Monday, 08 November 2021

SkinLabo pure shots for your skin

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Your skin needs water and a special drink sometimes! Give it a healthy 'shot'. SkinLabo, skincare expert from Italy, launches its shot collection to fit into your busy routine and lifestyle.

When your skin needs something extra, you might need a 'shot'. SkinLabo adds a 6-piece shot collection to its skincare range.


About The Products

SkinLabo pure shot collection is a line of skincare treatments with a high concentration of active ingredients and botanicals. To be used on freshly clean skin, in combination with your serum and before other treatments and makeup. The shot collection consists of 6 pure formulas to tackle specific needs with visible results:

  • AHA & BHA Pure Shot (£13)
  • Pure Shot Vitamin C (£9)
  • Concentrated Pure Shot Sensitive Skin (£12)
  • Tan Booster Pure Shot (£10)
  • Niacinamide Pure Shot (£13)
  • SPF 50 Pure Shot (£13)

Let's Take A Shot: SPF 50 Pure Shot 

SkinLabo SPF 50 Pure Shot is for all skin types, designed to shield from UVA and UVB rays and to protect from photo-ageing, redness and post-sun exposure dark spots. It is a light serum with 18B glycyrrhetic acid from liquorice root and active ingredients Skinflux® and Celligent®.
18B glycyrrhetic has calming and anti-oxidant properties and it stimulates the production of melanin. Skinflux® is composed of a mix of ceramides and natural phytosphingosines, which mimics the structure of our skin lipid barrier. It stimulates the synthesis of new ceramides, hence reducing water loss. Celligent® is made to protect the skin from UV rays. It derives from an extract of ferulic acid and carnosic acid which help to neutralise free radicals.
A study on 30 women showed that:

  • 94% of women after exposure to the sun had no burns or sunburn of the skin.
  • 98% of women found skin without blemishes and blemishes and wrinkles after sun exposure.
  • 92% of women have a uniform face tan.

About The Brand

SkinLabo is a family-run business expert in skincare, based and made in Italy. The 'smart beauty' company prides itself to be the 'first digitally native Italian brand' and its motto is #JustBeSmart. The core concept is making effective skincare affordable and accessible to everyone by cutting third costs, not on quality. By selling exclusively online, SkinLabo offers an honest final price with the help of its virtual beauty consultancy service to address each skin concerns with the right SkinLabo treatment.

Find the new pure shot collection and SkinLabo range exclusively online.