more, loose braids are also one of the most protective hairstyles you can sleep in, as long as you don’t pull them tight. All you need to do is put your hair into one or more braids (depending on the type of waves you want to achieve) while your hair is still damp, and you’ll wake up with gorgeous beachy hair in the morning.

Apply A Hydrating Hair Serum

Apply a hydrating hair serum resultUnsplash

As an additional step to help prevent frizz and flyaway strands, it might be a good idea to apply a hydrating, oil-based serum on your hair before going to bed. Besides helping your hairstyle stay in place, a good hair serum will also give you a luminous shine and a silky finish, allowing you to wake up with moisturized, soft and healthy locks. However, keep in mind that moderation is key when it comes to applying hair serums, as only a couple of pumps saturated throughout the bottom half of your hair are enough to nourish and replenish your strands with the hydration they need to look their absolute best.

Simply by incorporating a few extra steps into your hair care routine every night, you can ensure your hair will stay healthy, shiny and frizz-free, and you can rise and shine to another great hair day.
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Best Red-Carpet Hair Tips To Try Yourself

Achieving the perfect hairstyle is never an easy task. It will take you at least 20 minutes to get that irresistible sleek, shiny hair and more than half an hour to get voluminous, alluring curls. And let’s not forget how much time we have to steal from our daily schedule to get our hair into one amazing, not too tight, but also not too messy, ponytail. That is why it is no wonder that sometimes, especially early in the mornings, when we are already late for work, we simply put our hair in a basic bun.

makeup 4199945 1280Source: unpetitvoyou -

In order to avoid this and to help you get a chic and trendy hairdo, whether you are going to work, for a casual brunch or even going to a special event, such as a prom, we bring you the best hair tips that will make you look like a real Hollywood star.

1. When In Doubt, Go For A Sleek Bob

woman in white long sleeved dress 1030895
Image source: Daria Shevstova

If you want to have a hairstyle that is timeless and stylish, but is also easy for maintenance, you should go for a fashionable bob or lob. That, of course, includes a considerable chop to your hair, but you will see that taking a few inches off is going to pay off. You can go for a shorter version of this haircut like the Bohemian Rhapsody star, the stunning Lucy Boynton has opted for, and have your hair reach just in-between your chin and your jawbone.
On the other hand, you can opt for a longer bob, such as the one the gorgeous actress Natalie Portman rocks with style. Moreover, you may notice that a number of celebrities happily wear shorter or longer bobs and you can see that they look impeccable both in formal and casual outings. However, although a messy, choppy bob is incredibly trendy, a sleek hairstyle is certainly both classy and quite modern and thus, always a good choice.

All you need to achieve a sleek bob is to put some nourishing serum on your hair and blow-dry it straight. The next step is to use a heat protection spray and then straighten your hair section by section. Once you are finished, use a few spritzes of hairspray and your perfect hairstyle will last throughout the day.

2. The Secret Lies In The Hair Extensions

woman in beige dress stretching her hands 709791
Image source: Daria Shevstova

If you have watched at least one red carpet event, you must have noticed that many of the famous ladies opt to wear their hair in beautiful and striking ponytails or buns. But have you ever thought that the greater number of those exquisite hairstyles includes hair extensions? Most likely not, because the majority of the celebrities have their hair done so that it looks as if all of it were their own lavish hair. However, the secret is in luxurious long clip in hair extensions, which you can easily get for yourself and rock a spectacular ponytail or bun any day. Just make sure that your extensions match your hair color so that everything looks completely natural. Now you can grab a hair tie and a few pins and get your hair in an amazing up-do. To finish off the look, apply a bit of hair wax (not cream) to sleek any flyaways and to add some shine to the hair.

3. Flawless Waves And Hairspray

photo 1500917293891 ef795e70e1f6Image source: Averie Woodward Unsplash

We can spend hours in front of the mirror trying to get those voluptuous and chic waves, and still not be happy with the final result. That can easily be changed and the key is in hairspray. As simple as it sounds, hairspray is your best friend when it comes to curling your hair. Celebrity hairstylists use hairspray before curling their clients’ hair in order for the hair to be more flexible and thus catch on better to the shape that the curling iron gives it. They part the hair into sections, spray each section and then curl them. You can repeat this process in your own bathroom and after you get those irresistible waves, you can spray your whole head once more with hairspray, in order for the hairstyle to last longer.

