Escape to Paradise with ARRAN Sense of Scotland's Kildonan

Escape reality and harbour your senses at Kildonan with ARRAN Sense of Scotland Kildonan, the newest bath and body range.

Sneakers Sales Boom with The Edit LDN Entering the Metaverse

Sneakers are the Country's favourite shoes and statistics prove it with The Edit LDN, high-end sneakers marketplace, being at the top of the growth with its +525% growth every year since 2020.

10 Skincare Tips for Surviving a Hot and Humid Climate

Coco Chanel said, “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it’s up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.” Not just time, but also a different climate adds an extra challenge to your skin.

The Rock Hound presents 'HotRocks' Jewellery Collection

The fusion of ethics and aesthetics of renowned East London-based gemmology and jewellery studio The Rock Hound makes the HotRock collection an ethically solid launch.

NaRaYa Silk: the Leader in Thai Silk Soon Globally Online

Textiles and patterns speak of cultures and connect people at the antipodes under the sign of fashion. NaRaYa does it from Thailand and it is ready to hit the global market.

The ugly truth: shocking insights into UK bathroom habits

That men are messy while carrying their 'beauty' routine is a universally known cliché. However, the new work-from-home lifestyle has changed both men's and women's grooming habits according to Wilkinson Sword with repercussions for our romantic expectations.

ASOS X Fnatic, the fashion-forward gaming apparel

Fashion-for-all and e-gaming make a unique mix: a unisex, sporty collection co-created by ASOS and Fnatic available from this July online.

The weight of your brand new jeans in CO2 revealed by Oxfam

Oxfam, global anti-poverty movement, is urging shoppers to buy clothes secondhand rather than brand new as its new research reveals emissions produced manufacturing jeans owned by UK adults is comparable to flying a plane around the globe 2,372 times or a petrol car travelling more than 21 billion miles.

Wild Clouds debuts New collection

Disenchanted with the throwaway culture of the fashion industry, Wild Clouds founder Franny Collingham started changing her buying habits for the better.

Chinakwe Is Coming To Oxford Street!

Chinakwe is pleased to announce a new opportunity for lovers of art, bespoke lifestyle products and NFTs to celebrate collectively at their new temporary pop-up shop.

ArdAzAei's "Midnight In The Persian Garden" couture collection

The new Swedish luxury womenswear brand presented its first couture runway show in the Salle des Textiles of Paris’ Musée des Arts et Métiers during at the Paris Couture Week.

Love festivals? Love the environment with The Festival Bag

Have you circled the calendar with at least one outdoor gig this summer? You are joining a big tribe of festival-goers but join the green one.

Leandro Cano's 'The Dance of the Excluded' in Paris

Known for his creation halfway between fashion and art, Andalusian designer Leandro Cano presented his latest Autumn/Winter 2022/23 collection, ‘CANO: The Dance of the Excluded', at the Haute Couture Week in Paris.

Juana Martín debuts at the Paris Haute Couture Week with “Andalucía”

A fashion season that Juana Martín will never forget. The Cordoba designer made her debut in the official calendar of Paris Haute Couture Week with her latest collection: "Andalucía".

Acquisition International announces the winners of the 2022 Influential Businesswoman Awards

Acquisition International (AI), the international digital business magazine, has recently announced the winners of the 2022 Influential Businesswoman Awards programme, news that means a lot to Fashions Finest.

Vaishali S presents her A/W 2022 Haute Couture Collection

Designer Vaishali Shadangule is back with another sensory womenswear collection for the season Autumn/Winter 2022/23.

Exercise Motivation: How To Stick To a Workout Routine

You already know you need to lose some extra pounds but cannot bring yourself to do it. If this sounds familiar to you, you will find your motivation in this blog.

Trianon, Stefan Djokovich A/W 2022/23 haute couture collection

Stefan Djokovich took us on a dreamy walk with Trianon, his latest high-end collection presented at the Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week.

Le Parfum des Nuages, FOVARI's A/W 2022/23 collection

Fovari's launch at the latest Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week is a statement of fashion eco-responsibility, graceful but vital like clouds in the sky.


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