Monday, 29 August 2016 12:12

Stina Smith

‘Stina Smith’ is a new emerging Womenswear brand founded by fashion designer Christine Smith Egeland, who recently graduated with a First class BA honours degree in Fashion Design at Regent’s University London. She was born and raised in Stavanger, Norway and it was not until she received a sewing machine as a gift for her 20th birthday, that she realised her true passion lies in the designing and creation of clothing. Studying in London has opened her up to a world of cultural energy and diversity, leading her to take form as a fashion designer.

The London based label ‘Stina Smith’ stands for craftsmanship and innovation in technique and material, and empowers women to look and feel as exquisite as she aspires to be. “I envisioned Stina Smith as a brand that values and uncovers the qualities of the feminine; a unifier of vulnerability and power. Stina Smith unapologetically symbolizes what it is to be womanly, while depicting conceptual and thought provoking ideas”, she says. Renowned for daring silhouettes and feminine cuts, Stina Smith’s collections combine old, vintage grace with very clear and distinct avant-garde style that is often dark and romantic. Embellished with delicate details, the brand includes styles designed to highlight and accentuate a woman’s body, gently utilizing fabrics that exude a composed sophistication. Stina Smith innovates lifestyle into the brand, and is offering timeless, bespoke pieces.

Stina’s mind-set is often inspired by conceptual ideas, and focuses on depicting thought-provoking concepts in the hope of triggering deeper thinking within the viewer. Disregarding present-day restrictions, Stina touch upon important subjects in order to challenge the way one perceives the modern world.

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