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Indulge In Chocolate Benefits With Montezuma's

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A well-received gift and a mood booster when days are particularly blue. Chocolate has many healthy properties, and it feels guilt-free when done ethically or "properly" as Montezuma's does.

Chocolate is a pleasure to share. Here we share its benefits and how ethical chocolate with Montezuma's is better for the planet and the community.

Is Dark Chocolate Good For You?

There was a time when chocolate was suspiciously linked to the worst disease afflicting our modern society, but medical studies are helping to reevaluate chocolate and cocoa's role in a healthy lifestyle. In this tasty article, we will briefly run through the properties found in chocolate by the latest research and show the qualities you should look for to ensure your chocolate is top quality.

Chocolate Nutritiously Nutritious Facts

The mood-boosting effect of chocolate comes with a pack of fibres and minerals, such as iron, magnesium, copper, and manganese, and fatty acids like oleic acid found also in olive oil and shown to be positive on heart health.

A Rich Source Of Antioxidants

Dark chocolate and cocoa are among the food with the biggest content of antioxidants. These work again free radicals and organic oxidation, both terms familiar to skincare queens. The so-called "oxidative stress", in fact, is one of the causes of ageing and early ageing. Of the antioxidants found in chocolate, we can name flavanols, catechins and polyphenols that studies suggest can help lower LDL, better known as "bad cholesterol".

A Good (Blood) Flow For A Healthy Heart

The antioxidant flavonoid seems to be the key to the benefits of dark chocolate on blood pressure. Flavonoids stimulate the lining of our arteries (the endothelium) to produce nitric oxide which, in return, helps relax our arteries. As our blood vessels relax, the blood fluxes smoothly and the blood pressure goes down.

By lowering blood pressure and keeping bad cholesterol under control, two major risks for our hearts, dark chocolate and cocoa can contribute to a healthy heart.

A Brighter Mind

The rich content of flavonoids and stimulants like caffeine and theobromine are linked to improvements in our mental functions. By improving blood flow, our brains receive more oxygen, which is essential in every aspect of life functions. As a result, cognitive activities, such as learning and remembering, can be boosted with the moderate consumption of flavonoid-rich dark chocolate. To flavonoids, we should add the stimulant action of caffeine and theobromine, which can improve our mental performance when we really need a final sprint.

How To Choose Healthy Dark Chocolate

When speaking of chocolate, studies mainly refer to dark chocolate. This is because while all commercial chocolate contains cocoa, milk chocolate and other cocoa-based confectionaries also contain added sugar and milk. To get the best out of cocoa's antioxidant and mineral pool, the best chocolate to nibble at should have a cocoa content of at least 70%. Next time you go shopping and crave something sweet, check the label to cut unnecessary sugars.

Fair-trade and Organic Is Better

Not all chocolate bars are the same! Some will help you to feel less guilty, not just in terms of calories. Another feature to look for when shopping for groceries is the way cocoa is collected by companies. Choosing fair-trade chocolate ensures your support to a positive market, where cocoa bean farmers are paid equally and protected by laws. Moreover, by choosing organic chocolate, you can feel more confident about the quality and authenticity of your chocolate. Organic products should be as free as possible from pesticides, additives and external contaminants.

Montezuma's Fair-Trade Choice

In 2000, a trip to South America opened the eyes of two layers from West Essex, Helen and Simon, and changed their lives forever. Back home, they started a tasty chapter of their life by dedicating themselves to chocolate handmade production. Montezuma's started as a small business and it still runs with the same passion and ethics the couple set at the very beginning of this journey. Truffles, flavoured bars and all-black chocolate are some of the tasty options they produce in their Chichester HQ and sell in their small shops and online.

The goodness of Montezuma's is surely in their taste but also in the careful selection of suppliers which must need the company's "Fairly Trade Policies". Helen and Simon only work with suppliers who adhere to standard practices certified by Rainforest Alliance, Soil Association and Cocoa Horizons. This is because chocolate tastes good but tastes even better if fairly made.

"Delicious, rich indulgent milk and dark chocolate shared with friends.  If you love that slightly bitter taste of dark chocolate or smooth milk chocolate this concious brand is a must to try. My friends and I enjoyed the taste of mint, butterscotch coffee favours  in the individual bars on a trip out to Belvoir Castle one Saturday. Needless to say we came home empty handed. The best thing is Montezuma  chocolate is also fair trade so you feel you are doing your part in making the world a better place by purchasing ethically". - Deborah St. Louis Director

Chocolate That Feels Light On The Environment

If you care about what you eat, you will be reassured to know Montezuma's classic and new chocolate recipes are always free from artificial colourants, preservatives and aromas. Nature does not need embellishments when it comes to fresh foods and handmade goodness!

Moreover, this chocolate has colourful eco-friendly packages that are biodegradable and highly recyclable making it a sustainable choice.

Shop for dark chocolates, different occasions and tastes online at Montezuma's or pay a visit to Helen and Simon's stores in Chichester, Winchester, Oxford and Guildford.