It started on the screens, then on the socials, and it carried on and on: influencers and celebrity influencers have been shaping our purchasing decisions for quite a long time, but the scenario seems to be changing.

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De-influencing: the trend taking social media by storm is a real countermovement. If social media were your go-to place for shopping recommendations, now you will see the other way around but what does it really mean?

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Thursday, 19 January 2023 19:28

The biggest Gen Z shopping trends of 2023

2023 is officially here. A new year brings with it new opportunity as we all set out our goals for the 12 months ahead. These opportunities extend to fashion brands, who are (or at least should be) primed to seize this moment and evolve their businesses by connecting with their ever-evolving consumer audiences.

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Thursday, 28 October 2021 11:09

Meggan Grubb x Bo+Tee

Youtuber and Fitness Influencer, Meggan Grubb launches her latest collection with Oh Polly’s sister brand Bo+Tee to bring you this season’s hottest sportswear collab.

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Friday, 18 December 2020 09:44

Revealed: The Top 10 Irish Influencers

We're living in an age where celebrity status is no longer confined to traditional 'celebrities'.

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The BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association) launches a new competition focused on the influencer marketing industry.
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Thursday, 15 August 2019 14:12

Steal their Style & Make It Your Own

Inspiration for influencers 1 result
Photo by Nicole De Khors

Influencer marketing has seen massive success over the past few years, with both global brands and startups using it to promote their business. At the same time, the influencers who are behind the tremendous success are quickly becoming one of the best sources of inspiration for millions of people who are obsessed with their fabulous fashion styles.

Fashion influencers not only alert us to exciting new designers but also give us ideas for some fabulous outfits and accessories. If you’re looking for inspiration from influencers, here’s how you can steal their style and make it your own.

It’s All About the Details

They say that how you look on the outside is a direct reflection of who you are on the inside. So, what you wear should match your attitude. Most influencers embrace a free-spirited, adventurous, and eccentric fashion style that is defined by small and unique details. Whether you’re a modern hippie, a party girl, a plain Jane, or a low-key dresser, you don’t have to spend too much time overthinking your outfits to look hip.

To stand out, pay more attention to the small details. Pick something that speaks for itself. For instance, if you love cute casual, maxi, or short dresses, you could choose one with colorful prints, ruffles, or unique embroidery. Just keep in mind that the louder the dress looks, the simpler your makeup should be. The goal is to stand out with one stylish focal element. 

Let Your Accessories Make a Statement

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Photos by Godisable JacobSamantha Hurley & Anıl Görkem Özşan

With so many bold accessory trends on catwalks and fashion stores, choosing accessory pieces that make a statement can sometimes be a huge challenge. But with influencers seemingly able to create magic from any accessory, it doesn’t hurt to find some inspiration from some of your favorite fashion influencers. Instead of relying on your clothes to make a statement, picking cleverly curated accessories can easily elevate simple attire to a stylish look.

Accessories are key to stylish dressing. Uniquely designed pieces like a gold-tone necklace, a clear tone bracelet, or a luxury watch featuring gorgeous mother-of-pearl dials are all great accessories that bring a high-fashion flair to any outfit. There’s a delight that fine accessories can bring to your overall look. Be an expert observer of how your favorite influencers accessorize.

Embrace Your Body Type

Fashion influencers have one thing in common: they embrace who they are, including their body type. We’re always excited to see how people interpret specific designs so we can try them out, but what you choose to wear should be something you’re comfortable with. Take a quick peek at your favorite fashion influencers, and you’ll realize they’re not afraid to try something new.

What matters is picking something that flatters your body type. From bold designs to lots of colors, and even classic fashion, there’s always a fuss-free way to look stylish without looking like you tried to put too much effort into it. If you’re dark-skinned, creating that chic look you desire is even easier when you choose the right hairstyle for your outfit.

Sharp and Well-Fitted Tailoring Rocks

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Photo by Sarah Pflug

Sharp tailoring is the one fashion style that manages to rock for both men and women. From uber-hip mums to stylish men, going for well-fitted tailoring allows you to easily move between different styles without looking boring. Even the simplest jeans and shirt combo can look amazing so long as the tailoring and fitting of each fashion piece are done perfectly.