4. Use Mousse For An Impeccable Blow-out

If you want to have that splendid blow-out that you see a number of famous ladies rocking all the time, all you need is a bit of hair mousse. Whether you are preparing for a fabulous night out or you are simply drying your hair in the morning, make sure to apply some mousse on your damp hair and then continue with blow-drying it. The final result will be voluminous and gorgeous hair that will last throughout the whole day or night.
Finally, try some or all of the mentioned tips and don’t be afraid to look like a true Hollywood diva.
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Undeniable Reasons to Love Hair Extensions

averie woodard 319832 unsplash result
Photo by averie woodard. Unsplash

One of the best investments for personal care is hair extensions. Changing the way you wear your crowning glory is a big help for creating an illusion. Apart from playing with exciting appearances, it is a game changer for people who struggle with hair loss. Quit heavily manipulating your hair. Wear hair extensions to achieve your dream look!

Are you still deciding about getting your hair done? Be exposed to the greatness of hair extensions! Here are the reasons why hair extensions should be in your radar:

Instant Gratification

hean prinsloo 702751 unsplash result
Photo by Hean Prinsloo. Unsplash

Promoting instant gratification is what you get from switching to hair extensions. They will make you feel and be beautiful in just a snap. Wearing them is the perfect time to customize your look every now and then. You can achieve the long hair looks with hair extensions.

Most women are not fans of delayed gratification. Did you cut your hair short and regret it? You don’t have to wait for months for it to grow back. Hair extensions will do their magic!

Are you dreaming of commercial-look hair? Fear of hair damage is the boundary from reaching your dream look. Sometimes, you just want to leave your hair the way it is with all these skeptical hair products. Think outside of the box and engage in hair extensions!

Play With Hair Color

george bohunicky 118985 unsplash result
Photo by George Bohunicky. Unsplash

Have you ever wondered how your hair would look with a different color? Most women fear the stress and tension it could put to their scalp promoting hair damage. In some cases, it can lead to hair loss or hair thinning. We wouldn’t want to go this far, would we?

With hair extensions, you can play with different colors without causing hair damage. Wearing them will make hair care enjoyable. By adding hair color, it will enhance the look of your crowning glory.

Are you itching to get those caramel highlights? Worry less. Hair extensions will do it for you without having your hair’s health compromised. Step out of your comfort zone. With your hair color, walk in the room with people’s eyes on you.

Increased Hair Volume

averie woodard 319828 unsplash result
Photo by averie woodard. Unsplash

Instant hair volume is what most women are rooting for when wearing hair extensions. The volume of your hair provides ease in styling them and making it look natural. Increased hair volume adds an extra “wow” to your look. As you walk, your hair bounces making it look like a runway show. You don’t have to settle with your dull hair when hair extensions can give you the hair you’ve been dreaming of.

Additional Length

element5 digital 611462 unsplash result
Photo by Unsplash

Are you frustrated with the length of your hair? No matter how patient you are waiting for your hair to grow back, it’s just not enough. Hair extensions are the perfect solution.

Switch your short hair to long hair in a matter of minutes with hair extensions. Additional length to your hair makes it flexible for different hairstyles. No matter what the occasion, you’ll always have a suitable hairstyle when wearing hair extensions.

The use of hair extensions is to add length and volume without manipulating your natural hair with commercial treatments. Why wait for months for it to grow back when hair extensions provide instant length? If you are into something quick and easy, wearing them is the best way to customize your look.

Natural Hair Protected

marcelo matarazzo 256593 unsplash result
Photo by Marcelo Matarazzo. Unsplash

One of the best things about using hair extensions is protecting your natural hair from damage. Hair extensions like clip-ins are ensured to protect your hair from chemical-containing adhesives.

Maintaining the health of your natural hair can be tricky especially if you nourish it with chemical-containing hair products. We all have that one goal, to achieve amazing hair results. Wearing them instead of undergoing treatments alleviates the stress and pressure on your hair roots. Keep your hair protected with hair extensions!

Customize Your Hairstyle

tamara bellis 232637 unsplash result
Photo by Tamara Bellis. Unsplash

We all have our problems with the styling of our hair. Is it lacking length, color, or volume?

With hair extensions, it leaves no boundaries about how you want to style them. There are easy hairstyles you can wear with hair extensions.

With the right length and volume, it is easier to experiment with different hairstyles. Hair extensions instantly make your look interesting and beautiful. Whenever you want to try a new hairstyle, using them makes it easier to see if it suits you.

Different hair extensions are offered in the market. You can rock a variety of hairstyles from beach waves to traditional curls!


These reasons why you should love wearing hair extensions are just some that make up the list. People wear hair extensions to feel and look confident with their hair. They play a vital part in hair evolution. Moreover, hair extensions help in achieving the hair that you desire without damaging your natural hair. Have the best of both worlds with hair extensions. Rock both short and long hair!

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Beauty Essentials for the Winter

With the cold winter months fast approaching, it can sometimes be difficult getting into the swing of things, particularly when it comes to our beauty regime.

After a long summer of a light dusting of bronzer and a dab of liquid glow, it’s now time to aid our winter beauty needs to have us looking and feeling the best during the festive season.


