A true and authentic show of diversity and inclusion were visible at the Fashions Finest Autumn/Winter 2022 London Fashion Week Event. Fashion’s Finest is renowned for showcasing the work of emerging creatives with a focus on sustainable design. On display was a range of unique and beautiful designs.

Models final walk at Fashions Finest AW 2022 showPh. VR Agency

London Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2022, the fashion capital which nurtures new and upcoming talent, and this season at Fashion’s Finest was certainly no exception.


AKKA 8 resultPh. VR Agency

The first collection to be showcased was the AKKA, the multi-award-winning brand founded by Montenegrin designer and architect, Aleksandra Dzakovic. As someone who previously gained her master’s degree in architecture, it is not a surprise that Aleksandra’s goal when creating her garments was to “critically examine the relationship between technology and tradition in the dressing culture.” Within the development of the collection, Aleksandra’s use of technology in the product design went hand in hand with ensuring that an entirely sustainable collection was created. Aleksandra uses advanced machines which lead to a reduction in manual labour, and garments are produced to order which erases all possibility of excess wastage in production.

In the AW 22, AKKA displayed a range of garments which were almost paradoxically, perfectly well structured whilst still holding a feminine elegance. The varying lengths and layers of the pieces are evidence of the skill which the designer has in cutting and pattern assembling. This is the skill Aleksandra needed when developing the modular pattern structure: a sustainable method which means if one part of the garment is damaged, it can easily be replaced with another.
Akka designs final walk at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

Valentina Lingerie

Isadora 8 resultPh. VR Agency

Valentina Lingerie is a lingerie and swimwear collection designed by Valentina Grey. Valentina is a recent graduate in Contour Fashion, gaining a first from De Montfort University. The Valentina Lingerie “L'Amore” collection was displayed at Fashion Finest AW 22 with an array of delicate, sensual pieces which were a clear representation of confidence and diversity of modern women.
Valentina Grey aw 22 at London Fashion weekPh. VR Agency

Tribal Hotel

Tribal Hotel 7 resultPh. VR Agency

Next up was Tribal Hotel, the sustainable fashion brand by Simona Veilande and “Miko” Rode. In their showcase, the pair showed a spectacle of a-symmetric, deconstructed garments. The contrasts of colours and textures used in the pieces accentuate the impressive design and indeed the tailoring required to produce such garments. In terms of sustainable production, Tribal Hotel use fabrics made mostly from silk organza, which the designers acquire from sample and left-over silk from Italian fabric produces, which ensures that the quality is never compromised.
Tribal Hotel Aw22 at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

Toomey & Koko

Toomey Koko 7 resultPh. VR Agency

Kofo Jegede was born in Ile-Ife and grew up watching her mother and grandmother making their own Adire textile garments. From here, Kofo created Toomey & Koko which blends both her Nigerian and British heritage into beautiful garments made from reimagined Nigerian fabrics.

The collection includes tailored two pieces, structured blazer dresses, and strong but graceful bardot dresses and tops all shown in vibrant, eye-catching tones and prints. This collection perfectly encapsulates Kofo’s aim of showcasing her heritage.
Toomey and Koko aw 22 at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

Carat 23 and Zarya Azadi

VR 07142Carat23 and Zarya Azadi 11 resultPh. VR Agency

Designs of true beauty were on display as Carat 23 and Zarya Azadi took to the runway. Zarya is a Kurdish model and designer who founded Dair Design. Zarya showcased her detailed collection with the Carat 23 handbags, the Dutch brand which produces the accessory with entirely vegan and vegetable tanned leather. Zarya’s designs were heavily eye-catching, with sequins and beads featuring often, but excellently fitting with the glamourous theme of the collection.`

Carat23 bags and Zarya Azadi designs aw 22 at London Fashion Week Ph. VR Agency

Milena Sayad Knitwear

Milena Sayad Knitwear 7 resultPh. VR Agency

Clear talent was on show as Milena Sayad Knitwear showed collection. Milena claims that her brand is all about quality, authenticity and sustainability. In her production, Milena is also following the important conversation surrounding sustainable consumption, and only uses high-quality recyclable materials. Each month, a maximum of 10 pieces are made to ensure that waste is limited. The garments which were seen on the runway were exquisitely fitting and was a completely embodiment of the relaxed chicness which is only increasing in popularity. It is easy to say, the quality of this collection would be able to be seen from a mile away.
Milenia Sayad aw 22 at London Fashion week

Snz Swim

SZN Swim 14 resultPh. VR Agency

Founded in 2017 by Eli Wilson, Season Swim presented a minimalist take on swim wear at Fashions Finest with a colouful array of stunning sustainable bikini's.
SNZ Swim Aw 22 at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

MA Student Collective

Following this we saw a Collective consisting of Seronga, Psych Apparel and Soleil Atelier. All three brand founders are currently studying MA Fashion Entrepreneurship and Innovation.


