Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Maria Aristidou SS19 - Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

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A closed door is, more often than not, a mystery to all of us. When that door has an arch and a keystone, intertwining to form a coherent symplexis, it becomes a mystical and wondrous gate, behind which imagination can run wild! So, open it. If you dare.

Inspiration for the pattern used in Maria Aristidou's collection at Paris Horte Fashion Week, came from a single vintage arched door found during a walk inside the old city walls of Nicosia. The simplicity of the door’s facade, together with the complexity of the engineering behind it, gave rise to a series of design trials that lead to this fine timeless pattern for the fabrics of SS 2019 collection.

Hand embroidery embellishments on a colourful pallet of luxurious knit fabrics made by the designer, capture the beauty and the essence of a woman. Unexpected cuts on timeless classic designs with modern details are the signature of the designer's Spring/Summer 2019 "Symplexis" collection.

Photography: © Imaxtree

Makeup by: Alexandra Pétry, Carine Larchet, Liz Bomben, D-Mai Paris

Hair by: Elisabete Godart, Gwen Diakité, Wella France Team