Saturday, 07 January 2023 13:38

Vendula London, House of Unconventional Handbags

Head to the Capital for the quirkiest and most unconventional accessories on the market. Vendula London will bring you a smile with its luxury vegan handbags, loved and collected by those who want to have fun head to toe.

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A high-quality alternative to leather handbags is hard to find and time will soon reveal if your choice was worth it or not. London-based and sustainable brand, The Morphbag by GSK, redefines fashion handbags with its timeless and versatile design concept.

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You can escape the city to unplug from the routine but you cannot forget your skincare regime. The solution is portable, stylish and eco-friendly, it is called The Karry.

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Sunday, 15 April 2018 16:44

Vegan Leather Materials Perfect for Summer

Becoming vegan is the latest big trend, but did you know that this not only encompasses what you eat but your entire lifestyle?

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