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Thursday, 14 July 2022 17:37

Beach Hair, Here is How to Care!

We cannot wait to lounge in the sun, maybe by the sea, but we would be happy to skip dry beach hair! How? Expert Saivo Lerna comes to the rescue with tips and genius haircare products.

Woman with afro hair on the beach Ph. Nappy (pixels)

Saivo Irena from The Bohemians explains why dry beach hair happens and how you can restore your locks once and for all with easy tips.

Why Does Beach Hair Happen

For many of us, summer is for endless days at the beach or the pool to have plenty of vitamin D, splashes and fun. But the sun, seawater and chlorine are not your hair's best friends. What to do to enjoy the best of summer and have the best hair?

Saivo says: "Have you noticed that your hair becomes drier in the sun, and particularly when you visit the beach? Our hair retains moisture and elasticity due to its natural water content. When you dip in the sea, the high salt content in the water sucks the moisture out of our locks, leaving them dry, dehydrated and brittle. It can also be very unkind to coloured hair - stripping and fading it, this is particularly true for blonde tones, which can become brassy. Think you can avoid it by cooling down in the pool? Unfortunately, chlorine is just as bad. It's a powerful anti-bacterial agent, so it strips the hair of its natural oils, which leads to dry, dull strands. Again, it's also no friend of coloured treated hair - fading dark tones, and turning blonde tones a shade of green".

How To Save Your Hair And Fix Dry Beach Hair

The rescue tip is as simple as "just add H2O". Follow Savio's recommendation: "wet your hair before hopping in the pool or sea, with fresh water. Your hair can only soak up a certain level of water, so if it’s saturated with fresh water before you get into the pool or sea, it won’t be able to absorb as much chlorine or seawater, resulting in less damage".

There is more to do to save your hair from dryness: make the most of beach breaks!

"Use a leave-in conditioner every day of your beach break. Leave-in conditioners keep hair soft and moist, making it more difficult for seawater to penetrate the hair shaft".

Pro-approved Haircare Products To Restore Your Hair From The Sun And The Sea

SBC Hydra Collagen Shampoo and Conditioner 300mlPh. SBC

"It's important to wash your hair as soon as you finish your last dip, to wash the salt and chlorine out right away. Use a gentle formula that removes build-up". Savio suggests SBC Super Boost Shampoo & Conditioner Duo (£20 available at SBC Skincare website).

Ecooking hair maskPh. Ecooking

"An intensive masque will also work wonders. This will counteract the harshness of the salt and chlorine and will provide an injection of moisturising that has been sucked out of the strands. You don't need to do this every day of your holiday but try for 3 nights every week". An intensive solution is Ecooking Hair Mask (£22.95 for 250ml, available at The Fragrance Shop).

Bblonde shampooPh. Jerome Russell

"Use colour-specific products. This is particularly important if you're blonde - the sun, sea and pool are all culprits for fading and discolouring blonde locks. Use a purple shampoo and conditioner to eliminate yellow and green tones and add shine and optical bright tones". A life jacket for blondes is Bblonde Intense Silver No Yellow Shampoo (£9,99, available at Superdrug).

Only curls satin lined capPh. Only Curls

"If all else fails, don't dip your head. Instead use a protective style on the beach, such as a high bun, or braids. For double protection, wear a hat, and avoid getting hair wet at all". Savio suggests staying cool, causal and protected with Only Curls Satin Lined Baseball Hat (£16).

You can escape the heatwave and make a splash but also save your hair from the sea. Follow these tips and, no matter your hair type and colour, your locks will be happy for your summer trip.

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Glastonbury glam: summer skincare tips

Festival season is here, and we are bursting at the seams for some sun, romantic acoustic serenades and wholesome summer vibes.
young people at a festivalPh. Johan-Mouchet (Unsplash)

Glastonbury kicks off today and many blessed humans will be there enjoying the air and epic talent and dear goodness, the line up this year is enviable. While the other lot of us will be watching the tv coverage in a cool room surrounded by pop corn and iced tea, those enjoying the experience need to plan in advance to protect their skin.

Prolonged time in the sun, colourful glittery makeup, and limited access to sinks or showers can play havoc with your skin.

Being present within the music vibes and the summer heat can put your usual beauty routine to the wayside, but we share practical ways that promise not to compromise on fun or your beautiful face.

When you're camping for the weekend with limited amenities, you don't have to forgo your usual skincare or break the bank finding expensive solutions. Natural beauty experts from The Organic Pharmacy share their top money-saving tips for keeping your skin glowing and healthy this festival season.