Seronga 7 resultPh. VR Agency

Seronga is a brand created by Precious Seronga, a Tanzanian artist who is currently based in London completing her master's degree. When moving here, Precious noticed a misrepresentation of her home country in the British media and made it her mission moving forward to focus her creations to represent the African continent in a more positive light. The Seronga collection displayed Precious’ beautiful designs, decorated with traditional beadwork by Tanzanian craftswomen.
Seronga Aw22 at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

Psych Apparel

Psych Apparel 4 resultPh. VR Agency

Gaby Carruthers is the creator of the streetwear brand, Psych Apparel. They’re mission involves creating comfortable, expressive clothing whilst also being size inclusive and minimising waste as much as possible throughout production.
Pshyc Apparel Aw 22 at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

Soleil Apparel

Soleil Atelier 8 resultPh. VR Agency

Finally, a sophisticated and tasteful collection of eveningwear was shown by Soleil Atelier. The brand story surrounds the designer, Aditi’s, global travels and love for minimalistic and handcrafted inventiveness.

Soliel Apparel aw22 at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

Pretty Affluent

Pretty Affluent 6 resultPh. VR Agency

Pretty Affluent was founded by the self-taught designer, Frances, in June 2020 when she had no background or experience in fashion. Now, only a year and a half later, Pretty Affluence has a line of both made-to-order, and ready-to-wear garments.
Frances made her fashion week debut with a collection of dainty skirts, blazers, and an amazingly put together layered tulle dress.
Pretty Affluent aw22 at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

Almara by Aruna Goud

Almara By ArunaGoudPh. VR Agency

Almara by Aruna Goud showed a collection of classic couture offering unique, fashionable, and functional clothing. Aruna Goud, the brands founder, put on a show of elegant eveningwear, infused with her Indian heritage, whilst still placing creativity and quality at the forefront of the brand. Aruna chose vibrant, jewel like colours to show her designs, which created a visual spectacle on the runway.
Almara by ArunaGoud at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency


Midé  final walk at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency

And the final collection of the night, was Midé. Nigerian born Ayomidé, debuted her AW’22 collection appropriately named ‘Heart Felt’ at Fashions Finest AW’22. It is safe to say the brand exhibited a collection of dresses fit for a fairy-tale. It was the complete definition of femininity and elegance. Midé showed an array of handmade, premium quality, bridal-like dresses, which each were hand-finished in a way which ensured they glowed as they were worn down the runway. For the finale piece for Fashions Finest, Ayomidé showed an extravagant yet still effortlessly tasteful cherry red gown. The dress had intricate tulle layering, and a corset top which accentuated the silhouette perfectly.
Mide aw 22 at London Fashion WeekPh. VR Agency
The event was warmly received by the audience, and the designers received an enthusiastic applause at the end of the brilliant show. This was a stunning way to end the great success of the Fashions Finest A/W 2022 London Fashion Week show.

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London Fashion Week is over, but innovative fashion never halts. Right on time for Black History Month, Sydney-Davies enthusiastically showcases a stunning menswear collection.

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Wednesday, 20 October 2021 12:14

Beauty Trends Forecast from Fashions Finest's LFW

In the scenographic surroundings of St John's in Hyde Park, Fashions Finest's editorial team had a privileged sight on current trends and next Spring/Summer beauty forecast.

Fashions Finest LFW nail art trends. Nails by Julie Bryan. Ph. Valentina ChiricoNail art by Julie Bryan & team. Images by V. Chirico

Fashions Finest followed the makeup, hair styling and nail art teams during its LFW showcase to explore this season's most buzzed beauty trends. We had a look at what we should expect for next season, all in the making of the show.

A good old flick through popular magazines would be enough to stay up-to-date with the latest trends. What if you could have a close encounter with the style-makers and learn from the experts? Fashions Finest followed the teams led by Michelle Strain, Julie Bryan, and Amy Tasker on this mission. We popped behind the scenes during Fashions Finest's London Fashion Week event for a preview of next Spring/Summer trends and steal the best for your autumnal look straight from the catwalk.

Fashions Finest LFW SS22 hairstyle trends - 20s' finger waves. Hair styling by Amy Tasker &  team. Ph. Valentina ChiricoSS22: a 20s' touch with finger waves. Amy Tasker & team.

The warmer season will see sweet hairstyles doing their come back. 'I would expect to see volumised bouffants with textured raw hair keeping the hair feeling and looking natural, sleek wet hair with styled baby hair on the forehead giving a fresh youthful appearance and finger waves to create the 1920s' glamorous timeless appeal' says Amy Tasker, lead hairstylist.

Streetstyle and low-maintenance updos are totally in these autumn and winter months, helping us to be ready in a snap. In fact, 'the 70's shaggy look is back with the grown out middle-parted bangs and invisible layers. Box braids are really popular right now as well as random plaits throughout the hair', continues Amy.

Fashions Finest LFW behind the scene latest beauty trends. AW21 hairstyle trends. Amy Tasker & team. Ph. Valentina Chirico

If you feel it is time to make a change with a new hair colour, pick yours from the warm palette of the moment. 'The seasons most anticipated colours are Caramel, Honey and Gold adding more warmth into the hair. For brunettes, it's definitely Espresso and Chocolate creating more of richer look and image.' This is the expert's advice.

Whether is autumn or springtime, the very essential for your makeup look is within you: 'I think always - for every season - is just a really good skin', international makeup artist from AOFM London Michelle Strain recommends. 

Fashions Finest LFW beauty trends. Makeup by Michelle Strain & AOFM team. Ph. Valentina ChiricoSS22 makeup: bright colours. Makeup by Michelle Strain & AOFM team

The makeup seems to reflect the natural colour surrounding us, as Michelle continues: 'I think we are definitely going to get more, richer colours like very bright lips with deeper tones.'

In Spring/Summer 22, the inspiration for your makeup is just outside the window with 'pastels, beautiful pretty blossom type of colours, because this is obviously what comes through with the clothing. Nice pastel pinks, peachies, blues for the eyes. Just really nice, pretty colours.'
If the next season's colour scheme comes from Mother Nature and our refreshed wardrobe, you need to know that 'definitely just a nice, glow, fresh healthy skin is always the way forward'.'

Fashions Finest LFW behind the scene. Ph. Valentina Chirico

In winter/autumn nails tinge in sobriety. Julie Bryan, celebrities nail technician notices that 'people wear a lot of black in the autumn and winter. So I think the colour scheme, what we've done here today, will match autumn/winter and spring/summer. So we've got nudes: nude is going to be big as well. Loads of nudes.' As the days brighten up, so your nails do with 'a lot of neons again. They started to creep back in just as we went into lockdown. Lots of bright colours, which will be showcased in all fashion week.'

The models were sporting a rainbow of neons paired with gemstones applied as finger jewels. Without glue and rhinestones, this nail art is the idea to steal if you have some spare time for it! 'We've done the nails on the trend, so you have different neons on each end of the nail, painstakingly done', proudly points out Julie.

Fashions Finest LFW behind the scene beauty trends. Ph. Valentina Chirico

Every season has its colour but also its shapes too! This Autumn/Winter sees a drastic - very welcomed - change: 'coffins - some people call it coffins, some people call it 'ballerina' - that sort had its day, the nail trend that a lot of celebrities is going for is coming away from the acrylics and going more for the natural nail look.'

The beauty of nail art is in its everchanging nature, like the weather in the UK: 'the trend with nail art changes monthly, basically, so we had the mirror nails come and go, the chrome nails come and go. So it's using your own knowledge and your artistry... Just go with the flow! Don't make it too hard.'

Go with the flow, embrace natural shades and an effortless approach to hairstyling. Could you believe the catwalk was radiating so much naturalness?

More from our LFW behind the scenes? Follow Fashions Finest on Instagram.

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Wednesday, 22 September 2021 09:18

Kaffa Mockbill - Sept 2021

Designer Kaffa Mockbill, showcased her collection at Fashions Finest  emerging designer SS22 London Fashion Week showcase 18th September 2021.

Makeup: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists (AOFM) lead #mua Michelle Strain
Hair: Amy Tasker, Harriet Darling, Annie Berry
Nails: Julie Bryan & team
Creative Director: Tanya Beresford
Lead stylist: Leighanne Krystal
Photographer: Joanna Mitroi

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Monday, 20 September 2021 21:34

Radiqal Tat - Sept 2021

Designer Radiqal Tat, showcased her plus size collection at Fashions Finest  emerging designer SS22 London Fashion Week showcase 18th September 2021.

Makeup: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists (AOFM) lead #mua Michelle Strain
Wig cutting: Magda - beauty Works
Wig styling: Harriet Darling
Creative Director: Tanya Beresford
Looks & Styling: Created by The designer Veronica Fox with support from Fashions Finest's stylist @leigh_krystal
Photographer: Joanna Mitroi

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Tuesday, 10 August 2021 11:55

Fashions Finest SS22 during London Fashion Week

Fashions Finest emerges post-lockdown for its SS22 on the 18th of September 2021 at St John’s Church, 18 Hyde Park Crescent, London, W2 2QD.

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There is little denying that the fashion industry has had a toxic relationship with body image.

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Monday, 17 February 2020 21:54

Zahra Liman - Feb 2020

Zahra Liman's collection at Fashions Finest during London Fashion Week 15th February 2020.

Styling & makeup concept: Kim Able
Hair Team: R.E.A.L Hair
Makeup Team: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists
Nails Team: Julie Bryan & Co
Photographer: Joanna Mitroi
© Fashions Finest 2020

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Monday, 17 February 2020 21:26

Desree & Sabina - Feb 2020

Desree & Sabina's collection at Fashions Finest during London Fashion Week 15th February 2020.

Styling & makeup concept: Kim Able
Hair Team: R.E.A.L Hair
Makeup Team: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists
Nails Team: Julie Bryan & Co
Photographer: Joanna Mitroi
© Fashions Finest 2020

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Monday, 17 February 2020 20:49

Evelina Anglickaite - Feb 2020

Evelina Anglickaite's collection at Fashions Finest during London Fashion Week 15th February 2020.

Styling & makeup concept: Kim Able
Hair Team: R.E.A.L Hair
Makeup Team: Academy of Freelance Makeup Artists
Nails Team: Julie Bryan & Co
Photographer: Joanna Mitroi
© Fashions Finest 2020

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