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Your skin might be naturally born sensitive or just feels more uncomfortable than usual, but one skincare range offers day-to-night solutions for both cases. Find yours with SOS Serum Skincare.

Is your skin showing all the tiredness you are feeling at the moment? Then, it is time to reconnect to the Winter element of Traditional Chinese Medicine, water.

Salicylate overload is becoming a common issue in a delicate scenario where sensitive skin rates are increasing across the UK. Would salicylate-free skincare change the game? FaceWise replies.

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When considering wardrobe investments, few things compare to the value of a high-quality designer handbag.

Friday, 22 December 2023 09:06

Top 7 Outfit Tips for the Winter Season

During the harsh winter season, there's nothing more inconvenient than heading outdoors and realizing your clothing isn't sufficient for the freezing temperatures. Not only can it spoil your day by constantly reminding you of the cold, but it also poses potential dangers.

Have you been wanting to update your winter wardrobe with a brand new pair of boots, but can’t quite figure out what exactly it is you’re looking for?

Woman walking in winter boots Photograph Drew Coffman (Unsplash)

Finding the perfect pair is no easy feat – and with prices being steeper than ever, making the right choice shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Below, we’ve listed four important things to consider to help you decide whether the pair you’re eyeing are really worth your money. Whether it’s ethical production concerns or figuring out if you actually like the style (or have merely been influenced by FashionTok), we’ve got you covered.

Practicality: Do Your Boots Fulfill Your Everyday Needs?

First off, we completely understand the urge to buy a pair of boots simply because they look cool. However, when it comes to winter footwear, you’ll have to take a few more things into consideration besides their looks – especially if you live in a colder climate. Especially consider whether they’ll need to be able to withstand rain or snow and which practical needs you’ll require them to fulfill. If you walk long distances in mud everyday, you’ll need a much more durable, comfortable, warm set of boots than someone who’s in a warm climate all year round and only wears boots for the aesthetic. The 00’s may be back – but unfortunately, uggs are just as badly suited for winter weather as they were the last time they were trendy.

Ethical Concerns: Animal Welfare, Worker Conditions, etc.

Besides the level of practicality you’re looking for, you’ll also need to have your ethical standards in order before you decide to invest in a pair of boots. When we say this, we’re of course referring to things like animal welfare, factory worker conditions, climate impact, etc. If these are factors that matter to you, it’s important to be aware that far from every brand ticks off these boxes – but that, luckily, there are plenty of ethical options out there, if only you know where to look. For the vegans, for instance, HelpMeVegan have shopping guides for many different types of animal-free boots – whether you’re looking for Doc Martens, Chelsea boots or something else. More and more brands are also using recycled materials and working on lowering their emission levels and bettering working conditions. Or, if you’re up for a more extensive search, there’s also a chance you’ll hit the jackpot and find your dream boots at a thrift store.

woman in walking boots Photograh Emily Lewandowski (Unsplash)

Style or Trend: Long-Term Investment vs. Impulse Purchase

Next up, you should also take the time to consider whether you’re looking to buy a long-term investment piece or just want something current and fun to spice up your wardrobe. If you’re counting on making the boots you’re purchasing last for many years to come, go for a timeless style that you won’t find yourself getting tired of in a year or two – in a high quality, so that you won’t have to worry about the boots falling apart before their time. If you just want to have a bit of fun and participate in a trend, try and see if you can thrift to get a better price instead of buying the fast fashion version. With the pace of the trend cycle right now, there’s a good chance someone’s already bought and gotten tired of a pair, allowing you to snatch them up for half of the original price.

Before You Buy: Be Honest With Yourself

Lastly, it’s also extremely important to remember that liking how a pair of boots look by themselves or styled on Instagram is one thing – but knowing how to incorporate them into your own wardrobe is something else entirely. So, before you buy anything, take a moment to be real with yourself. When you really think about it, do you just like the idea of them, or do you realistically see yourself wearing them outside of the house? Try and see if you can come up with at least a couple of specific outfits with the boots and items you already own. If you manage this, you’ll have a plan for how you’re going to work them into your wardrobe – and know that purchasing them won’t make you feel like you have to buy even more stuff to make them work for you.

Wednesday, 06 December 2023 19:36

The SAGABOI x ETAPE, A Playful Bag Collaboration

SAGABOI and ETAPE collaborated on an exclusive bag collection, where countries, flavours and stories meet and play.

Deck the halls and tick some boxes off your Christmas gift list with Fashions Finest's 2023 gifting guide. We scoured the net looking for meaningful and sustainable gifts for you and your closest ones.

Christmas gifts Ekaterina Shevchenko (Unsplash)

If you like gifts that bear stories and good ambitions you are likely looking for something unique. Look no further with Fashions Finest's gift guide.

ROKA London: Colourful Rainbow For Gloomy Days

 Roka sustainable bags

British weather can be unpredictable all year round and this B-Corp company knows it well! ROKA London was born on a rainy day out of the blue to keep your belongings (and those of your closest friends) safely dry with its line of colourful bags and accessories. You can expect bags, totes and backpacks that instantly cheer up your day with a huge array of bright colours. A shoulder bag like Farringdon (£39.95) features high functionality that is equally highly sustainable. Canvas bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and nylon bags come from post-consumer and textile production waste; both plastic and fabric scraps would otherwise fill the landfill. These repurposed materials are then treated with an environmentally friendly C0 water-repellent coat to make each bag withstand the harshest conditions of the Island. Pick the colour that matches your state of mind and stroll with a Camden, a Paddington or a Trafalgar. Each piece has something about London where this story began.

