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Shokushu Boutique's Sept 2020 capsule collection

Shokushu Boutique's Sept 2020 capsule collection is titled 'sweet shop' and is inspired by all things sweet and decadent. Excessive sugar ruins teeth, leads to diabetes and is highly addictive.

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Tuesday, 22 September 2020 13:26

Tatras ‘Time Loop’

This season, TATRAS challenged the boundaries of its creative vision. The brand discovered a new evolution in terms of functionality. For AW20, innovative materials and ideas were developed, offering total cold protection with a new definition of both comfort and style.
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This past year has been interesting (read, insane) in a number of ways, so it’s probably no surprise that many old, forgotten fashion trends are back in style.

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Wednesday, 29 July 2020 10:40

How To Style The Summer Staple Jumpsuit

This summer, jumpsuits are back in style and they may be the most comfortable thing to wear! With just one piece, you make the clothing part of your look easy, and then you can choose to go elegant or more chill depending on how you accessorize your outfit. A one-and-done piece with room to style as you please is the ultimate summer staple, as you transition from day to night and casual to going out.
Here are a few ways that you can style this new summer staple:
With A Crossbody That Can Take You From Day To Night

A beautiful crossbody bag can take you from day to night with your jumpsuit and also accentuate your curves if you actually wear it across your body. This handbag style will add to your look but not completely take it over, adding a nice touch to your entire outfit. If you’re in the market for a new handbag, check out online boutiques that have so many beautiful bags available, like for example Mirta's crossbody bags: gorgeous, authentic and a high-quality option that is 100% Made in Italy.
Platform Heels Or Sneakers To Give Major 70’s Vibes

allyson johnson lY3d sIzBXg unsplash

Particularly with a casual jumpsuit, you can give it a major 70’s vibe by pairing platform heels or sneakers with your look. If you are going for a daytime look, opt for sneakers for that casual yet fashionable look (and practicality!) Platform heels are a way you can elongate your legs even further with a more comfortable heel than the traditional heel.

Wear A Belt To Define Your Waist

max nayman H3OZUg n478 unsplash

Many jumpsuits come with an attached belt or a natural place to belt your piece, but this is an important way to remember you can add some definition back into your jumpsuit look. Whether you choose the belt that comes with your jumpsuit or another one from your collection, this easy step is a way you can define your waist and add an extra touch of style.
Gold Coloured Jewellery

Gold coloured jewellery elevates any look, and even dainty gold jewellery can play nicely with your jumpsuit. Choose a couple of your favorite pieces for a day or night look, especially if your jumpsuit does not have a lot of details on it.
Take A Pashmina Or Blazer For Chilly Summer Nights

You can add some dimension, personality, and practicality to your jumpsuit by adding a pashmina or blazer to your look for chilly summer nights. You can select matching or similar color tones to your piece for a monochromatic or flowing look, or you can opt for a contrasting color to play a bit more with it.
To find the perfect jumpsuit, you need to focus on the fit and make sure it will fit your body type the best. Above all styling ideas, you want to feel comfortable and confident in your jumpsuit!
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British Fashion Council (BFC) is delighted to announce that following the initial £1,000,000 made available for the BFC Foundation Fashion Fund.

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Tuesday, 21 July 2020 15:30


Oteyza reinvents men’s fashion with a strong Spanish flavour, offering a fresh and authentic vision of tailoring that is about identity rather than fashion.
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Monday, 20 July 2020 15:53

Fashion Tips To Make Him Look Great!

You love your significant other, but you are also very much aware that his fashion style needs an upgrade. There is absolutely nothing wrong if you want to help him in this sense and thus accentuate all of his best features.

Alternatively, if your partner is on the hunt for a new job or seems unhappy with his current wardrobe, a fashion makeover is exactly what he needs. This doesn't mean giving up on his characteristic and unique style but simply improving it with a few tips that every man should know.
We are here to help and familiarize you with top fashion rules that will transform your partner’s fashion life.

The Right Fit Is Everything

The right fit is everything

While girls tend to care a lot about the size of their clothes, always worrying about getting the proper fit, men seem to do the exact opposite. Some guys will say that they go for slouchy T-shirts and blazers that are two times bigger because they feel more comfortable in them, others will go for a tight shirt in which they can put the focus on the time they spent in the gym. However, they should be aware that the key is in the middle, when the clothes actually fit their body type and when they feel amazing in it and while their best features are accentuated. So, help your boyfriend get rid of all fashion pieces that are not his size and enrich his closet with fresh, new fashionable items that fit him well.

A Few Classic Items Are A Must

A few classic items are a must

Every person has their own style. Thus, your partner can prefer casual fashion, or be more elegant and classy, or love to wear sporty, athletic clothes. In any case, he will still need a few essentials that can be further matched with unique pieces that are according to his style. Crisp, white T-shirt and at least two shirts of the same nuance, a pair of fitted dark denim jeans, white sneakers, and a high-quality, black biker jacket. With only these items, he can assemble an outfit worthy of any famous actor, singer, or any other celebrity.

In addition, help your boyfriend get a tailored or even custom made suit, in a navy, black, or gray color. A good-quality suit is something that every man of style has to have as he will be grateful for having this classic piece to wear to a job interview, dinner at a nice restaurant, or to a formal celebration.

