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Mother's Day Gifting Suggestions

Mother's Day celebrations can be dated all the way back to the ancient cultures of Greece and Rome. In both cultures, mother goddesses were worshipped during the springtime with various religious festivals. Evidence of a Roman festival celebrated in mid-March has been found, in order to honour the Roman goddess Magna Mater, or Great Mother. In later years, as Christianity spread throughout Europe, the celebration of the "Mother Church" replaced the pagan tradition of honouring mythological goddesses, and the fourth Sunday in Lent became known as Mothering Sunday, and was originally a celebration of the mother church, gradually moving towards showing appreciation for our 'earthly' mothers with gifts and flowers as time moved on. [Source]

the hk photo company f1GJZNOzk2I unsplash result Raimond Klavins, Unsplash

This Mother's Day marks a year of the UK being in the grip of Covid19, and although children will be back in school, the majority of the UK will still be in lockdown, and it may be difficult to meet up with our mothers again this year.

Fashions Finest has come up with a few online gift ideas, if you are unable to pop round with flowers or a bottle of wine, or invite your Mother, Aunt or Grandmother out for a meal. 

Something To Bling 

Irish Jewellery

blair 1309321 result
Blair & Co. Irish Jewellery Company has launched a limited edition Ó Necklace, a beautifully unique gift for families and friends to send a token of love and care to Irish family home or abroad.

This unique gift, perfect for any Irish lady, is a gold plated sterling silver pendant necklace in the shape of Ireland with a heart in the centre. Alongside the pendant is a moleskin pocket, elegant branded jewellery box and even free gift wrapping too.

Also included is a gift card with a very apt quote by famous Irish poet Michael Hartnett: “We moved along the scale, living our own lives, separate but never split.” For the right woman, this beautiful piece of Jewellery will strike just the right tone this Mother’s Day.

Available online for the price of 129 euros (Approx. £110) 

A Little Button

Gift for Mum Mothers Day Gift Silver Button Necklace with Quote Little Button Necklace Gift for Mom 513038297 9568 800x800 result
The offer these beautiful and cute necklaces she will love to receive this Mothers Day.

This little solid pure silver handmade button with an 18 inch sterling silver fine curb chain is pretty and dainty. These minimalist necklaces are boxed and presented with a quote saying; "Mums are like buttons, they hold everything together"

The necklace arrives beautifully packaged and ready for gifting, and are available to buy online for £44.00 

Something To Accessorize 

A Scarf

Screen Shot 2021 02 16 at 09.00.54 result
If the superwoman you are gifting this year enjoys dressing for the occasion, 1 People have confidently handled slow fashion fit for every occasion. All their clothing and accessories are made from materials that are mindful of people and the planet. 

For something both special and also on-trend, 1 People have launched a limited edition range of stylish and chic scarves that pay homage to the empowering efforts of various women who have done so much for society over the years, including  Jane Goodall, RA Kartini,  Amelia Earhart, Maya Angelou, Rachel Carson and Wangari Maathai.

Paying close attention to detail each unique pattern boasts an array of flattering and feminine illustrations and tones. Perfect for adding flair to your bag handle, tying around ponytails and wrists, knotting lightly around your neck or covering your shoulders.

All collections are made with love, and super durable - 1 People offers a three-year warranty as well! What's more is for every product sold, 40% is donated to the charity Business for Planet.

Available online from £69.00

Tote Bag

the birches bags result
The Birches in blue by littleclyde

Red Bubble is an Australian company specialising in unique ways to give independent artists the ability to sell their creations. Here you can buy beautiful, quirky and uncommon art on different products.

The tote bags are beautifully designed with all kinds of images, paintings and quotes, printed on both sides of the bag. They would be a fab present for a lady of any age this Mother's Day.  

Red Bubble make the bags available to order in three sizes, and are made with various materials, from polyester to cotton. They are also machine washable for ease of use. 

Find your favourite design online with prices starting at £10.00 and shipping available all over the world.

Something To Eat

A Taste Of Heaven

lewis 1314804 result
Lewis and Baker, Family bakery since 1890 offers this Large Mother's Day G&T Blondie

Gin and Tonic blondie, a delicious white chocolate blondie with a delicate lemon flavour and topped with a gin and tonic frosting, finished with white chocolate drops and rose petals. All wrapped up in a convenient traybake so that she can divide how she chooses. A real crowd pleaser, perfect for Mother's Day. Comes beautifully boxed and with and a personalised gift message.

Other flavours and sizes are available also. Available to order online for £19.99 

A Hug In A Hamper

cartwright 1311088 result
If you are wanting to give your loved one a big hug but can’t be with them this Mother's Day, this gift could be perfect for you. Send a delicious selection of indulgent sweet treats from Cartwright and Butler. The ‘Send a Hug Gift Set’ contains an array of wonderful indulgencies including Butter Oat Crumbles, Chocolate Wafer Crispies, Fudge, Fruity & sweet Honey with Strawberries, and a bottle of Bottega Rosé to complete the hug.

