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Bibi Sakalieva

Bibi Sakalieva- BS is a new brand created by Bulgarian designer Biliana Sakalieva.

For many years, the designer worked for another brand, but it so happened that her life took a different direction, and she stopped working in the fashion industry. She moved to the United Kingdom, trying to make a fresh start in her life. She enrolled to study business and graduated with honours, but fashion haunted her constantly. Accordingly, she decided that working in an office was not for her and could apply what she had learned in business school by creating her brand, so Bibi Sakalieva-BS was born. Now she is timidly trying to step on the catwalk again, and we look forward to each of her collections because she has an unusual style. The brand offers exclusive ready-made models that bring a sense of luxury and style.

The brand's mission is to make every woman feel special and unique.

In her photo shoots, the designer does not use professional models because she wants to show all women that you do not need to have model measurements to look like a model. Bibi Sakalieva's message is that every woman can be stunning and fabulous.

About The Collection

In this new collection, Bibi Sakalieva combines lace with a first-class elastic georgette, making greater comfortable to wear. The exclusive line is for women who like to be stylish anytime. The design is suitable for daytime and evening or special events such as weddings or parties. We know how valuable time is today and how we have to go to an important meeting at the last moment, so Bibi Sakalieva creates a line to meet the needs of the modern working woman. The materials in the collection are high quality and resistant to long-term treatment so that you will keep this garment in your wardrobe for a long time.

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