A Couple Of Accessories To Complete Any Look

A couple of accessories to complete any look

There is something about a luxury watch that makes any man look incredibly dapper. Additionally, a high-quality watch is an accessory that does not have to be appropriate only for formal events; your significant other can wear it with his casual fashion pieces, as it truly gives a special, stylish note to any outfit.

Moreover, another crucial accessory is a cardholder. No matter if he is going to work, to the gym, or for a couple of drinks with his friends, an elegant card holder wallet will be a fashionable and also quite useful component of his overall style. No one can deny that any man looks much better when he has his cards and money neatly organized in a cardholder wallet instead of simply being thrown into the pockets of his trousers. What is more, accessories such as these tell a lot about one’s personality. Thus, a man who knows how to appreciate beautiful fashion details is also a perceptive, confident, and organized person.

When In Doubt, Go For Neutrals

When in doubt go for neutrals

FashAlthough vibrant colors and trendy patterns can look exquisite on a man who knows his fashion, neutrals are always a safe and none the less stylish option. So, if your partner has too little of those classic fashion pieces, you should help him by enriching his wardrobe with some white, black, brown, grey, and other neutral colors. A few monochromatic tees, with no graphics, together with a couple of shirts in the same tone (no patterns) are essential.

When in doubt go for neutrals 02

Also, he should get a hold of dark and light denim jeans, olive and khaki trousers that he can wear with white sneakers, as well as with navy Chelsea boots. Once his fashion confidence starts to build up, he can move on to burgundy bomber jackets, shirts that are in the lavender shade, T-shirts with pronounced graphics, and jeans in a light coral shade. Of course, he should always match these punchier pieces with his staple neutral items, to get a balanced look, worthy of any trendsetter.

Finally, we can say that just with a couple of essentials and high-quality accessories one’s fashion life can completely change for the better. There is no doubt that your boyfriend or husband will love the way he looks by following the mentioned fashion rules.
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Traditionally, the words "tracksuits" and "fashion" have tended not to be mentioned in the same breath, or at least not in the most positive terms.

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Tuesday, 14 July 2020 19:00

Celebrity Style Choices To Follow

Do you sometimes find it hard to come up with an outfit? You can always make it easy by converting looks from your favourite celebrities who are always getting it right. There are too many celebrities whose outfit is always on fire. The following three are some celebrities whose styles can certainly be used for inspiration for the remainder of 2020.

Emma Watson

gavin allanwood ndpX28miBtE unsplash

Emma Watson amazed us all in her role as Hermione in the Harry Potter series. She recently turned 30 years and it’s hard to believe that she was only 11 years old during the release of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. She is already a member of the board of Kering, the fashion giants behind Gucci.

She is a celebrity who uses her fame to fight for gender equality and encourages people to wear cruelty-free products. When it comes to style, she looks good in almost anything. It is worth mentioning that she has a good liking towards heels, which go well with any fashion choice.

She is renowned for wearing a vast range of styles so if you are looking for some red carpet charms, the Emma Watson way is the way to go. She can show up to an event in a white three-piece suit, a classic summer dress over a pair of heels, a patterned pencil skirt, or even in a frilled princess dress that gets everyone’s attention. You can follow her on her Instagram page to keep up with her outfits.

Jennifer Aniston

desola lanre ologun R6jtbcCKqYY unsplash

Even at the age of 51, Jennifer Aniston continues to influence our fashion choices. She has been one of Hollywood’s most stylish celebrities since the 90s when she took the spotlight after featuring in the show “Friends”.

She has been a huge fan of dresses for decades. It is essential to have a few of these in your wardrobe. Showcase your legs by wearing little black dresses and finish the look with some strappy heels. She has a liking towards black dresses and this can be seen throughout her entire red carpet photo collection. Even with her fame and wealth, she dresses in outfits that many average people can easily include to their wardrobe collection.

Early this year, at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, Jennifer Aniston rocked a white bias-cut ivory dress that came from her archive. Thanks to her appearance on the red carpet, the bias-cut will soon return to the awards circuit. You could have this look for a wedding or a Valentine’s Day night.

Jay Z

john torcasio 133Vq4tTpBQ unsplash

You wouldn’t be wrong if you say that Jay Z is the richest rapper of all time. His net worth is over $1 billion. Most successful billionaires will go public in their sharpest suits. But not Jay Z, he can simply turn up in a sports snapback, a black t-shirt, and a pair of roomy black pants. Sometimes he may also include a slightly loose black blazer or trench coat. However, he wears some of the most expensive watches in the world.

You too can stand out with an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak as worn by Jay Z. While making a deal with NFL in 2019, he wore a Concept Carbon Royal Oak watch. This is an all-black watch forged out of carbon with titanium screws for a shiny touch. To afford this watch you may need Bruce Wayne’s credit card…but a good watch can be seen as an investment, as they often don’t loose much value over time, and some even grow in value as they age if they are looked after well.

When attending an occasion such as the Grammy red carpets, Met Gala, or others that call for formal wear, Jay Z is no stranger to suits. Early this year, the rapper who is now 50, and his wife hosted their annual Roc Nation’s pre Grammys brunch. He wore a mauve Frere suit with a white collared shirt and black lace-up dress shoes.

Celebrities have deep pockets and are capable of keeping up with the newest trends. You can keep up with them by following their social media pages such as on Instagram and Twitter to get some fashion inspiration.
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Opportunity To Showcase Your Work Digitally

We are aware Fashion Weeks will not be as we know it in 2020, however we still want to give visibility to designers and businesses but in a different way.
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