Sun Protection

woman putting sunscreen on her armPh. Mikhail Nilov (Pixels)

While the Great British weather might have the other plans, ideally your weekend will be spent under clear skies and dazzling sunshine. If you're fortunate enough to miss the infamous Glastonbury downpours this year (or even if it's cloudy), the first thing you should always pack for your on-the-go skincare is sun protection.

At festivals there tends to be minimal shade, and aside from spending a few hours in the dance tent or catching some shelter under a tree, it's likely that you'll be out in the sun for the whole weekend. It's therefore vital to bring sun cream with high SPF to protect your skin from powerful UV rays. Aim to bring different products for your face and your body, as face sun creams are designed to be less oily and are often a higher SPF. It's recommended to use factor 50 on your face to protect its more delicate skin, and it's even better if you can pair this with a big, floppy hat to bring some movie-star glamour to the festival fields.

Travel Size Bottles You Can Decant Your Best Products In

Person Pouring suncreen from a Plastic TubePh. Moose Photos (Pixels)

Rather than re-buying your whole skincare collection in smaller travel sizes, invest in a set of reusable tubs and bottles that you can decant your standard-size products into. There are plenty of affordable sets online, and they not only save lots of valuable space in your backpack (so you can squeeze in that extra pair of shoes), but they can also prevent the costly mistake of losing or damaging your favourite full-sized products.

If you buy a set of these bottles in 100ml volumes, they're also perfect for hand luggage allowances when jetting off on your next summer holiday. Simply rinse them out once you've used all the product inside and reuse them for going through security at the airport.
Keep it light, simple and hydrated

Long queues for the shower and toilets are an inevitable part of the festival experience, and so completing your usual ten-step cleansing routine might seem like a bit of a long shot. Instead, try to strip your regime back to the absolute basics, opting for one reliable cleanser, moisturiser, and your trusty SPF. This way you're not trekking to the showers with a huge holdall of products.

Similarly, it's best to keep your makeup lighter at festivals, as adding heavy foundation is bound to clog your pores and cause breakouts after a muddy, sweaty weekend dancing in the sun. Tinted moisturisers or BB creams are a great alternative to full coverage foundation, and for any spots or dark circles simply add a touch of concealer wherever needed. As for lip care, opt for a hydrating natural gloss or balm rather than a matte lipstick, so that your lips stay moisturised, hydrated, and plump throughout the day.

Go Green And Biodegradable

reusable cleansing padPh. SHVETS Production (Pixels)

We've all seen the upsetting images of waste and rubbish leftover by festivalgoers, so to avoid contributing to this, try and use eco-friendly products wherever possible. Wipes are admittedly the most convenient way to remove makeup, sweat, and impurities when camping, but be sure to choose biodegradable alternatives as standard varieties are notoriously bad for the environment.

Similarly, investing in a set of reusable cleansing pads is not only a more sustainable option, but this can save you from buying endless packs of cotton pads over the long term too. Simply bring a set of reusable pads in your festival bag to use with your favourite cleanser, rinse them off in the sinks, and take them home to wash with your clothes at the end of the week.

Stay Hydrated With Water And Some More Water

woman drinking waterPh. Gustavo Fring (pixels)

Aside from sun protection and packing light, moisturising products, it's also important to stay hydrated during a festival like Glastonbury. As well as preventing heatstroke and the dreaded hangover, drinking enough water does wonders for keeping your skin fresh, hydrated, and clear. Aim to drink around two litres a day and bring a reusable bottle with you to fill up at water stations dotted throughout the festival. Some brands even make collapsible bottles which are great for saving space in your burgeoning backpack. Face mists infused with cucumber or aloe vera are also a great way to beat the heat and quench thirsty skin on the go. For an extra money-saving tip you can easily make DIY face mists, by mixing ingredients like green tea, coconut oil, and witch hazel in a small, refillable spray bottle.

"As summer finally rolls around, so does the long-awaited return of festival season. If you're taking to the fields at Glastonbury or any other music festival this year, you may be wondering how to maintain your usual beauty routine when you're camping, covered in glitter, and constantly on the go."

"Sun protection, travel size products, and eco-friendly alternatives are just some of the fundamentals of festival skincare. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can keep your skin healthy, glowing, and nourished without breaking the bank this summer." -Margo Marrone, Co-Founder of The Organic Pharmacy

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Is moisturiser with SPF as good as Sun Cream?

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