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Adidas x Gucci is finally here

The highly anticipated Adidas and Gucci collection has finally landed. It is a fact, you can finally ‘add to cart’ your favourite pieces from the collection but you better do it soon because so many of us have been waiting to see the beautiful designs and they will be sold out in no time.

Gucci store frontPh. Dima Pechurin (Unsplash)

Adidas and Gucci combine creative codes to make something uniquely new. Meet their new collection.

Everything started with rumours and pictures over social media and earlier this year both brands confirmed it was not a mirage but indeed a project in the making but - at long last - the day has come. As far as fashion collaborations go, this doesn’t even come close to a typical one. The lookbook features over 60 images, from the iconic Adidas Gazelle Sneakers stamped with the Gucci logo to the famous Gucci clogs with the three stripes front and centre.

Exploring The World Of Adidas And Gucci

The collection blends nostalgia and contemporary style, drawing inspiration from previous decades. If we take a look at the trends at the moment you’ll notice how much of them are influenced by the past. The collection is spot on - at the right time for the right audience. The lookbook includes both men and women streetwear. We're talking luxe hoodies, matching knit sets, and a hint of Gucci on your tracksuits. For those of you who love Tennis and Golf are in for a treat, you can scroll through the website and you are guaranteed to find something special for your next game. And if you are not a sports fan Adidas and Gucci have you covered. As well as athletic wear, the collection includes sophisticated separates such as flared trousers, pencil skirts, and triple-stripe dresses. When it comes to exploring the lookbook, keep one thing in mind - there is plenty of choice, which means there is something for everyone. If you think you are not a fan of this collaboration maybe you just haven’t found ‘your’ piece yet.

How To Get Your Hands On The Collection

The entire collection is available to shop in select Gucci stores or by simply visiting Gucci’s website. If you are more of a fan of the three stripes rather than the House you can jump on the Adidas Confirmed app and look at the limited pieces that have been uploaded there. It sounds pretty simple but there's one more way to get your hands on the Gucci x Adidas collection but it’s only for those who can get to California fast enough. They are opening two pop-up stores, one in the Los Angeles Melrose shopping centre and the other in South Coast Plaza's Jewel Court. When you visit, you'll discover a storefront covered in a retro print inspired by the trefoil logos of Gucci and Adidas. To elevate the experience the space will be decorated with vintage furniture nodding to the collection’s ‘70s influence. Later on the brand will open pop-ups outside the West Coast at existing Gucci store locations, such as New York City, Chicago, and Toronto.

Fancy some Gucci Gazelle Sneakers? Or maybe an Adidas dress? Everyone is talking about the collaboration. If you want to grab a little something new to add to your wardrobe you need to act fast and jump over to their website. If you just want to see the garments and accessories keep an eye for the pop-up stores and where their next location may be.

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Meggan Grubb x Bo+Tee

Youtuber and Fitness Influencer, Meggan Grubb launches her latest collection with Oh Polly’s sister brand Bo+Tee to bring you this season’s hottest sportswear collab.

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Thursday, 14 November 2019 17:31

Asquith SS20 Collection

Clothes that Make You Feel Good Inside and Out.

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018 10:32

Asquith Adds Size XXL To Activewear Collection

Asquith’s eco activewear collection for yoga, Pilates and living in, has now been expanded to include size XXL, a UK size 18-20, following a number of customer requests for larger sizes.

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1zanita fitness 1 1170x638

You can call it Activewear, Athleisure or sportswear but no one can deny the fact that it’s been on rise for a few years now and people are ready to move from usual fashion trends to Activewear especially in western countries. Initially, activewear was just present in the gyms, crossfit, dancing classes and yoga studios but it has now been present in almost everywhere.

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There are many companies which are producing original and attractive activewear for both men and women, and world-class designers are using their creative designing skills to craft this new fashion trend in the world. Here are a few reasons as to why people are adapting to the activewear trend:

1. Activewear Are Colorful and Attractive


There was a time when clothing companies only design typical activewear which people wear while working out or going to the dance or yoga classes. However, today with the increasing interest of people in activewear trends, more and more colorful and exclusive activewear designs are becoming available in the market catching the attention of people.

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2. The Status of Practical Market for Activewear

Those who still think that activewear does not have the capability to compete with usual fashion trends should see that according to a research report conducted by NPD, in August 2013, $36 billion sales for activewear and athletic footwear were recorded and the growth rate was up to 7 percent in 2013.

3. Activewear Offers You a Stunning and Charming Look

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Who does not want to look good? Even today men want to look as good as women. Activewear are becoming popular especially among women as they offer them a stunning and charming appearance in front of others. It also allows them to feel good and happy.

o ACTIVEWEAR facebook

People are always busy in search of better resources. Usual clothes are losing the charm they used to have in the past. Now people actually want something different and unique, which also has the potential to seek attention of other instantaneously and today activewear is the one of the best fashion trends people especially women are actively adapting. With more and more beautiful and innovative design availability of activewear, women prefer activewear over usual clothing.


4. Helping you to be in the Right Body Shape – The Motivating Factor

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From day one, failing to follow a standard workout routine is one of the most common problems people face on regular basis. Although today workout has become cool for all of us and everyone wants to be get the right body shape all the time yet most of us are unable to follow what we are required to do for regular workouts. On the other hand, being in activewear all the time provides a kind of motivation for people and forces them to follow their daily routine. Moreover, it can also be used as a casual wear at any place.

sweaty betty

Would you be willing to work out wearing a boring and same activewear all the time? Obviously, you won’t. You need motivation not only in your mind but also with a few external motivating factors and your activewear is one of them. Wearing colorful, charming and attractive activewears will definitely allow you to keep your motivation for workout and to be in the perfect body shape. So choose a fancy activewear which has pockets or have a spare jacket while working, so you can easily put your important belongings such as money, keys and smartphone. Don’t try to text or hold your belongings while working as it will distract your attention

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