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8 Ways Fashion Brands Can Be More Size-Inclusive

‘Plus-size’ has gained over 32 billion views on TikTok and the plus-size market a compound annual growth rate of 5.7%*. These simple figures suggest how being more size-inclusive is becoming a market goal but also a social necessity.

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Wednesday, 13 October 2021 10:46

Radiqal Tat SS22: Positive Otherness And Escapism

Radiqal Tat, a London-based brand headed by artist-come-designer Veronica Fox, debuted its collection with Fashions Finest on the 18th of September as part of LFW.

DSCF4241 resultPhotographer Mikey San

Featuring only plus-sized models, Radiqal Tat opened Fashions Finest’s LFW show. The explosive beat of ‘90s house music marked the beginning of the event.

One by one, the models showcased Radiqal Tat's SS22 collection which combined mesh, foam padding, deconstructed sports tops, a classic pencil-skirt silhouette and a skin-tone palette.

Completing the look, the models were styled with vibrant peach-coloured wigs. The collection is committed to playing with conventional ideas of fashion. Opting for what Fox calls an “almost run-of-the-mill” look, with bits missing and “bits not quite covering what should be covered”, the collection successfully transports the spectator away from the everyday. 

Fox’s declaration of positive otherness and escapism in her work, she says was greatly inspired by '80s performance artist and maverick, Leigh Bowery, as well as Bowery’s collaborator dancer Michael Clark and designer duo BodyMap. All together they challenged the mainstream notions of fashionability through costume, music and movement.

Speaking to the event’s Creative Director, Tanya, she noted that the theme for the day was confidence and to ‘Bring the Fire’. Diversity in all forms was also key: 'Diversity is crucial because it opens up a different dimension to the world.' And Radiqal Tat certainly did this.

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Thursday, 30 September 2021 16:39

Oola - What The Fuller Figure Deserves And Demands

Style or comfort, we often have to choose one or the other when it comes to great fitting plus size underwear. 

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There is little denying that the fashion industry has had a toxic relationship with body image.

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Monday, 23 November 2020 14:27

New Seasons Styles from FatFace

We are loving the new seasons styles from FatFace. They range from pretty prints to snuggly loungewear, and focuses on building a wardrobe for winter that will take you from working at home, to cocktails on zoom, to your bedroom.

For this seasons looks FatFace teamed up with Cornwall based influencer Abee Hague aka @curves.and.campervans to select her favourite pieces and we are loving her choices.

Screenshot 2020 11 23 at 143844
1.Bonnie Berry Woodblock Midi Dress in Blush £59.50
2. Violet Lace 2 In 1 Top in Ivory £46
3. Rebekah Longline Jumper in Ochre £49.50
4. Teri Poppy Meadow Dress In Scarlet £46


Screenshot 2020 11 23 at 141828

5. Classic Stripe PJ Set in Chambray £55
6. Supersoft V Neck Rib Top in Mint £32
7. Penguin Jacquard Lounge Pants in Grey £32.50
8. Weston Soft Longline Roll Neck Top in Oatmeal £35
9. Weston Jogger in Oatmeal £36

Happy shopping with FatFace! Their sizes range from 6 to 22 on Women’s Fashion Stylesand they are offering free extended Christmas returns until 17th January on all orders

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Wednesday, 04 September 2019 09:30

9 Ways to Find Body Positivity When You're Plus Size

photo 1561057948 260744aab3d0 result
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Almost all of us, at some point in our lives have not liked our body or a particular part of it and have remained preoccupied and conscious about it.

We start hating our bodies and end up having eating disorders, health issues and low self-esteem and confidence. To avoid these ill effects, there is a new movement of body positivity. Being body positive is about accepting and celebrating all body types and sizes as beautiful. It’s all about loving your body despite stretch marks, sagging skin, acne, cellulite and achieving self-confidence. This movement is evident with the trends of many brands using plus-size models, clothing, mannequins and many other ways.

With being constantly reminded that we not good enough it’s very difficult to maintain body positivity. So, we have put together below some ways to feel good and positive about your body while being a plus size.

1. It’s All In The Mind

In order to embrace your body just the way it is, you have to start with the right mindset. What we think is what we become! Remember your body is a vehicle in which you have to travel in your entire life. So, you have to give it that love and nurturance. Avoid hating on your body and calling yourself names. Instead, whenever you feel like doing this, think of 1 thing you love about your body. In fact, every day you could practice gratitude, by stating 3 things you are grateful for. Be grateful you woke up, you have a working body, good health, etc. Embrace positivity and it will affect all areas of your life, even in terms of your body.

2. Wear Your Crown

Once you have got your clothing sorted, it is time to focus on your hairdo. Give yourself a little makeover. Did you know by just getting a haircut and styling your hair different, you can enhance your plus-size look. The best hairstyles for plus-size ladies with a round face are bobs, pixie cut, long layers, bangs, etc.

3. Detox Your Social Media

We are continuously bombarded with images of skinny models and actors all over the Internet. As much as you would like to, remember that these pictures are photoshopped and far from reality. Comparing yourself to others is being a thief of your own happiness. Instead of cursing yourself for your weight and feeling low, I would suggest you revamp your social media feeds. Follow people who actually believe in body positivity. Just google – ‘accounts for body positivity' and you have. This will have a drastic change in your outlook and your body image.

4. Ditch The Scales

When we are unhappy about our weight or when we are planning to lose weight, we have this tendency to keep weighing ourselves and taking our measurements. And then we get stressed about the weight we have gained and take drastic steps like strict diets, fasting, detox, etc. Ditch these habits of regularly checking your weight and in fact, do it as rarely as you can. This will reduce any stress related to your weight and also help develop a positive body image.

5. Swing In Style

This the most important piece of advice – wear what you love and want to wear. Do not let your weight be a barrier to your clothing preferences. Do not shy away from trying the latest trends. As long as you are comfortable and confident in what you wear, you can wear what you want. Develop your own style with the kind of person you are and your preferences and comforts.

Do not think that just because you’re a plus-size that you have to always hide your body in loose-fitted outfits. In fact, wear clothing that flatters your best features and your body type. You can find various charts and write-ups about what suites what body type. High waisted pants and simple layered outfits are ways to go.

A general rule to keep in mind is if you’re wearing a fitted top pair it with loose pants and if you wear a loose top, wear fitted trousers.

Also, in terms of size, many brands differ in their sizing so it is better you still try them out to see if it fits. In fact, a lot of brands now offer a great collection and style in plus-size garments.

6. Inside Out

Your outfit may be on point but something does not feel right. Invest in good inner-wear. Get a bra or underwear that fits you well and is comfortable. If you wish you could also invest in good shapewear. A nice sports bra, corset or shapewear can enhance and flatter your features. This is completely your choice. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable and feel good.

7.Get Inspired

It important for you to look up to people who have embraced their plus size and garnered body positivity. Read on their journey, how they made it to who they are. Look for outfit and hairstyle inspirations. Search quotes on body positivity. There will be days you feel shitty about your weight and the way you look; those days are when these inspirations will help you get over the negativity.

8. Make Some Pals

Do not surround yourself with people who put you down because of your weight and size. Try finding people who are positive and accept you for who you are. If possible, search for people who are plus-size and on the same journey of body positivity as you. In this way, you could form a small community where you could support and motivate each other.

9. Health Over Appearance

Accepting your plus size is important. But not doing anything about it, is not. Don’t just be a couch potato and say I am happy about my weight and everything is ok. This is not body positivity! Don’t use body positivity as an excuse for remaining obese. Remember being overweight has many health risks. So, give more importance to your health than your external appearance. Add some form of exercise to your daily routine. Choose something you enjoy and something that will make you feel

Love your body and cherish it!

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 10:32

Asquith Adds Size XXL To Activewear Collection

Asquith’s eco activewear collection for yoga, Pilates and living in, has now been expanded to include size XXL, a UK size 18-20, following a number of customer requests for larger sizes.

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Monday, 24 September 2018 09:49

Closing Catwalk Soiree SS19

An exciting collaborative showcase of music, garments, LFW models and real people of all shapes and sizes brining their own uniqueness to the catwalk during Fashions Finest SS19, 15th - 16th September 2018.


Louise Clark Design
John Hererra with Jewellery by Giebultowski
Maddy Stringer Design
Rose Red Couture
Rose Connor
Haus of Ra
A Star Is Born UK with hair accessories by Caivo

Styling Team: Lola Royle, Kim Able, David Johnson, Maryanne Alabi
Makeup Team: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists
Hair Team: R&Co
Nails: Julie Bryan
Photographer: Joanna Mitroi

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Monday, 12 March 2018 07:47

7 Flattering Styles For Plus Sized Women

It is not new to the society that people only see women as beautiful if they have skinny or shapely bodies.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016 08:40

Plus Size Styling At River Island

plus size styling tips
Embrace Color

If you prefer darker colors like black, gray and navy, because of the slimming effect, it is time to embrace color. So step out of your comfort zone and incorporate color pieces into your outfits.
riverisland 89158885361170 result

riverisland 891581262513905 result

Prints that flatter your figure

riverisland 891582096264049 result

riverisland 89158105032639 result

Do not over layer, even if you feel you need just one more layer to hide your shape, don’t. Keep it light, comfy and cute.

riverisland 891581055949381 result

riverisland 891581977010299 result

Do not be afraid of trends, so if the trend is off-the-shoulder, then wear it, nothing is stopping you.

riverisland 891581816122200 result

riverisland 89158294163465 result

Show off your best bits, so if it is your legs then flaunt it!!

riverisland 8915820306214441 result

riverisland 891582037286513 result

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