Find an Exciting New Influencer

If you’re curious about the fashion influencers you should be following, there are so many of them to check out, including Nicolette Mason, Jenn Im, Chiara Ferragni, Bryan Yambao, and Susanna Lau, as well as other new trendsetting influencers with styles all their own. Rock an influencer style you admire and inject more fun into your outfits with these simple fashion tips.

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5 Top Fashion Bloggers Share Their Best Packing Tips

It’s time to prepare for your next Insta-perfect holiday spot, but you’d gladly skip the entire packing process, right? If only you could just teleport yourself to that honey-hued beach, snap your fingers for a cool cocktail to appear in your hand, and enjoy the sound of the crashing waves. Alas, we first need to get you there, preferably with all the right essentials to keep your skin, your style, and your sanity intact.

Once again, when you have such a conundrum, it’s best to turn to the ladies who have mastered the art of self-care, especially for these on-the-go moments. For this occasion, let’s see what some of the most ingenious fashion bloggers have to say to simplify and streamline your packing process, so that you’ll have everything you need for a stress-free vacation!

Think In Outfits By Lindsey

Think in outfits by Lindsey

We’re all tempted to bring every single favorite tee that we own together with every breezy skirt that will give us the comfort we need. But there aren’t enough suitcases in the world to bring your entire wardrobe, and you should stay practical. Or, as Lindsey Holland would put it, pack in outfits! If you don’t, you risk bringing too many items you won’t wear and missing out on those you could actually put to good use.

Take some time to bring out some of your favorite clothes, and then try to combine them into outfits that will fit the purpose and the destination of your vacation. If you’re going to a tropical spot, there’s no need for that oversized coat, right? Pack layers and of course, pick color-coordinated outfits that you can mix and match.

Neutrals Are Your Friends By Cristin 

Neutrals are your friends by Cristin result

Who knew that some day you’d actually look forward to packing a pair of beige sandals instead of those boho floral ones? However, if you want your outfits to have more combo power, then you need to use simple additions such as neutral shoes and bags to easily go with everything else that you pack in that suitcase.

The queen of all things effortless, Cristin Cooper, swears by this particular approach precisely because it gives you so much wiggle room to adapt to any situation, unplanned evening event, or simply give you plenty of comfort during the day. Of course, pack a dressy heel as well as those wedges and flats for everyday explorations, so that you can still stay true to your style!

Don’t Forget Your Beach Outfits By Sarah

Dont forget your beach outfits by Sarah result

If you’ve worked very hard during the year to ditch those carbs and sculpt that physique of yours, you definitely need to think carefully about what you’ll pack for the beach. Sarah Mikaela is all about authenticity and self-expression, so if you are confident, and you like enjoying that warm wind, why not match the outfit to your mood?

For starters, timeless triangle swimwear is a perfect foundation for that beach-perfect look, which you can then upgrade with the right accessories and hairstyle. A colorful swimsuit can look wonderfully with a long-sleeved linen shirt or a breezy dress, while Roman-style sandals and a statement piece of jewelry can speak volumes of your love for fashion. And please, don’t forget that sunscreen!

Cherish Your Skin On The Go By Adelina

Cherish your skin on the go by Adelina result

Fashion-loving globetrotters always need to take special care of their pores. The stress of travel alone is enough to play havoc on your complexion, while skipping hydration can be disastrous enough that no concealer could ever help. Enter: Adelina-approved skincare for your travel adventures, perfectly simple, but equally purposeful to keep your skin radiant and healthy. After all, no selfie can be truly Insta-perfect if you’re trying to mask a massive zit.

As she points out, it’s key to prepare for the specific climate you’re traveling to, so as not to choose products that are either too light to help or too heavy to clog your pores. Moisturizers and serums are always a perfect go-to duo, but make sure to also pack specific items that will suit your pores.

Functional And Stunning Accessories By Rachel

Functional and stunning accessories by Rachel result

Just like with that favorite hoodie or your most beloved cardigan, you cannot possibly bring your entire collection of baubles with you. This is why Rachel emphasizes the use of minimal jewelry that will be as practical as those neutral shoes and as easy to match as those outfits you’ve come up with.

If you mostly wear clean, simple clothes, then you can use your accessory box to add some vibrancy to your look and opt for a single statement piece and a few smaller, colorful items. However, also remember to pack sunglasses, a hat to keep you sun-safe and stylish, and a durable but beautiful bag for all those sightseeing hours. Combine function with form, and you’re good to go!

