LITKOVSKA Presents 'REBIRTH', S/S24 Collection

In the heart of Paris, within a historic building on Haussmann Boulevard, the Ukrainian brand LITKOVSKA showcased its Spring/Summer 2024 collection titled 'REBIRTH'.

LGNC: 'Endless Heat', Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

LGNC unveils its new womenswear collection, 'Endless Heat', for a hot Spring/Summer 2024 season.

JAREL ZHANG Presents 'To Know You', S/S24 Collection

For this new Spring/Summer 24 collection, JAREL ZHANG wants to share his inspiration through the episode "The Very Pulse of the Machine" in "Love, Death & Robots".

New Season, New Nails with Earthy WonderFall Collection

Nature changes all around us suggesting it is a new season. It is a new season for your nails as well with the newest WonderFall Collection by Earthy Nail Polish.

Claudia Wang: 'Temporal Rose, Second Quadrant' S/S24

Taiwanese fashion designer Claudia Wang launched her video game-inspired collection and immersive experience at the London Fashion Week, at a contemporary Art Gallery on the South Bank.

Embracing the Ocean with Courage S/S 2024

RAY CHU has proudly announced the upcoming release of its highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2024 collection. Drawing inspiration from the ocean, this season's collection is centred around the enigmatic Manta Ray, intertwining the marine ecosystem with the spirit of bravery.

Making London Fashion Week accessible for all

Discover the industry’s most exciting emerging talent at Fashions Finest SS24 Collections runway show.

Men's Fashion Over 50s: How To Dress Youthfully With Class

Ageing is natural: we can try the latest anti-ageing miracle treatments and exercises, but we all get older. However, our style can stay young, men included.

Prevent Harmful Emission By Shopping Second-Hand Fashion

The fashion industry, like a big vehicle, produces a considerable amount of CO2 emissions. Shopping second-hand can reduce the issue, Oxfam says.

The Smart Works Charity Capsule Collection by Isabel Spearman

On the occasion of Smart Works's 10th anniversary, the launch of the Capsule Collection curated by Isabel Spearman will raise vital funds to support the charity's mission.

Is The Era Of Influencers And Influencer Marketing Over?

It started on the screens, then on the socials, and it carried on and on: influencers and celebrity influencers have been shaping our purchasing decisions for quite a long time, but the scenario seems to be changing.

All You Need For An Eco-friendly Manicure At Home

Your nastiness-free mani cannot be complete without eco-friendly tools. Earthy Nail Polish and Celeste Makeup present all you need for an eco manicure at home.

Purpose or Price: Amex Compares Two Shopper Generations

When choosing a brand among many others, personal taste, disposable income, and necessities will all play an important role, but the older and younger generations are driven also by two different factors, a study by Amex says.

Indulge In Chocolate Benefits With Montezuma's

A well-received gift and a mood booster when days are particularly blue. Chocolate has many healthy properties, and it feels guilt-free when done ethically or "properly" as Montezuma's does.

Small Businesses And Gen Z: Why Is It A Hard Relationship?

Digital savvy, eco-conscious, and very demanding. When it comes to fashion and shopping, the youngest generation knows what they want. Small businesses are struggling with Gen Z.

How "Impact Intelligence" Will Cut Emissions In Fashion

Eight years ago, the Paris Agreement set challenging yet critical goals to limit global temperature increase to 1.5°C, with a reduction of emissions by 45% by 2030 to reach net zero by 2050. Undoubtedly, net zero is a big challenge for the fashion and apparel industry.


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