Tuesday, 18 January 2022

Jimmie Martin Mannequin Lamp Collection

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Jimmie Martin

Eclectic and theatrical London-based interior design studio Jimmie Martin is sure to grab your attention with its mannequin lamp collection.

The new mannequin lamp collection exemplifies to perfection Jimmie Martin as a unique, bold and daring home design label.

About The Brand

Jimmie Martin is a luxury interior design studio run by Jimmie Karlsson and Martin Nihlmar in West London. Established in 2004, the brand is known globally and provides one on one design services and products to both privates and companies. Among its aficionados, we can find clients of the likes of Madonna, Liam Gallagher and the Royals.

The brand specialises in contemporary and luxury home design where colours and dimensions have no limits. 'Bring the unthinkable to life'  is the mission and signature of Jimmie Martin which mould its creative language to meet the desire (and the space) of its clients.

About The Collection

They irradiate light and irony, Jimmie Martin's mannequin lamps are a presence hard to ignore. Whether silver-leafed or smothered in jostling bright colours, they have an irreverent elegance, drawing focus and illuminating a room with a soft ambient glow.

Jimmie Martin's mannequin lamp collection fuses contemporary art and essential furniture with a loud love for expression and colours. The bespoke mannequin lamps are made-to-order and are fully customisable. It takes 12 weeks to create a lamp in its West London workshop, and the final result is a one-of-a-kind piece of design that transforms any city room into an arty universe.

Find more about Jimmie Martin and its interior design services online.