Saturday, 04 May 2024

Thicks and Bones: A swimwear brand revolutionising body positivity and fashion.

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Thicks and Bones is more than just a swimwear brand, it's a celebration of women with diverse body types; challenging outdated stereotypes and emerging into the fashion industry as the zeitgeist of the new generation.

Black business owner and model Tosin’s passion for diversity and authenticity is infused within Thicks and Bones.

Positioning Thicks and Bones as committed to sustainable practices, trendy designs, and individuality.


After giving birth Tosin felt challenged by the swimwear industry when looking for swimwear for her holiday. Tosin wanted swimwear that not only made her feel comfortable but flattered her body shape like many women. The struggle of finding empowering and fashionable swimwear led Tosin to create her own swimming costumes and bikinis. Tosin’s creativity flourished when designing and sewing her own swimwear; she made swimwear that she was comfortable in and stylish too.

Tosin's passion for making flattering swimwear sparked the idea of creating Thicks and Bones. A brand for women that champions body positivity and fashionable swimwear designs. Thicks and Bones is more than just a brand but a community for women to unite and feel empowered in their bodies. The brand name “Thicks and Bones” is inspired by the phrase “sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me”. The brand name “Thicks and Bones” embraces inclusivity and celebrates body types, symbolising strength and endurance regardless of the idea of body shape and size.

Whether you are thick, thin or somewhere in between Thicks and Bones embraces everybody. Join the movement and embrace your body with Thicks and Bones. Launching 12th May 2024 online at priced from GBP RRP £85.00 - £130.00 in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL