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Are you an aspiring journalist that needs some work published?  or do you just have some fantastic news you want to share? If you have answered yes to the above, then why not take advantage of this great opportunity NOW and submit your work by following the guidelines below.

Note the requirements for publishing on our website:

· We are a UK based company so text must be written for a UK audience

· We only accept UK or international relevant links (no US, EU, AU, CA or or other country only links)

· We do not work with gambling, lotto or anything similar, bitcoin or anything unrelated to what we do.

You must send portrait images for a standard article and landscape for a blogs.

Submission Guidelines:
Submissions must be unique text and not used anywhere else as plagiarism, how ever good the story is strictly not permitted. Submissions must be well constructed, relevant to the target audience, have a catchy introduction, full text and a punchy ending that will leave the readers wanting more. Articles submitted to Fashions Finest MUST NOT be submitted in any other online or paper publication. 

Photo Guidelines: 
Photos submitted must be of good quality.

You MUST use free stock images or verify copyright, i.e. where you sourced the photo and the name of the photographer. Note that it is illegal to use photos without the permission of the photographer.

Fee: There is a chargable fee of £75.00 plus 3.4% Paypal charges for any articles submitted that are clearly advertising or promotional. 

Due to the large amount of articles submitted not every article can be published, articles are usually selected by the most well written, best accompanying photos and those that we feel would appeal to readers most. Articles associated with giveaways/competitions are much more popular with readers so if you are a business seeking editorial for marketing purposes we recommend combining your article with some kind of promotion or competition.

By submitting an article you are giving Fashions Finest full rights to the content and sign over ownership to Fashions Finest. You are confirming that the article is unique and that you have gained permission to use any accompanying photos from the copyright owner.

Please submit articles to email: