The Beauty Choices Of Gen Z

Gen Z has a clear idea of everything, true beliefs and strong commitments. Unsurprisingly, the youngest generation does not take its beauty routine that lightly either.

PANGAIA Launches New Generation Bio-Based Activewear

Activewear can be functional and performing but also eco-friendly. PANGAIA's newest launch just arrive to prove the potential of bio-based fabric. It is Activewear 3.0.

The Waste Of Overproduction

The public lens is on the costs and waste occurring in different industries, including fashion, and raising awareness of the production chain issue or many issues within it.

Free Digital Marketing Help For Your Business

For many businesses, this is a time of stress and getting noticed online feels harder than ever. Do not despair, this Lancashire-based digital company is here to offer their help.

BuyIndie, Where To Sell And Buy Handmade In The UK

There is more taste in buying and wearing handmade, and now there is a new way to shop for handcrafted products. A new handmade selling platform launched with a bang – hoping to be an all-British take on Etsy.

From My Mother's Garden Winners of The British Brand of the Year 2022

Fashion brand, From My Mother’s Garden, has won the prestigious BRITISH BRAND OF THE YEAR at an industry awards event held at The Mayfair Hotel in London. 

Should Delivery Be More Sustainable? Gen Z says...

With COP 27 currently taking place and the environmental matter being even more under our attention, there is still much confusion around which brand is really sustainable according to the younger consumers, Gen Zers.

Central Saint Martins' Design Competition Winner Announced

Launched back in May and consisting of an eight-week project, Stella McCartney and Lenovo have revealed the winner of Central Saint Martins’ sustainable design competition.

WAWWA 1+1 Collection Keeps Less Fortunate Warm

Sustainable clothing company WAWWA just introduced its new knitwear collection to give warmth to everyone, really everyone.

Winter Skincare Tips From Skin Experts

As we welcome the comfort of knitted jumpers in preparation for Winter, the change in the weather can wreak havoc on our skin, causing it to become dry, chapped, and tight. Dry skin is not comfortable, what to do?

Pre-Loved and Rental at Circular Fashion Platform LABELL-D

LABELL-D launches more options to share the love for fashion and the environment. The world’s first closed-loop fashion ecosystem allows consumers to buy new and pre-loved clothing, rent, repair and resell, all on one platform.

A Gen Z Habit: the Cost of Trend Z

Gen Z could be the most conscious generation ever met so far but zoomers like to spend more than others, maybe too much. Is all that glitters gold?

Taipei Fashion Week Spring/Summer 23 Opens With CrossLab

Taipei Fashion Week opened its Spring/Summer 2023 season on October 14th with "CrossLab: Dialogue between Indigenous Art and Fashion”, a themed group show highlighting the collaboration between 5 designers with 5 expert traditional craftsmen.

BESFXXK Spring/Summer 23 Collection

The S/S23 BESFXXK collection was inspired by clothing items themselves, taken for an out-of-the-ordinary treatment.

Tran Hung is Back on the LFW with His S/S23 Collection

For Spring/Summer 2023 Tran Hung makes his return to London following two years of the Covid19 pandemic. Season S/S23 will be well remembered by the Vietnamese designer: it marks a milestone in his career as an official member of the London Fashion Week schedule.

MISHUS Spring/Summer 2023: 'Himalayan Chic' is Simple Yet Elegant

Hailing all the way from Kathmandu in the Himalayas, Mishu Shrestha is the first-ever Nepalese designer to take part in London Fashion Week.


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