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Hair care From Salon Science

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My hair texture is fine, professionally highlighted, tends to dry out on the ends and its naturally curly, with a tendency to frizz and fly out in all directions.

I’ve been using both products for over a week now. I only used small amount of mousse to start with but slightly larger amount that suggested on the packaging works better with my fine hair. Both products work best when used together, however the mousse worked best on my towel dried hair, after I brushed it. After I dried my hair I used small amount of oil to smooth the waves.

Overall, I am pretty impressed by both products – hair stays nice silky texture for about two days without the need for washing and the ends aren’t drying out. The hair keeps its shape and there is no uncontrollable frizzing. I only needed to use a bit of the serum in the morning to get the hair under control without having to wash it again. I prefer both products to similar hair products that I’ve been using so far.

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Both products can be purchased from Boots - Salon Science Cellumax Volumising Foam PhytoCellTec Swiss Apple 150ml - 17.00 and Salon Science Reglosse Smoothing Serum GSP-T Swiss Grape 50ml - 18.00

Writtten by Trashy Blonde

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Saturday, 20 July 2013 14:04

How to get A-List hair at home?

Olivia Palermo borrows Kate Moss's style. Both looking understated glam at two separate events, Electric Hair client Olivia Palermo who reaches for Mark Woolley Electric Hair founder's aid in her hair transformations whilst she's in London has taken inspiration from none other than British icon Kate Moss. Olivia who is usually seen with her hair in an up-do or a big glam blow-out has sported a style similar to Kate Moss, the centre swept-do Kate has always been a fan of 'it's a very 90's thing to do and with fashion taking it's inspiration from that era be it the Haim sisters, Kristen Stewart to Iggy Azalea this understated look is simple to achieve' Mark shares his how to tips below to achieve the look!

What you will need: Electric Hair P-4 Preparation Spray £15.50

Step One

Work some Electric Hair P-4 Preparation Spay £15.50 into damp hair for gloriously soft locks and create a parting roughly with your fingers, not a comb, for a more natural 'undone' feel.

Step Two

Lightly spritz some hairspray onto the bristles of a Denman D3 Classic Styling Brush and at the back of the crown, gently backcomb at the roots. The trick here is to separate the top layers of the hair first and then backcomb the under layers, gently smoothing the top layer to give the illusion of natural volume and shape.

Step Three

Using the styling brush, blow dry small sections, no more than an inch wide, in semi-circular motions to create voluminous shape to frame the face. Be sure to keep these strands separated when blow drying as this ensures a dishevelled result.

Step Four

After working through the hair, lightly spritz the finished style with L'Oreal Gloss Control Spray (£8. 50, www. electric-hair. com) to add a luxurious sheen. Finally, tease and twist the ends of the hair with your fingers to create definition within the layers that should easily take you from day to night.

For further details on Mark Woolley, Electric London, 29 Thayer Street, London, W1U 2QW or any other salons in the Electric group view the website www. electric-hair. com

Available: electric-hair.com, Harvey Nichols, Fortnum & Mason

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013 20:48

KMS California Presents Hair's Holiday Romance

KMS California, the much-loved professional hair experts have just unveiled this summer's ultimate travel companion for your hair - Jet Set Kits (RRP £15.95).
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Thursday, 15 November 2012 19:14

Alesha Dixon - hooked on Mixed Chicks

Mixed Chicks – a revolutionary hair care brand for curly hair launched in 2004 in the US and has gained an army of celebrity fans across the pond.
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Thursday, 25 October 2012 13:21

Flair for Natural Hair

'Team natural' has been the recurring trend for afro-hair, used by advocates (both professional and amateur) for healthy hair. Many believe that chemically relaxed hair has been an age-old way of trying to westernise the African woman, creating an illusion of a self-image that is not authentic. On the other hand, some disagree saying that this trend is just another fashion fad that has come back as a trend, just like the 60s' and 80s' 'goggle-like glasses'.

Whilst this may be a heated debate, a few things run through my mind as I question this topic of 'natural' hair. If the purpose is truly to promote healthiness and self-confidence, why has the goodness of natural hair been hidden from the 'center' of the media (i.e. Youtube) world until now? It may just have turned viral thanks to a few Youtube celebrity make-up tutorials, which was then imitated by individuals who now 'teach' from their bedrooms. Is this just another example of a celebrity-led and endorsed world? Solange for example has made the natural look (afro) the 'must-have' look. I'm not sure where natural hair-care products would be today if she had continued to parade in slick, long hair from one cover photo to the next. We can't forget that celebrities are being paid to endorse a look- which is maintained by personal stylists, taking away the pain and time of actually looking after tough hair (or weave). So why go through all the aches and time of actually maintaining tangle-endowed hair?

Either way, its interesting to note that it is a breakthrough era for Vogue and black super models who are no longer hiding behind excessive weaving and lace-wig buying. Suffice to say that Facebook, Youtube and twitter have made it easier for fashionistas, stylists and designers to know exactly what their consumers want. Information on hair care is easily accessible, everywhere and anywhere. As a social media user and as an African woman, I am persuaded that this is an authentic trend, reflecting a real need for self-confidence in one's identity, coupled with the right knowledge and application. Of course, there are certainly aesthetic and commercial elements of 'team-natural'. For all we know, this may have all stemmed from a research breakthrough by a hair care company, who is working endlessly to promote the goodness of natural hair- but unfortunately, I don't have the facts on this. We are definitely returning back to the 'natural African woman', and this time on a bigger platform.

Black models and hairstyles on Vogue Italia 

What is your view on the natural hair trend?
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Monday, 18 June 2012 10:30

The EdgeStick

The EdgeStick is one of the most versatile tools on the market.
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Thursday, 24 May 2012 16:58

Get The Gloss

ghd launches new glossy Limited Edition stylers.

This season's trend for all things prim and polished is calling out for hair just as ladylike. Think effortlessly groomed and glossy with a little bit of bounce, a pinch of swish and heap of healthy shine. 

Versace's take on the trend had its signature injection of va-va-voom, while Chloé opted for a more innocent feel. Give this look some salon-style polish in a few simple strokes with the new ghd IV Gloss Collection stylers the best hair products on the market right now. Available in two classic finishes, patent black and poppy red, this limited edition styler will smooth kinks while adding movement, creating that covetable expensive finish - Which will you pick?


The award winning ghd IV styler also features:
  1. Advanced ceramic heater technology: for beautiful, smooth shiny hair.
  2. Professional 2.7 metre swivel cord: allows for easy styling.
  3. Sleep mode: heaters automatically switch off if not used for 30 minutes.
  4. Universal voltage: for optimum performance wherever you travel.
Technique for the trend – Get the gloss

To get the right blend of bounce and smoothness, spritz ghd Style Root Lift Spray (£12.95), into roots before blow-drying hair in sections with the ghd Ceramic Vented Radial Brush. If you're pushed for time, tip your head upside down and rough-dry, smoothing through with the ghd Paddle Brush as you go. Once dry, working in sections about 4cm wide, place the ghd IV gloss styler, at the root and pull the hair up and away from your head. As you approach the end of the section, turn the styler in towards you as you move through to the ends. Once all the hair has been smoothed, brush through with the ghd Paddle Brush and finish with a fine mist of ghd Style Final Shine Spray (£9.95) which is super light and will allow the style to retain its bounce.

This post is brought to you by our friends at ghd
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Sleek Hair Nigeria launches 'Red Reception' special offer: 50% off all weaves and hair until 15 Feb!
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Monday, 24 October 2011 14:33

Caribbean Collection

Four new island inspired styles from Hair by Sleek’s Crazy 4 Curls rangeThe Caribbean Collection in 100% human hair.
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Tuesday, 18 October 2011 23:30

the ponytail is here to stay

Judging by these backstage snaps from the SS shows the ponytail trend is here to stay.

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