Presented in a stylish grey box complete with black ribbon and a pink sleeve featuring the words “with love”, the gift is the perfect gesture to show her that you care, even though you can't be with her this Mother's Day. 

Available online for £35.00 

However you decide to tell her you love her or miss her this Mother's Day, remember that the day is about honouringthe important role that women play in our lives. Even if you only have one or two people you may send a gift to, think about all of the women who have had a positive impact on your life so far and send a card or text to let them know why you appreciate them. It will be happily received, and help you to reflect on the positivity in your life as we begin to move out of lockdown, and back into more normality.

Enjoy your day.

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A Conscious Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

A Conscious Gift Guide for Mothers Day resultPicture Source: Unsplash

For those who love the holiday season, the art and science of shopping for gifts for their loved ones is a treat and a pleasure. For others, however, the trouble of finding that perfect present might be more of a burden. You want to discover something unique, purposeful, something that the person for whom it is intended will love and genuinely use. Alas, the sheer volume of choices can be overwhelming, so you find yourself stuck with the typical selection of Christmas sweaters, a box of chocolates for Valentine’s Day, and a bottle of her favorite wine for Mother’s Day – a safe, albeit mundane choice.

Why not leave your gift-giving comfort zone and choose something that is in line with your mum’s values? If your mother loves a gift that will make a difference and bring more than material, but spiritual value into their life, you can aim for such a present for this year. Here are a few worthy options to keep in mind for the motherly figure in your household!

The Socks That Keep On Giving

The socks that keep on giving resultPicture Source: Unsplash

Did you know that socks are the least donated item to the homeless, hence one of the most items needed across the US and wider? It turns out that you don’t have to stick to traditional design if you want to make this particular purchase. You can go for brands such as Mitscoots that make and sell gorgeous socks and other gear, and then donate items in the same value to those who need them most.

Plus, they go above and beyond to aid the community by hiring the transitioning homeless people. Alternatively, Conscious Step has other versatile contributions such as using their profits to provide treatment for HIV-positive expectant mothers, schoolbooks through Room to Read, and meals for starving children.

Add Some Sparkle With Ethical Makeup

Add some sparkle with ethical makeup resultPicture Source: Unsplash

Your mum loves to use makeup? You can easily surprise her with a little gift bag of your own this Mother’s Day, with items that are vegan, cruelty-free, and made sustainably to avoid harming Mother Nature – a perfect way to send the right message.

Axiology makes natural organic lipstick that still pops, so the aesthetics of their products loses no luster to their ethical measures. Other brands offer an equally stunning range of beauty items, so take your pick and impress the mom in your home!

Haircare With A Green Twist

Haircare with a green twist resultPicture Source: Unsplash

Wherever you look, there’s yet another beauty brand with glitzy products perfectly alluring and simple to procure for the inexperienced shopper. Still, these are the perfect proof that all that glitters isn’t gold, and that you should refine your search and opt for brands with higher ambitions to heal the planet.

For example, organic and natural hair wax by Zenz uses only certified organic ingredients that cause zero harm to the environment, and that will provide ample goodness for your mom’s locks without causing any damage. The founder herself had trouble with allergies caused by the chemicals in typical hair products, inspiring her to create a label that will help women style their hair in a natural way. With ingredients such as aloe vera, essential oils, and beeswax, your mom’s hair and scalp will love the treatment.

A Handmade Purse

A handmade purse resultPicture Source: Unsplash

If your mom is a great supporter of recycling and upcycling, then you can give her a long-lasting gift this Mother’s Day that is made with those precise principles in mind. Crossbody purses by Dagne Dover are as beautiful as their ethical efforts, while Cult Gaia uses natural materials such as wood in their bag-making processes.

You can also easily find brands that don’t use fur or support any other form of animal cruelty, while their creations are still lovely and up to par with the latest trends. It’s yet another wonderful way to express your appreciation of her style preferences, while you also treat her to something she likely wouldn’t buy on her own, and you can always easily check so as not to get the same one she already owns.

Responsible Apparel Brands

Responsible apparel brands resultPicture Source: Unsplash

Fast fashion is one of the greatest culprits of the climate crisis, and we can all make smarter decisions when we want to make our loved ones happy. Look for slow-fashion brands, those that give back, recycle, support different organizations, steer clear of water waste or toxic pollutants in their production lines, and the like.

Levi’s Water<Less Collection uses over 90% less water to make their jeans, making this a true leap forward in the industry. You can also look for other factors such as using organic cotton, recycled materials, and no harmful chemicals.