There’s no need to abandon your sense of fashion while you’re on the go. Use these fashion bloggers’ tips to make sure you’ve packed the right essentials, and every single photo you take will be a perfectly composed piece of art for your Instagram feed!

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The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Influencer In Your Life result
Image Source - Unspash

These days, if you’re not an influencer, chances are you have at least one in your life. It’s a pretty tempting and interesting hobby that can turn into a lucrative job. That’s why so many stylish people, people who love to travel, those who know how to write or are amazing makeup artists have turned their focus from something else and opted for a career change. So, if you want to show appreciation for the person who is always giving you fashion and lifestyle advice, give them something related to their job. If you’re feeling lost, that’s totally okay.

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate gift, so you never make a mistake again. After all, a bad gift is worse than no gift at all.

If You’re Feeling Generous

If youre feeling generous result
Image Source - Unspash

Those amazing photos they post don’t just come out of thin air. There is a lot of equipment and editing involved, so make sure to subtly enquire how happy the person is with their camera or lens. If they express dissatisfaction, do a little research and find the best camera for their needs and get it for them. You have no idea how much this will mean to them. Seriously, the camera is crucial for their job, and they will love you forever for this gift.

If You Want To Be Practical

If you want to be practical result
Image Source - Unspash

Influencers are constantly glued to their phones. They either post stories, IGTV videos and even Instagram posts. No wonder their phone’s battery life is so short and everywhere they go they look for a place to ‘plug in’. Well, if you want to lend your influencer a helping hand, you will get them the strongest power bank there is. This way, they can safely scroll, post, answer messages and check their comments without worrying about running out of ‘juice’. You will be seen as a real life-saver.

If You’re Not Fashion Or Beauty-savvy

If youre not fashion or beauty savvy result
Image Source - Unspash

It’s completely normal that you don’t know what the hottest bag or shoe or even makeup brand is this season. You’re not the one checking out every fashion show and following all the fashion Instagram accounts – you’re pardoned. Therefore, if you want to do something nice but are completely clueless, simply get your influencer a memorable prepaid Visa card. This way, you’re not giving them money per se, you’re giving a kind of a gift card, which has a lot more warmth to it. By doing this, you’re giving them the chance to buy what they have been craving and not something you randomly picked out. Don’t get us wrong, you may have great taste, but they are influencers for a reason; they are rarely impressed, but they definitely will be by this savvy move.

If You’re A Genius

If youre a genius result
Image Source - Unspash

You may not know this, or perhaps you even do, but influencers love a good #flatlay photo. They work very hard to set up each detail that will wind up on Instagram, so one of the things you can do is get them a yearly subscription to Vogue magazine. It doesn’t seem like the most creative gift, but trust us, sometimes a cover page of Vogue can save an entire pic. You will be the hero who saves #flatlay, and more than that, you will show that you are actually interested in what the person in your life does and loves.

If It’s Staring You In The Face

If its staring you in the face result
Image Source - Unspash

Let’s face it, every influencer loves a designer something. It can be a wallet, a bag, a belt with the brand’s logo or even a pair of shoes. When it comes to designer goods, especially accessories, there is essentially no way you can do it wrong. A Gucci or a Carolina Herrera belt will make her scream with happiness, and if your budget allows you, check out some of the trendiest bags of the season and snag one of them. She will literally be the happiest girl on the planet. We promise you this.

Everything Newest

Everything newest result
Image Source - Unspash

In order to get this one, you would have to be obsessed with makeup, and you’re probably not. That is why we are here.

You see, influencers are supposed to have all the new makeup launches first, and if yours isn’t already on PR lists, she has to snag them herself. This is where you come in. One of the newest things all beauty gurus are buzzing about is the Cherry collection by Urban Decay. This is a great gift, especially for fall and winter as all the colors are very warm and season-appropriate. Then, there are tons of new releases from one of the hottest brands of the day – Fenty Beauty. You can get her the new Gloss Bomb in shimmering pearl, one of the new Stunna lip paints and the Diamond Bomb highlighter. She has to show off her look using only the newest products, so surprise her with the knowledge you have on makeup and grab these goodies. Don’t worry, we won’t tell we gave you the skinny.

Shopping for an influencer can be difficult, but that’s why you have us. Hopefully, we have you covered for the next couple of birthdays and important anniversaries. Good luck, shop smart!

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