Thursday, 24 January 2019

BaroQco Couture Show at Paris Fashion Week

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BaroQco Jewellery is created by BaroQco from the Netherlands and is designed by Eduardo Liem who is dedicated to make each creation a meticulously hand-crafted masterpiece that is truly one of its kind.

The jewellery is a reminiscent of luscious baroque and intimate rococo art. The hand-crafted collection utilises radiant colours from genuine Swarovski elements. To reflect the phenomenal grace of the jewellery designs, BaroQco uses audacious compositions, unusual materials semi precious gems such as jade and water pearls in different shapes and colours, in silver and gold plated.

BaroQco is worn by that particular modern woman who stands out with her own fashion desire and style.

Photography: © Imaxtree