Finding the perfect gift is no easy task, but you can make the search a little easier when you keep your values in mind. Consider these gifts for your upcoming Christmas shopping list, and not only will you make your loved ones happy, but you’ll also help your purchases make a difference for the world.
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Mothers Day Gift Selection

the hk photo company 661959 unsplash result
Photo by Unsplash

Mothering Sunday in the UK is observed on the fourth Sunday of Lent. Traditionally, it was a day when children who had left home to work were given a day off to visit their home town or village, and spend some time with their family.

Centuries ago, in a very religious United Kingdom, it was considered important for people to return to their home or 'mother' church once a year. So each year everyone would visit the main church or cathedral of the area where they were born or brought up. For this reason, most historians think that it was the return to the 'Mother' church which led to the tradition of children, particularly those working as domestic servants and apprentices and living away from home, being given the day off to visit their mother and family. It became usual to pick wild flowers along their journey to present to their mother, or at the church.

These old religious ideas have contributed to our current tradition of spending time with, and giving gifts to mothers, grandmothers, aunts and sisters – those who have had a caring role in our lives as we have grown up.

As is common at every gift giving time of year, the question of what to buy is uppermost in everyone’s minds – and not least here at Fashions Finest Headquarters! As usual we have searched for some beautiful, creative and interesting gifts and ideas for Mothers and care givers everywhere to enjoy and cherish.

Say It With Silk:

003961526 john lewis silk scarf result

A beautiful silk scarf is a thoughtful, and timeless gift, for any age woman. There are so many styles to choose from, and you can easily find something in her favourite colours.

John Lewis has a great many styles of silk scarves to choose from in their collection, with prices varying.

The Gift Of The Glow:

11869619 5294631757254880mio glow goals collection result
The Hut Group

Help your mother achieve her glow goals with this exclusive collection of Mio's bodycare essentials. Mio’s body glow kit will amplify her natural radiance, enhance the health and vitality of her skin, and give her skin what it needs to be as strong as she is.
The beautifully presented pack contains four Mio minis and a full size Body Brush for £32.00 with free delivery available.

Great Scents:

Missguided Babe Dreams result

Missguided’s fragrance Babe Dreams is the delicate and ‘dreamy’ feminine scent of sweet chypre scent, cushioned by a base of patchouli, rich amber and vanilla. The heart is an infusion of velvety rose with orris and violet whilst the top notes compliment with bergamot, pink pepper and red fruity accords.

A great gift for her in spring and summer, because of it’s lightness and slightly sweet scent.

Available From The Fragrance Shop from £8.00

Hair Care:

PuffMe result

Design.Me has come up with a complete hair care and styling range to ensure she has no more bad hair days…ever!

From sprays that allow her to blow-dry in half the time, and afford super volume, to treatments that will keep her luscious locks conditioned and shiny, she will love the gift of enhancing her hair care routine!

Available at Sally Beauty from £9.95


Radiate Beauty:

hana cream20g 1 result

Give her the gift of radiance! J.ONE HANA skin cream, from South Korea is perfectly portioned in spherical capsules for ease of use, and formulated with the super-powered antioxidant - Nobel Prize-winning ingredient ‘fullerene’.

The cream works to help neutralise skin-damaging free radical activity while nourishing with a blend of macadamia and sunflower oils. Fullerene acts to visually plump and brighten the appearance of skin, while concentrated peptides work to visibly firm the skin for a toned, glowing appearance.

Available from Boots online or instore, with prices starting at £22.00

Youthful Skin:

Daytox Facial Tonic result

DAYTOX is a great gift to keep her skin looking and feeling as youthful as she does, and Daytox gradually helps to detoxify the skin and restore its fresh appearance. This is thanks to a combination of clinically tested active detoxifying substances, medicinal plants and precious oils that stimulate and support cell renewal.

Available from Amazon £18.00

Bags Of Love:

download debenhams bag picture result

Help her to refresh her accessories with this stylish grab bag, available to buy from Debenhams department stores or online, at £39.00.

Finished in grained faux leather, it features multiple compartments for all her essentials and adjustable grab handles too. With this beautiful tan - brown leather material, this type of gift will stand the test of time.

Flower Power:

christopher martyn 1340029 unsplash result
Photo by Unsplash

A bunch of flowers say I love you just as well as any gift, and even the humble daffodil can brighten up a room with its bright and sunny colour and mellow scents.

If you want to splash out on flowers, then online companies such as interflora can do same day deliveries for Mother’s day, and offer some stunning bouquets!

Lovely Bubbly:

luxury personalised champagne happy mothers day mum c result

Give the gift of a personalised bottle of bubbly for mother’s day, and help that hard working lady to relax and unwind with a glass of something special. You can make the message as sweet or as funny as you like, and it’s a great way of showing you have put a lot of thought into her gift.

Available from for £34.99, with next day delivery available!

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