Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Blue Interior Design Is Coming Back In 2024

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Ph. Max Vakhtbovycn via Pexels

2024 seems to be the year of tender and reassuring pastels like Pantone's "Colour Of The Year" Peach Fuzz but mid-blue is making its comeback too.

Benjamin Moore announced Blue Nova, an intriguing mid-shade of blue, as its "Colour of the Year 2024". Find inspiration on how to incorporate blue at home.

Who says the colour blue makes your living room cold? Blue hues like Blue Nova, Benjamin Moore's "Colour of the Year 2024", turn out to be versatile and calming shades, claiming more attention in modern interior design. From pale sky blue which can enhance your well-being to statement, navy blue walls for added drama. Blue may not be the easiest colour to style, but it is certainly one that is worth putting in the effort to get right.

Rebecca Snowden, interior style advisor at Furniture And Choice commented: “Like the waves of the ocean and the sky on a sunny day, sky blue brings a sense of peace. What's not to love about a colour that’s both versatile and calming? Its chilled, laidback vibe fits right in with timeless Scandinavian design. Think clean lines, light Nordic wood and classic design influence – like the iconic Wegner wishbone chair."

How To Use Blue In Interior Design

Rebecca Snowden suggests "channel serene Scandi styleScandi style in your living room by pairing light blue with similarly soft tones of dove greys and warm whites. Offset the warm shades with some darker, cool colours such as vintage blue and pewter to create a sophisticated feel. Adding light wood and pampas grass introduces the oh-so-familiar blonde tones we associate with enduring Nordic design, reminding us of relaxing walks on a sandy, coastal landscape. Don’t forget, the paint in this palette needs to be muted and chalky – not bold and bright – because the Scandinavian design trend teaches us that ‘less is more’. Whilst sky blue works effortlessly to modernise Scandi style, it’s also becoming popular as a pastel hero."

"Pastels aren’t just girly pinks or light peach tones: let blue have its moment to shine. Compared to pink, peach or yellow, duck-egg blue brings a more mature tone to your home. Decorate your entire room in this chic colour or create a fashionable, colour-block feature with paint to introduce it in smaller doses. Instead of green, your neighbours might just be blue with envy! Whether you want to lighten up your living room for Spring or warm up your room in Winter, blue is definitely a favourite for some much-needed relaxation ."

How To Choose The Right Shade Of Blue: The Expert Says

"Choosing the right blue is important and the direction of your living room and lighting can help you make the right decision. A cool, light blue on the walls helps balance the intensity of light in south-facing rooms. Meanwhile, if your house has north-facing rooms, you need a warmer shade of blue to lighten up the space since there isn’t much natural sunlight. To make your blue room feel warm and cosy, a definite no is any blue witha grey undertone. Instead, try a blue shade with yellow or green undertones for that warm, fuzzy feeling all year round.”