Wednesday, 30 September 2020

Rixo Showcases 'Ariel' Digitally at LFW

Written by RIXO
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Womenswear brand Rixo showcased their latest collection ‘Ariel’ in the London Fashion Week Schedule via a digital short film, and still imagery. 

‘Arial’ has a clear inspiration of shells, mermaids and all things underwater, imitated in the pastel colour ways, silky silhouettes and frilled detailing. The hero print Sea Life starring these mythical creatures, illustrates the vintage femininity RIXO inspires. Available in coral colours, pearly creams and sea blues, this print is everything you imagine from an under the sea dream. Ariel delivers both old and new shapes and detailing with frilled necklines and a mixture of billowing and short puff sleeves.
Another main print of the collection oozes the bold, outgoing nature of RIXO. Inspired by French painter Henri Matisse, the Squiggle print captures his revolutionary use of pure colour and expressive style. Look closely and you will see RIXO’s stamp of approval, hidden between the squiggles.

This collection gives you everything from 80’s shell glamour to feminine casual and of course vintage heaven! Limited and unique, each piece in the collection will be stocked online and in-store with RIXO and global wholesale partners.