Monday, 19 September 2022

Which Top TV Show is Influencing Everyone's Fashion Taste

Written by Charlotte Greaves
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Mikail Duran

Have you been binge-watching a series and felt the instant urge to revamp your wardrobe or look through secondhand stalls for '80s outfits? No worries: TV series are influencing your fashion.

Combine TV series and Google search, and you will find how popular shows are influencing your fashion sense and what is cool to wear today.

The Most Influential TV Shows of The Moment

This very fashionable research analysed monthly search volumes for popular clothing items and trends that appeared on TV shows. The results explain why we feel a sudden nostalgia for the not-so-far Y2K or the very pop '80s. It turned out that HBO’s Euphoria, Netflix’s Stranger Things, and Bridgerton are the shows that have been influencing everyday fashion the most so far. But how did this research work?

How to Connect Fashion Trends and TV Shows

It is easy to spot a trend but this research went a bit further. Relevant trends and clothing items were chosen for a list of popular TV shows or as seen in these shows; then, global search volumes were analysed for each keyword using Google Trends data from the last X years. Percentage changes were then calculated to find changes in search volume between each series release date, as well as overall changes from the first series to the most recent series. With this precious set of data on hand, it was possible to link the boom of a specific trend with a series going on air.

Which TV Series is Inspiring You?

In this way, the global data collected by luxury cashmere brand N.Peal analysed monthly search volume changes for popular TV shows, before and after the shows started. The data reveals that Euphoria has had the biggest influence on fashion with an 1868% increase in monthly searches for “Y2K fashion”. Stranger Things has also influenced search volume for “scrunchies” so popular in the '80s, which increased by 356%, and Bridgerton has inspired a 332% increase in monthly searches for “puff sleeve dresses”. Other shows influencing fashion include Tiger King, Sex Education, Peaky Blinders and Riverdale.

Jo Mclaren, Head of E-Commerce at N.Peal, spoke about why these TV shows may be inspiring contemporary fashion trends, “A lot of recent popular TV shows are set in past, whether that be the '80s, '90s and '00s, or as far back as the Regency era, which is bringing a sense of nostalgia to those watching."

“This sense of nostalgia is inspiring people to bring back fashion trends of the past, from Euphoria’s Y2K, to Stranger Things’ 80s getups. The shows grow in popularity, and then viewers begin to talk about the shows on social media platforms such as TikTok, which enables a trend to start. The increase in search volumes for the different trends solidifies the influence TV shows are having on everyday fashion as more and more people are searching for ways to shop or style the looks.”

While waiting for the next big hit on Nexflix, hence our next fashion crush, we know we can soothe this irresistible need for new vintage-inspired clothing with authentic secondhand finds.

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