Friday, 14 July 2023

Australia’s #1 Eye Cream REVITALEYES Lands In The UK

Written by Hayley Peters
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If we could 'freeze' the signs of time on our faces, we would be happier! Australia best selling eye cream REVITALEYES by freezeframe has arrived in the UK to help us in the battle against time.

Directly from Australia, freezeframe has just landed in the UK with its award-winning anti-age eye cream and it promises instant changes.

About The Launch: freezeframe REVITALEYES

freezeframe stepped into the UK skincare landscape with its science-backed range, including the award-winning and bestselling eyecare product REVITALEYES (£45).
Unlike most eye creams, which can treat only one major sign of ageing, REVITALEYES is a cocktail of 3 super-strength peptides dedicated to treating all 3 major signs of ageing around the eyes, both instantly and long-term.

REVITALEYES: Key Features, Formula And Results

As the clock ticks, freshening up and achieving younger-looking eyes are pressing goals for many of us. freezeframe answers our call with REVITALEYES, Australia's #1 eyecare product.

It is estimated that one REVITALEYES is sold every 20 seconds! The keys to this nationwide public appreciation are all in its formula.

Wrinkles reduced by 38% in 30 minutes, over 40% in 7 days and over 63% in 28 days.

Tensing effect visibly reduces puffiness in 30 minutes with close to 20% reduction in chronic puffiness in 7 days and up to 70% in 15 days.

Vitamin C wakes up and brightens under the eyes with close to 20% visible lightening of dark circles in 7 days and 72% in 56 days.

Fragrance-free formula, suited to all skin types.

Customers are dubbing it "Magic" saying it "works wonders" and that they "Can’t live without it".

This trio of peptides are combined in a base of vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and a unique gel tensor system which lifts and smooths the delicate eye area in just 30 minutes. The powerful gel-like balm moisturises and energises the tissue surrounding the eye, increasing microcirculation and performing a deep and long-lasting anti-wrinkle, anti-puffiness and anti-dark circle action. Each one of these powerful peptides is included at a clinical level and has been clinically proven to improve its respective sign of ageing.

What Customers Say

"Oh this is such a game changer for mums who get dark circles under their eyes. I have noticed it’s less noticeable since I started using this product." Jasmine, freezeframe customer

"It’s really hydrating and I find the lines under and around the eyes are less visible and my eye area looks fresh and awake." Bernadette, freezeframe customer

"Love freezeframe REVITALEYES. Have been using it on my eyes for years. I am 76 but people think I am 60." Heather, freezeframe customer

"Refreshing, hydrating, lifting, soothing! Love it!" C, freezeframe customer

About The Brand: freezeframe

freezeframe uses science to solve the most common skin issues. Australian skin entrepreneur Sonia Amoroso founded the brand in 2009; since then, she has developed breaking-through formulas and won many awards, including the EY Entrepreneur, along with media features. freezeframe earned its popularity thanks to clinically-strength treatments which target a wide range of skin concerns: from sagging skin to thinning lips, lack of body volume to skin blemishes. freezeframe delivers the power of science in at-home treatments to see clear improvement and boost your confidence every day more.

freezeframe is now available to purchase in the UK. Explore the complete body and skincare range online at freeze-frame.