Beautyessentialspic1 result
Picture credit:

The harshness of the cold weather can cause many adverse implications for our skin such as dehydration, breakouts and redness. It is important to consider that no skin is the same so treating it accordingly is key.

Although it is a common conception that oiliness only occurs in the hot summer months, this is not true. Oiliness can actually occur more during the colder months due to the body producing excessive oils to keep the skin hydrated naturally. This means that investing in a good oil balancing cleanser is essential in order to reduce shine and ensure that your makeup stays on all day.

Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is perfect for those with Oily skin during the winter months, but also great for those who are spot-prone. Use this cleanser at night for best results as it removes excess oil, dirt and makeup leaving your skin feeling squeaky clean!

Alternatively, if you are someone that suffers from dryness as a result of the cold temperatures, then the Clinque Moisture Surge would be the perfect investment for you. This moisturiser works non-stop for 72 hours for immediate and long-term hydration.

What is great about this moisturiser is that it is a light, gel-cream that is quickly absorbed meaning it doesn’t make your makeup slide like most heavy moisturisers do.

Sparkle And Shine

Beautyessentialspic2 result
Picture Credit:

Your makeup is just as important as your outfit, particularly during the Christmas season. Christmas really wouldn’t be Christmas without some face glitter to create the ultimate festive eye. Whether you are going on a Christmas night out with work or for festive drinks with friends, or on a works Christmas night out, there is no need to hold back on the sparkle.

If you want a more subtle glitter makeup look, why not try a dramatic smokey eye using a blend of black and brown shadows, then apply a touch of glitter to the inner corner to add a pop of sparkle as well as elongating the eye shape.

Or if you want to go all out, create a cut crease using a thick concealer and then generously pat glitter onto the eyelid using a flat brush. Make sure you apply glitter glue prior to glitter application for a long-lasting sparkle.

If you are feeling extra daring this year, be sure to try a sprinkle of green or red glitter for even more of a festive look.

Bronzed Goddess

After a summer of having a natural glowing tan, the thought of having to go back to the fake tan mitt once a week is miserable. So how do we keep up our summer glow whilst avoiding the streaks of fake tan?

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion.

This genuinely is a worthwhile investment that can be used all year round. The creamy, moisturising lotion is perfect for keeping your skin beautiful and soft, whilst adding a healthy bronze colour to it for a natural looking glow, perfect during the winter months. You can gradually build a soft tan within a few days whilst deeply nourishing the skin. It also smells of chocolatey deliciousness, leaving you smelling good enough to eat!

Luscious Lips

Beautyessentialspic3 result
Picture Credit:

We all know the feeling of chapped and cracked lips that come during the colder months where it feels like nothing will make them feel moist again. It is so important to invest in a balm that will actually work.

Tip: Although Vaseline is used worldwide, it is actually just like applying a thick layer of oil on top of the lip which your pores are unable to absorb. So, while it may feel moisturising, it is in fact, doing absolutely nothing apart from clogging the pores which, if used on the skin, can cause spots. It is also extremely greasy and if worn in the sun will fry your lips like oil in a chip pan.

Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm contains honey and other quality oils that that protect your lips as well as repair damage. For intense action, you can use as a lip mask by applying a thick layer to the lips before bed which will repair the lips during the night then top up in the morning to hydrate for the day.

A dark lip is the perfect way to make a seasonal statement. No Christmas makeup look would be complete without a deep red lip. If you don’t fancy doing a dramatic eye, then a dark lip is the perfect alternative. Although red is the most popular, why not try a deep plum for a super beautiful autumnal look.

MAC have a huge variety of lipsticks ranging from nudes to daring darks. They also come in three different formulas (matte, satin and creamy) to suit your style and preference. This is also great if you have dry lips, as the creamy lipstick will not dry them out further.


We can often forget about the importance of the health of our hair focusing on just our skin. With the essential expenses of Christmas presents and good skin care, the though of spending more money on hair care is understandably off-putting. No need to worry, you can make a DIY hair treatment that will work just as well.

Try a mixture of avocado and coconut oil for silky smooth hair and extra shine. The avocado contains oils and proteins that will smooth the hair and create shine, and the coconut oil is great for penetrating deep into the hair shaft for intense moisturization.

Heat the coconut oil in the microwave untill it melts into a pouring liquid. Stir in crushed avocado to create a paste and then work into the roots, through to the ends. Leave in for a few hours or overnight for extra intensity.

This treatment is sure to protect your hair from the dry winter winds.

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Jason Collier Celebrity hairstylist talks with Sparkle PR about hair trends, aw18, anti-ageing your locks, creating a look in 5 mins, banishing grease, celebrity style and the question you should always ask your stylist, and much more.

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