Find the perfect style for your gift on

(UN)POLISHED: Raw & Unique Jewellery

Un Polished Jewellery 

A piece of jewellery is a statement gift for special occasions like Christmas, but when handcrafted its preciousness levels up. (UN)POLISHED is the destination for those seeking creations of skilled artists that cannot be found in any other shop. This online gallery with a physical showroom in London is the house of selected Polish independent designers who craft sustainable and handmade jewellery with precious metals and natural stones. In series or one-of-a-kind, these jewels have the striking personality of their designers and convey powerful emotions in a raw state.

Among these creations, you can find KOPERNICUS by KARGUL.TK. Inspired by the celestial bodies of the infinite cosmos and the Earth, the KOPERNICUS collection consists of different earring styles, necklaces and bracelets handcrafted in Poland with a zero-waste approach using gold-plated 925 Sterling silver, ribbon and natural Baltic amber. The minimal geometries frame a warm heart of amber, the centrepiece of each piece.

Find KOPERNICUS by KARGUL.TK and many designers' collections online at (UN)POLISHED.

MONPURE: Where Healthy Hair Starts


Give the gift of luscious hair with MONPURE and its hi-tech haircare range. This pending B-Corp company has the health of your scalp in mind because from a healthy scalp, stronger hair grows. Its formulations are developed by a team of dermatologists and scientists, driven by a holistic idea of haircare with natural extracts and skin-loving ingredients sustainably selected across Europe. MONPURE haircare feels like skincare for the scalp, a complete routine with treatments like clarifying scalp masks (£48.00) and follicle-boosting serums (£83.00). You can expect cruelty-free treatments that are free from sulphates, silicones and parabens with a delicate fragrance and the power of hyaluronic acid, argan oil, shea butter and vegan silk peptides.

Explore the complete MONPURE haircare range online.

Olverum: Essentially Luxurious

Olverium oil 

Olverum is an intimate story of passion and dedication for essential oils and their extraordinary benefits. It was the dawn of the 30s and harsh times were about to come for Europe, when the Klein family took on the challenge to replicate and supply their favourite spa with their signature essential oil. The trials succeeded in a luxury blend that circulated among the family's friends before being halted by the war. Klein's essential bath oil revives today in Olverum Bath Oil (£28). This stellar brand, loved by the Royal family, aims to take care of body and mind, whether it is to reinvigorate, calm or stabilise body, mind and soul. Olverum Bath Oil uses natural extracts known for their therapeutic properties, combined to elevate your spirit and bath time, relieve muscles and promote a night of restful sleep.
Olverum Bath Oil, skincare, body care and ritual lines are cruelty-free and use the finest natural extracts sourced in an ethical and environmentally friendly way around the world.

To wish someone special a delightful bath with Olverum, find online its bestseller and historical bath oil this Christmas.

Emolyne: True Colour Match

Emolyne Beauty products 

Create an on-point lip and nail set for your makeup-obsessed friend (or yourself) with Emolyne. Tired of unmatching shades, Emolyne Ramlow decided to find the solution by herself with her eponymous brand. Born in Uganda, raised in Denmark and living in London, Emolyne created a world of possibilities with her collection of 15 glam reds and 15 fully flattering nudes to compliment every skin tone, undertone and ethnicity. Each shade is named after a city or a country in Africa, her continent of origin, and it is interpreted in hyper-pigmented semi-matte lipsticks (£23), lip liners (£15), lip glosses (£17) and nail polishes available as individual items and ready-to-give kits ranging from £39. Emolyne invites you to find your beauty destination from Fez to Cape Town with the twin nuance for both lips and nails. The perfect co-ord is as classic, sophisticated and hard to find, but with Emolyne you can find your match made in heaven.

All Emolyne products are cruelty-free and with superior colour payoff. Find a shade and build a monochromatic kit online.

Jolly Stocking Fillers By Jumble & Co.

Jolly Stocking Fillers By Jumble & Co 

At some point in your list, you will either find friends who are hard to surprise or super perfectionists. With Jumble & Co. you will find the perfect stocking filler for them among colourful stationery and lifestyle items that turn every day into a story to jot down. The Jumble & Co. newest range is a self-discovery journey and an invitation to take the lows and highs of life as they are and see always the bright side. How not to with split-personality journals and notebooks from the Head & Heart and Chaos & Control collections (from £6.99), coordinated Bits & Bobs tote bags, double-sided umbrellas and ombré water bottles (from £7.99)? These daily essentials are the best way to conclude the year and welcome a mindful path in 2024.
Find inspirational stocking fillers and everyday essentials online at the Jumble & Co. website.

Are there many boxes left to tick? We hope our yearly gift guide helped you switch on a light bulb. Get your gifts ready to wrap and conclude with a memorable greeting card and a message from your heart; you will not get it wrong.

With the holidays fast approaching, the most awaited time for seasonal shopping has arrived: the Black Friday weekend. This year, UK retailers can still expect a positive outcome.