Thursday, 10 August 2023

5 Hair Trends for Autumn/Winter 2023 As Predicted by Tom Smith

Written by Christina Aristodemou
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Sticking to the usual hairstyle can save you time but embracing the change can level up your self-esteem and look. Tom Smith's hair trend predictions for A/W 2023 are here for this.

Need some help to pick your next haircut and hair colour? Search no further. Top hairstylist Tom Smith has forecasted the 5 big hair trends of the season.

Nicknamed the 'hairvoyant' by The Sunday Times, British hairstylist Tom Smith has the rare ability to nail every hair trend in advance and launch them to incredible popularity. 'Expensive Brunette' and 'Botticelli Waves' are just some of his previous lucky predictions.

Tom Smith's 5 Hairstyle Trends Autumn/Winter 2023

The foreseen hairstyles by the 'hairvoyant' span between the effortlessly chic and à la garçonne and the ultra-wealthy and feminine for the upcoming Autumn/Winter season. If you need some inspiration, you are in the right place.

Boy Bob

“A powerful and assertive shape that offers a toughness that mid-length hair has been lacking in recent seasons, the boy bob is a winner, for those wanting to make a statement but appreciate the practicality of hair swept away from their face, this style works fantastically on straight, wavy, or curly hair, thanks to a need for a visible styling product that holds the hair in place.”

Velvet Crop

“We’ve seen plenty of the buzzcut throughout this year and it’s evolving into a new type of ‘suede-head’ style using colour placement to further enhance the look. In order for this to work, the length has to be a little longer – just enough to allow for texture to be created with colour or styling product – or better yet, both!”

Shadow Bangs

“Fringes and bangs have truly become their own stand-alone category, and this fuller, blunt style of fringe has spent a while on the periphery of what is popular in face-framing styles, with bottleneck bangs and softer more sweeping options pulling focus. The current growing presence of a full fringe is undeniable and eye skimming ‘shadow bangs’ show an edgier side of sultry for those who like the face-framing this style has to offer.”

High/Low Hair

“This protective style is already long and statement-making but the addition of a half-up, messy bun further increases the visual distance between the shortest and longest parts of the hair, giving a statuesque and confident appearance to the wearer. There is a wonderfully practical element to this trend – which often cements a trend’s popularity – as while extra-long and potentially hard to manage, this half-up offering keeps the lengths away from the face meaning the best of both worlds – long and statement-making, yet comfortable and practical. Also great for a wearer who’d like to give the illusion that they are taller.”

Heir Hair

“Part of the ‘Old Money’ and ‘Quiet Luxury’ macro trends, ‘Heir Hair’ oozes wealth and opulence. Extra-long and extra thick, this is wealth signalling at its finest but not in a loud or boastful way. The texture falls in soft waves without looking like you’re trying too hard but happens to be in the most perfect condition with a grain of colour that is imperceptible, leaving onlookers (even hairstylists) not certain on exactly how it’s been achieved. This, elongated, naturally voluminous style can work on any colour providing it’s not bold or artificial looking but healthy and lustrous hair is a must – the ideal texture is like you had a blow-dry two days ago – it’s still looking cared for, but lost its salon-fresh appearance and sitting a little more kinky than bouncy.”

Tom Smith's 6 Hair Colours for Autumn/Winter 2023

New season, new colour. Tom Smiths sees Nepo Blonde, Expensive Bronde, the 'Anti-Barbie', 'Old Money Piece', Multi-chrome hair and Candy Copper as the go-to hair colours for this Autumn/Winter.

Nepo Blonde is a luxury blonde, a nuance that looks brighter and clean, for which you can forget purple shampoo.

After 'Expensive Brunette' and 'Expensive Bronde', 'Expensive Bronde' was a natural prediction. This shade is a smart choice for those who are tempted to go lighter or darker but do not want to take a step too far then their leg. The overall look is rich and sunkissed.

The 'Anti-Barbie' is exactly what you might think of as deep or muted nuances with a super glossy finish.

Old Money Piece is about soft but visible luxury with subtle highlights starting from the temples rather than the front.

Look back at the Y2K and bring back bold flashes of colours to add light and fun to your natural hair colour. Feel the playful atmosphere of that decade.

Autumn/Winter 2023 might be the lucky year for copper! Copper is coming back with a bitter-sweet taste as blended with rose and cherry red for a show-stopper look.

After this, we are positive you found your hair inspiration and feel ready to book your next salon visit!

For more insights and foresights, find Tom Smith on Instagram.